Fabuleux is back!


It is Fabuleux here once again!

Fabuleux is ravished with regret for having been out of your lives for such a shocking amount of time! But Fabuleux must confess, there is no excuse to justify Fabuleux’s incompetence! A shame! Pitiful! But Fabuleux must own up to the truth.

This is mostly due to one fact, Fabuleux has not but one memory of these harrowing events. Does Fabuleux remember anything of a bunch of armored rapscallions waving their big guns around like the filth they are! No! Was Fabuleux aware of the horrific death of Repak Ballas? No! Does Fabuleux have any dreadful memories of torture or whatever cruel form of abuse from those dirty captors? No!

It tears at Fabuleux’s heart to have just woken up and learn of all that has happened. For Fabuleux recalls none of this tragedy. All Fabuleux recalls doing was enjoying life! Drinking and socializing with fabuleux guests such as Viontha Rundon! A truly beautiful and smart woman that was featured in countless daring holo-vid adventures that left Fabuleux star shucked! We drank, we laugh and savored the company of one another.

Then nothing

Then Fabuleux wakes up to the light. Not of any afterlife - Fabuleux did not see god, or a god for that matter…Fabuleux saw just a light. A ceiling light. Fabuleux was in a hospital. At first Fabuleux assumes he was just to reckless during the festivities! Partaked in the sampling of some naughty candy and sugar admittedly.

But…In she walked to meet Fabuleux. In an angelic outfit that made Fabuleux reconsider if this was the afterlife afterall. No such divine beauty could be found in this cluster, but then Fabuleux noticed her walk and knew just then she walked with power at her heel, none other than a capsuleer.

This Capsuleer was @Karmilla_Strife. Thanks to her and two other pilots by the name of @Seriine and Evelyn Valate. Fabuleux was rescued after being left ditched in some backwater system like some crumpled up candy wrapper! Ugh!

She told Fabuleux of all that has happened. Of the time spent looking for him! The care shown by Capsuleers! IT warmed Fabuleux’s heart but also weakened it to known there is not one memory of it. It’s as if a part of Fabuleux’s life has been taken. Removed! Never to reflect upon. Just gone - stolen from Fabuleux! I care not if they were mortifying. Fabuleux wants to know of his own life. Not matter how bad it was.

But Fabuleux will have to accept that it may never return. Instead must look forward! For there are new memories and experiences to be had.

But Fabuleux would lie if he claimed no fear in light of the evidence shown. As such Fabuleux must take new measures to ensure safety and has been blessed and fortunate to have a Capsuleer such as @Karmilla_Strife to take Fabuleux in and protect him from those that would do harm. None dare shall touch Fabuleux when a mighty Capsuleer will be there for him like a divine crusader sent from the heavens.

Fabuleux will not reveal the location of this new home. For the sake of respecting the privacy of his fabuleux new guardian. But Fabuleux wants you all to know, that Fabuleux is safe! Alive! And will get back into making fabuleux clothing soon!

Fabuleux loves you! Fabuleux loves all of you! You’re all fabuleux to me!

((By the way, yes – The whole amnesia shtick is a cop out in regards to the kidnapping plot.))


Glad to hear you are not grievously harmed from the experience.


I, for one, approve this product and or service.


Fabuleux darling! :heartpulse:


Omg, so like, I was there, and stuff, and things happened, and like, earlier today, I totally had a thought that like, maybe Fabuleux doesn’t remember stuff about being like, kidnapped and stuff, because like his captors had kept him like, totes sedated and stuff, all the time, because like, they couldn’t handle his being fabuleux all the time at them and stuff, so they totally drugged him to keep him quiet and stuff, because otherwise he’d be too fabuleux for them to handle, and they wouldn’t be able to keep things secret, and then like, CONCORD or stuff might happen and be able to like, determine who the identity of the kidnappers were and stuff, and maybe like, that’s totes why Fabuleux like totally can’t remember anything, because he was drugged ?!


This is some … dare I to say it … fabulous news.

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Who are you again? :thinking:


Fabuleux is the most flamboyantly Gallentean Gallente apparel designer of the modern era.



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Don’t you mean “okaeri?”

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Absolutely not, i’m back to his shop! No one makes dresses that give me orgasms just by wearing it like he does.

Oh, before resuming my spending it is socially polite to greet him right?

Welcome back @Fabuleux .

Now let’s shop. clap clap Show me your new designs.

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I know high fashion can be a bit inconvenient but surely a dress that does that is taking things a bit far :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I don’t know how he does, but… he does.
Once you go @Fabuleux you can’t go back.

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Oh but that is not true darling! Fabuleux is missing part of his life! That is worse than any torture Fabuleux could’ve endured! But how would Fabuleux know? The experience was stolen from him! Stolen! That is not fabuleux! That is the exact opposite of fabuleux!

Fabuleux is wounded from this! But with all wounds darling, time will heal them. Fabuleux will move on.

Ah! Fabuleux is honored to have his fabuleux clothing blessed by a capsuleer!

But not only that, but the greatest sani-sabik philosopher known to the cluster! It’s like icying on the Intaki Vanilla frappe. Smooth and delicious

Thank you, darling. Fabuleux is not worthy! But will graciously accept.

Coulter, darling! Let Fabuleux tell you, if there’s any upside Fabuleux has found in having been gone for so long. It’s so Fabuleux can finally see what a beautiful woman you’ve become in the future.

Fabuleux may humbly suggest a quick trim of your hair; so you may achieve a look of perfection. Other than that, Fabuleux says you’ve not only kept it, but improved it darling.

Darling, Fabuleux would respond to the context of your post. But Fabuleux is stunned by how complex the mind of a Capsuleer must truly be to formulate such a cohesive and deep sentence spanning the length of a prargrpah. It baffles Fabuleux!

But what Fabuleux does know that it is a gift to have such a masterpiece of Capsuleer brilliance here in this thread! Historians will looks back in this and see Fabuleux and all these Capsuleers that love him!

Thank you, darling. A very special thank you to you.

Fabuleux could not agree more! Even Fabuleux was thrilled to be alive still.

Fabuleux, darling. Fabuleux does not blame you for not knowing. Fabuleux is but a mere ant to you capsuleers!

It is Fabuleux who should feel ignorant for not who you are! A God soring though the cosmos on daring adventures worthy to be made into a song.

Do tell Fabuleux of yourself! You must darling! Do not deprive Fabuleux of your identity!

Oh, apologies darling! It will be but another month until Fabuleux can put out some new designs! Lindra had informed that they’ve had to resell the YC 115 winter catalogue and Fabuleux almost screamed!

Fabuleux Trends’ name had been tattered with resealing Fabuleux’s not so fabuleux work for two months! Unacceptable!

Fabuleux will ensure new designs arrive soon! This crime against all Fabuleux stands for will not continue!



It’s a bit of a shame, honestly. One learns and grows as one goes on and while I wouldn’t wish what you’ve been through on anyone, here we are on the other side of it with everyone else having grown a bit in the meantime . Isn’t that odd?

Welcome back. Pay Lindra more.

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Seriously son, you sound like my uncle julius after a few shots of moonshine (92% proof). Then he starts talking in third person even bad mouthing himself…

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How did I miss this thread?

Fabuleux, we’ve got to get a drink some time, my man. You can regale me with all the stories about the things you don’t remember.

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