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CHTAR Secures Intaki Homeworld Customs Contract
Koren Akko - 121.10.06

Intaki, Placid - Last week seen the closure of a contractual bid for the customs office in orbit of the Intaki homeworld in Placid. The bid began with two corporations, the Nadire Security Consultants [NADSC], and Diaspora member Chatelain Auxiliary Response [CHTAR], but ended on a less competitive note. With NADSC opting to work alongside the Diaspora signatory.

Ishukone-Raata’s Public Relations Liaison, Nittara Ozanen, who brokered the agreement stated “with the Enforcement Directives involvement in militia activities, the state of occupancy of the system, and our commitment to remain neutral in all Assembly planetside affairs. We seen it necessary to facilitate a contract to a party that can, and will be capable of operating under our long standing free-trade policies.

The contract has been said to place full operational control of the orbital facility under the purview of the Intaki Diaspora member CHTAR, with NADSC sub-contractors aiding in various civilian departments. With several enforcement requirements, such as a 0% tax rate for all non-black listed organizations, along with compliance of any Ishukone Corporation standards.

Currently the Customs Office refuses access to a very limited list, including the Lai Dai Megacorporation, who remains at the center of the series of incidents in the area.


I-RED Adjusts Public Policy - Issues Warning in Wake of Escalation
Koren Akko - 121.11.26

Malkalen, Lonetrek - The announcement came earlier today from the Office of the Enforcement’s Board of Directors that a change to public policy was implemented at 03:44 hours. With the continued Triglavian escalation against the citizens of the Caldari State, and their attempts to sway capsuleer entities to their cause. That effective immediately all entities, independent or loyalist aiding the invading forces would be seen as enemies to the Caldari State, and Ishukone in the eyes of the Enforcement Directive.

“Any individual, or entity found aiding in the assault against the navies, colonies, or citizens within the borders of the [Caldari] State will be seen as an enemy. Incurring a immediate reduction of standings and blacklist for future market opportunities.” stated Internal Watch Commander Mazaki during the press briefing.

It was implied that these consequences may be applied not only to organizations as a whole if they refuse to attempt to cease their employees participation against lawful entities, but also investors and shareholders.

It’s been reported by the Public Relations Department, that already these changes have brought one organization and eight individuals to a negative standing from a allied status. It’s unclear how many more will refuse the call of CONCORD and their homelands, but it is clear, Ishukone-Raata has joined the chorus of other capsuleers in urging their allies to think before they act.


Ishukone-Raata to Enter Minmatar-Treaty Conflict
Koren Akko - 121.11.28

Mehatoor, Devoid - Left over assets from May’s joint-exercise may begin to see active use. As officials affirmed their support alongside their Amarrian counterparts. Calling for the removal of the Minmatar-led treaty, that has seen the handover of sovereign systems by rebellious entities within the 24th Imperial Crusade.

Details into the extent of the deployment have been restricted for operational reasons. Though questions have been raised as to the position of Ishuk-Raata in regards to the controversial demands from Lord Sarum and the Floseswin system.

Nittara Ozanen only stated that “Ishuk-Raata will not be involved in any ground based activity and the matter of Floseswin is outside our operational scope.”

So far there has been no official signal as to when forces will see combat in this campaign, but reports have come in that eight Ishuk-Raata marked Charon-class freighters have been spotted within the last few hours heading to the Devoid region.

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Ishukone-Raata Contracts Under Fire
Koren Akko - 122.01.12

Tanoo, Derelik - The Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch is under scrutiny just days after the destruction of a stolen transport vessel attempting to flee the Solace Astrahaus in Tanoo. The Internal Watch Agent in charge of the security contract, Shiran Mazaki; has insisted that his actions were justified and legal.

It’s unclear exactly how many lives were lost during the theft or why the pilot stole the craft. However many within Khimi Harar have claimed the occupants were attempting to flee a quiet quarantine. These claims have been met with denial by Project Solace managers, and silence by their Oniseki-Raata Contractors.

