[DVARA] The launch of Project Kostroma – We need your help


Devara Biotech is looking to further our Triglavian research. Our company has been conducting cutting-edge research on Drifter physiology ever since Dr Mizhir Devara herself was involved with the first Drifter Autopsy. When the Triglavians appeared, we started to study them as well however their way of living remains a mystery. Our attempts to contact them have all failed and with their ever-escalating invasions of New Eden we have decided to launch a new project: Project Kostroma. The goal is to studying them through the technology they leave behind.

Therefore, Devara Biotech is buying Advanced Triglavian Components* in large quantities. In addition, we are also buying some Crystalline Isogen-10 and Zero-Point Condensate.

If you have some that you are interested in selling, please contact me or Dr Mizhir Devara.

Kind regards
Shina ‘Mizz Sunshine’ Naokaze
Project Leader of Project Kostroma
Managing Director of Devara Biotech Empyrean Wing

*Advanced Triglavian Components include the following:

Lattice Locked Dekaisogen
Radiation Absorption Thruster
Singularity Radiation Convertor
Trinary State Processor
Zero-Point Field Manipulator


A question, would a potential supplier need to arrange transport or would you do that?

That depends on the quantity. If it is enough to justify sending a ship to pick it up we can do the transport. If it is smaller amounts then pickups can be arranged at major hubs.

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Archbishop Baracca,

If you can have your materials present at Tanoo, I would be more than glad to assist with your logistics. This is a subject I have great interest in myself.

Please let me know if I can help.


Sorn Interstellar Industries wouldn’t be opposed to working with Devara Biotech in this endeavor as the study of the Triglavians is a project that we do seek ourselves. As for Crystalline Isogen-10 and Zero-Point Condensate we have build a large supply of these strange components and don’t mind making a deal.

Aiko Nekorajin
COO, Sorn Interstellar Industries


We have acquired the first batch of components from LUMEN. I would like to thank Mrs Daphiti for being quick to help us out. In addition we have acquired additional components from Jita, thus we have enough materials to begin the research.

We are still looking to buy more materials so if anyone have some advanced triglavian components they would like to sell then please write me or Dr Devara.

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