The EVE Universe Fiction Portal Official Thread

The EVE Universe Fiction Portal is now live.

EVE Universe is a brand-new centralized resource for all who yearn to explore the story of the world of EVE, uniting Chronicles, lore articles, and in-world news from the perspective of those living in New Eden together like never before – all on one comprehensive site.

EVE Lore has finally found a home within the EVE Online website, with chronicles, lore and in-game news now all gathered in one place. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes on this site, and we’re working on a devblog that will go into the details, but until then enjoy this long awaited release.




It’s been a good long while since we’ve had a good resource like this, well collated and presented. I’m very happy with this, and the only thing left now is a link on the main Eve page, and maybe the launcher.

Well done.


Love it! Especially the in-universe news and them being searchable is perhaps, the greatest thing in this new website for me, as they contain vast swathes of lore that were very difficult to search for before. Masssive thanks for everyone who had their hands in on this, and the whole website, obviously!

I’ve heard from other channels, that there are some usability kinks with the site on mobile (such as scrolling not working properly), but I’ve recommended that people with those issues forward it through the ticket system.

There is a link down at the very bottom along with all the other links. But yeah wouldn’t mind if they elevated it to the header links, and the launcher. But there’s apparently intention, and work been done that it could be integrated into the client - hopefully to the agency, maybe?


Great this has been revamped! The lore aspect was about to die and monuments mean nothing without a story behind them!


Very nice. One tweak I’d suggest, though: move the ‘New Eden News’ up to the top bracket, as well, just so it’s easier for people to find what’s current.

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What’s the best way to highlight glitches/errors in lore pages ?

I’m looking at the page for the Equilibrium of Mankind:

There are bits that look like they’re supposed to be section headings that can be navigated to, but for whatever reason they’re not formatted correctly ?

Like, a bit that says ###Structure and Leadership looks like it should be a section heading, but it isn’t.

You are correct, this has been fixed.

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If you mean the front page selection of what’s updated, news can turn up there. I’ve just bumped the latest to show this.

Otherwise, not actually sure what you meant.



You might want to work out some kinks with the programming of the website.

Yep, that’s exactly what I meant, thanks.

so what’s the best way to notify you of these errors ?

Looking good! EVE Source material included and search that covers both news & lore articles are long-awaited improvements! Thanks for the good work!


Really enjoying the arrangement and the tiling:

Imo the next step would be to link items and events in-game to these articles so (new) player awareness unfolds and a backstory is provided to monuments, factions and important lore items.

Else these are nothing but eyecandy.



That’s all!


Maybe a museum of things in game. I’d donate my collection for something like that best item is “the galactic party planners guide” names are links and a couple still play. Didn’t know till I looked.

Maybe make it like an inventory that you can click n info items.

Looks great! Now get it on the front page of It should be up the top as a link with everything else to catch people’s attention immediately.

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great to see this up, but… where is the chronicle “and I shall hide”

(EVE Online)

"Very little has been heard from the upper echelons of the Amarr Empire in recent months.

However, CCP Eterne has been quite busy! Check out his debut chronicle, “And I shall hide” and delve into the mind of Empress Jamyl I as she fights an ongoing struggle with the entity that shares it."

…there was one writen first, that seemed like it was empress Jamyl talking to herself, then later another version came out that revealed she was infact having a conversation with “the other” that was inside her.

has it been renamed?

:heart: Eve Universe, awesome work!
Would be nice to see Empire videos somewhere. In the empire overview articles, or even have them on the main page.


Or integrated into the Read News button that is still not active in the CONCORD Billboards.

Or the button should be renamed Watch News, and the news page actually showing lead images of scope video before someone even clicks on the text link.

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