Announcement of Project Solace

Project Solace is a program that is in Startup Phase focused on dealing with The Coming Triglavian Threat.

While the attacks are currently sporadic and weak, and have not hampered Military or Civilian assets majorly, they are constantly adapting and I do not believe simply shooting them will fix the issue.

A permanent solution must be created. I am looking for those who study in the following fields to step forward and volunteer. Equipment, assets and ISK needed will be provided. I simply need those with the Time and Expertise. A Station will be Commissioned specifically for this venture. I am withholding the location for the time being. Medical Doctorates Prefered

Medical Research and Lab ( Any Type )
Nanites and the Safe Deployment of
Safe and Sane Surgical Procedures

More fields may come up in the future. If you are experienced in any Medical or Engineering field that you feel would be of assistance, please contact me. The structure will begin sometime next week, once I have a good number of associates to assist.

Non-Capsuleers may apply. Contact for Relocation. 100% Assistance Guaranteed.


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I’m so confused.

Corrupted narodnya must be extirpated


What form(s) will the permanent solution take? Could you elaborate on what the product of this project will be? An anti-Triglavian virus or nanites, finding weaknesses in Triglavian physiology, or something else?

This is what this project is to decide. That being said, I Do not believe it would be smart to declare Avenue in case they are watching. Which I am most assuredly sure they are.

I am happy to announce a massive increase in volunteer manpower with the recent announcement of this Article, here: [I-RCN] Ishukone-Raata Certified News GalNet Hub

Commissioning of the structure is set for the coming weekend. More Details to be announced the closer we are to Project Start.

If more clarity on the goals of this project can be given, The Coreli Corporation has an extensive Research and Development division that may be of assistance.

We also have numerous medical and pharmaceutical facilities deep in lawless space that give us certain freedoms when performing experiments.

The Coreli Corporation is a heavily militarized pharmaceutical research and development corporation. For the past 14 years we have been working side by side with the Serpentis Corporation to bring you the products you so desperately crave.

For Clarity: The goal is to Create a solution to fight off the Triglavian attackers.

Your Extensive laboratories is Noted. If we have an Overflow of Material and work, we will look intro contracting.


I will be the voice for Project Solace.

It is with great pleasure to announce the completion of our structure for Project Solace above Tanoo II

It is online and now undergoing internal retrofitting to allow for greater expansion of research bays and and biomes within.

Those who have hired on have begun the relocation to the structure with the expectation to begin working on Research for next weekend. We are hoping for a smooth deployment!

We are still looking for applicants and new hires! Non Capsuleers are welcome to apply!

Hi, your little project’s a shoddily constructed sham. All you’re up to is looking for an avenue to fight LUMEN, with which your leader Drake Arson has a feud as well as an obsession with certain women among their leadership.

You were using several mobile units to listen in on traffic between Tanoo II and the customs office, which belongs to a LUMEN corporation. Which is to say, you were until a couple of enterprising individuals shot them down.

Lest we forget: Drake Arson is a wannabe terrorist who has tortured and murdered innocent women and children. When you do business with him, and when you let him and his obscurely named associates walk the halls of your freeport, that behavior is what you’re supporting, condoning, and enabling.


Ms Ramijozana,

Please allow me to explain the reasons for these satellites.

We wanted a public and noticeable place for participation and collaboration from others. We do not want to be the only ones with the means to fight against the Triglavian invasion.

Those satellites were being used to study and monitor Planetary traffic so as not have Project Solace in the way. This is no different from a government body monitoring traffic so as to better improve it’s uses.

The satellites were no longer necessary after the deployment of the structure. They were to be removed, however your needless hostilities saw to that already. I am dissapointed that we have already come under attack. I ask that you please discuss your grievances with words, not weapons.

On to good news!

We have a Candidate for Research project Lead! If all goes well, and the proper paperwork is done properly we will be happy to announce the holder of the new position this weekend. Stay tuned!

This project is no Sham, or Fraud and I have no “Infatuations” with any member or leadership of LUMEN.

