Pilot looking for home in null

I am a 8.4m sp pilot have only been playing for 4 months.
and i am looking for in EU timezone and not to big.

  • Friendly
  • Industry
  • Mining
  • Ratting
  • PvP

I hope someone have something for me.

We’re a uk based Corp, mainly uk and Eu players, but we have AUS players in Corp as well.
We are part of LORDE alliance who are more US TZ heavy, so always people online even if not Corp mates.
We do all things eve, pvp pew pew, small and large scale, good space for ratting and mining.
We’re a good group of players who know RL comes first and we log on to play the game and enjoy it.
Drop by our public channel Brittas Empire public, also join our discord for a chat https://discord.gg/tZacyWu

Chat soon o7

  • Friendly? Checked!
  • Industry? Checked!
  • Mining? Checked!
  • Ratting? Checked!

But, there are some more :wink:

  • RL first? Checked!
  • Home defense? Checked!
  • Great market? Checked!
  • Low Taxes? Checked!

And more! Come talk to us, https://discord.gg/ARUqZ2
Social PvP corporation. Don’t consider anybody else but us.

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