Leadership within the Ishukone-Raata Directorship Board have been unavailable to comment. The only statement released on the issue was from Liaison Ozanen: “The contract oversight is in the hands of the Internal Watch. But under Enforcement Directive regulatory rules they will be kept to the highest standards. We will be investigating Commander Mazaki’s role in this unfortunate incident, and ensuring the privacy of their employers.”

It appears that as of now the contract will continue to be conducted by the Internal Watch as vessels have been seen in orbit of the Solace Astrahaus. Though it remains to be seen if diplomatic pressure from allies will be enough to force the Directorship to act against a legally binding contract.

Other News:

  • Ishukone-Raata and United Neopian Federation downgrade standings to “neutral” after several clashes in Eugales.

  • Executor Hinkelmann announces plans to host annual “Commerce Planing” in Tanoo. Signalling economic collaborative efforts with Amarrian Allies.

  • Ishukone-Raata Contractors Renew Commerce Development Agreement for Harroule, and Intaki Solar Systems. Resulting in removal of pirate foothold customs offices.

  • Ishukone-Raata Public Relations Quality Assurance rated “Sub-Par” by independent committee.


Annual Commerce Planning Panel Announced
Koren Akko - 122.03.30

Tanoo, Derelik - Not far from Tebu Amkhiman sits the proposed site of the Enforcement Directive’s first planned development in the Derelik region. The structure still has some hurdles to tear down before it begins it’s deployment. Members of the Foreign Market Development Board [FMDB] have stated that this is partly due to the continued issues surrounding the months long standings renewal, which has been described as unwarranted by some.

Investors have already begun to question Ishukone-Raata’s ability to re-enter the Amarrian markets after the failed subsidiary contract renewal with the Khanid Kingdom, and continued diplomatic issues with loyalist entities. In a bid to remove doubts and regain confidence in the foreign markets, the Ishukone-Raata Corporate Investment Bank [I-RCB] partnered with Ishukone-Raata Industrial Partnership [I-RIP] have committed to hosting the annual Commerce Planning Panel in Tanoo.

The spokesperson for the Market Development Board released a date and location for the CPPanel. While they’re still working on securing a venue aboard Tebu Amkhiman, they feel no changes should be expected in regards to the locale. The date issued to prospective investors or interested parties has been set for YC122 April 19th - 122.04.19, at 00:00 NEST.

Other News:

  • Federal Observers in Eugales report large capsuleer engagement between PNS, Villore Accords, and United Neopian Federation.

  • Ishukone-Raata completes handover of Customs Office control to Chatelain Auxiliary over Harroule IV.

  • Imperium & Intaki Syndicate entities see continued small scale skirmishes.

  • Syndicate Stability Initiative announces new Investment Oversight Director, C Taylor.


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Grey Steel Investments Changes Inbound
Koren Akko - 122.08.16

XS-XAY, Syndicate - Recently shareholders have begun to publicly voice concern over their structural investments under Ishukone-Raata’s Operation Grey Steel. Citing a lack of response to inquiries, and dividend payouts for at least several months. While one of the longest public Empyrean investment opportunities located within the Intaki Syndicate, the endeavor has shown a level of disorder since the resignation of Roirdan Bouchate, and Julianni Avala.

Members directly involved with the oversight of the project have stated changes are inbound saying “For over five years, with the help of our valued investors. Operation Grey Steel was able to launch various infrastructural, and financial needs to several neglected constellations of space. We remain committed to see our investments through, however changes to the operation are in motion.”

While stating further details will be released to Grey Steel investors first, leaked documents show a certain willingness to outsource management personnel to outsiders, along with a possible rebrand relating to the reformed SynCo group.

Other News:

  • CVA, I-RED officials meet to establish diplomatic talks over Operation Retribution concerns.

  • EDENCOM fleet sees needed refit after devastating losses in Caldari systems.

  • I-RED, LUMEN begin infrastructure development talks over Syndicate resources.

  • I-BLU development contract hailed as a success in Poitot Commerce release.