I do not Torture, abuse, Hurt or Maim more then any other Capsuleer ever has. I do not understand your Fued with me. If it must come to blows, fine. But do so against me. Do not fight against a project ( Of which i am no longer directly managing ) that seeks to do good and stop this Invasion before it gets beyond our control,

I do wonder if the fact that you are a loyalist of Nation with many instances of you assisting Nationite forces throughout their resurgence in modern times, and that the Triglavian Collective has declared it’s mortal opposition towards Nation in the essence that it has signalled what seems to be a holy war against it for their society, has in any way influenced the announcement of this project and the impetus behind it.

Notwithstanding that you aren’t directly managing Project Solace (which could and probably does imply you are indirectly influencing it’s direction), I am not convinced that participation in this project will lead to a solution to the Collective for the citizens of the Big Four and I would urge others to forsake this offer of co-operation. Sansha’s Nation and the Blood Raider Covenant were excluded from the historic conference, in which all sorts of oddballs and outlaws were invited, for a raisin.


It is my Honor to Announce the new holder of the position Research Lead of Project Solace: Dr. Rescat Carregan.

Dr. Carregan is a leader in Pathogeneology. With experience in Nano Engineering she is the perfect candidate for this project in our step towards pushing back or removing the Triglavian Invaders.

As Dr Carregan is not a Capsuleer, I will be speaking in her place here on the IGS.

"Thank you for the opportunity to lead this building team and this important position in fighting back against this Invasion. It is a responsibility that I will shoulder heavily, but a welcome one.

I do not have much to announce at this time, there will be more to follow. It is important that we begin the research immediately.

That said, we are looking for Donations of any material that is seen to be used by the Triglavian Collective. Larger, more valuable pieces may have a bounty placed on them in the future. Please keep an eye out for future news items. Thank you. " ~Dr Carregan

As the Research begins, Our Structure for Project Solace is now open as a freeport, to be used by anyone looking to assist in any means necessary.

For those wishing to donate, or assist in this effort please feel free to get in touch with me as soon as possible.

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Your structure over Tanoo II does not have open docking rights. But if you’re looking for public collaboration, you’ll open docking access to everyone, and allow my security lead to inspect the structure, right?

LUMEN and others have fought the Triglavians every time they’ve invaded Tanoo.

Get like us.

You’re not a governing body. In fact, in highsec space, your structure exists at the pleasure of a governing body.

Have you taken down the hidden one?

Then put your structure somewhere else, rather than the bare minimum distance from the Tebu Amkhiman.

Lies, but you’re Nation, so we expect that.

I wonder the same thing. But I think he also has personal reasons, and I’m not the only one. Maybe we ought to talk in person.


While I’m all for, for instance, encouraging our various assorted enemies to shoot one another, it’s quite another thing to support a Nation loyalist in an effort to subordinate elements of the Triglavian Collective to Sansha objectives.

And let’s be honest.

That’s exactly what this effort seeks.


It should. Please check again, if it is not, I will speak with The Docking Manager.

And what has that achieved? They leave to come again. A Permanent solution must be found.

You are correct. That does not mean we are forbidden from collecting data.

This has been explained to death. You are simply incapable of understanding.

I am not.

There is no hidden Satelite. All of them have been removed.

This seem to be an issue you should take up with Mr. Arson.

With the Dirty laundry now drying, an update. We are still in the process of collecting all forms of Triglavaian Data and items to get a baseline. More donations are welcome.!


I am no Loyalist. Of Nation or otherwise. I am here as I have a job to do. That just so happens to be figuring out how to push back against these hostile Invaders. Help is welcome.


To combat these false allegations and shows of distrust, and to bolster and grow Project Solace a Tour is in the planning stages for those willing to inspect the Station. This will include current and future projects, as well as inspection of Staff and equipment.

If you are interested in taking part of this Tour, please simply note your willingness below. We reserve the right to deny the Tour to anyone if we believe they seek active harm or to commit harm against person or asset aboard Project Solace. Thank you. Details will be mailed to those who apply. Thank you.

I find your attempt to carry out the genocide of the triglavians concerning and unwarranted. It’s simply war , an activity we are well suited and prepared for. This invasion will serve the new generation of capsuleers well as training beyond what each empire training academy offers in tutoring. Truth be told they’re having it too easy these days.