Rudy Roo the boob

Capsuleers, Fabuleux has something dear to express. Fabuleux has kept these feelings bottled uped for to long. To the point where Fabuleux is to burst! Spreading vile negativity and sour vitriol in the blast radius!

Forgive Fabuleux, Capsuleers.

But Fabuleux must not let these bitter statements stand!

I call out - Rudy “Roo” Porteau. A rapscalious wolf wearing cheap wool imported from some poverty stricken ranch where the sheep are suffering from neglect and starvation that has RIGHTFULLY earned the name “Rudy Roo the boob” for your insufferable behavior!

Fabuleux was kidnapped at gunpoint! Disappears or a year, is liberated by Capsuleers, then discovers that Fabuleux’s experiences of being in captivity were stolen!

You have the audacity to toss salt into Fabuleux’s wounds as they heal? Could you not get over your petty bitterness for a second to show concern for Fabuleux? Did you grin gleefully when Fabuleux was dragged off his Yacht by a bunch of scummy mercenary deadbeats!

If only you were there Rudy Roo the boob! If only you accepted Fabuleux’s invitation. Fabuleux’s olive branch to end the strife and focus in making the cluster fabuleux. If only you accepted it and attended Fabuleux’s party just so you can witness the fear and terror that rippled though Fabuleux’s guests.

Fabuleux had his memories of the terror stolen! But Fabuleux feels the horror in his heart! The burning scar of terror branded into Fabuleux’s organs!

Of course if you did attend and witness it. Fabuleux fears that your anqtiue velvet slacks to would be soiled! Fabuleux knows you’re still wearing those darling! Dont hide it! You were wearing those since YC116; you probably sent that boobish peep wearing them. It would explain how your statement had no style!

Style - darling, is something Fabuleux is fabuleux at. You yourself were fabuleux - keyword being there is “were” because you have fallen from grace after your shoddy release of the YC 118 Summer catalog.

Yes, how could Fabuleux say that was shoddy? When you overshadowed Fabuleux’s catalog that love was put into. When you had holo-stars, holders and even Ishukone executives wearing your fabrics.

It was shoddy, darling. Because you did not make half of that catalog! You stole those designs to make deadlines you little ■■■■■■■ pig!

You didn’t steal from Fabuelux! But you stole from that beautiful and brilliant woman who spent years working on those masterpieces! When she came to you to help publish her designs… you turned your back on her and slapped your own tacky brand logo on it! Then peddled it off without ever mentioning her name!

Fabuleux will mention her - Sucunnie Novla! Half of your YC 118 summer catalog belongs to this woman! Her beautiful and colorful exotic designs could never come from a uninspired sap like you!

You’re a boob for thinking your theft of true talent would ever go unnoticed! Fabuleux has no pitty for you. This cute little peep and follow up statement is the last show of disrespect Fabuleux will tolerate!


I am so outraged by this that I actually flounced.


Never understood Fashion designers… a durable pair of pants and a T-shirt is good enough, they’re just going to end up stained with grease anyway.


Gasp! C’est tragique!


i totally won’t wear any of this guys clothes now that I know.


Fabuleux too was outraged by Rudy’s boobish tendencies. Fabuleux had experienced much but no longer will Fabuleux tolerate having his face be a pot for this man to spit in.

Darling those are but the basic frames to create something truly fabuleux! There should no reason why the cluster should go one day not looking fabuleux.

Just like out of the fairytales Fabuleux loves!

Ugh, you wouldn’t want to darling. Fabuleux knows first hand this three star hack can’t create anything that provides comfort or good looks. Either he will rob brilliance from someone else or push out poorly tailored outfits to make ends meet. He has no love for this work!


I swear i thought someone said you were dead.

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Why would you call them a ‘boob’? Boobs are nice, which that person clearly isn’t.


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