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I wish I-RED luck in their operations in the militia. Though my influence has waned within the militia, should they require any assistance, I invite their leadership to reach out to my organization, and we will do what we can.

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Ishukone-Raata Commerce Expansion Zone Shifts Focus
Koren Akko - 123.09.28

The Onuoto Eskeitan Station in high orbit of Intaki Prime

Intaki, Placid - Following a meeting of executive member from various branches of the Enforcement Directive Board of Directors, investors with interests within the Viriette constellation were informed of a change in focus regarding the Ishukone-Raata Viriette Commerce Expansion Zone. An initiative which saw the organization officially enter the CEWPA warzone in late July.

“Between Federal systems falling to Caldari occupation at a increased rate, the Combine TNR Colonial development claim over the Intaki System, and unwarranted PKN aggression. The board see the increasing need to adapt accordingly with this dynamic situation.”, read the board’s official release. “It is our wish to remain in step with our colleagues, and partners within the Tiuunakama Nenkanavu Rymasaikkan. While staying true to our decade-long commitment to the safety, prosperity and stability of the Intaki system.”

Alexandre Hinkelmann, the Executor of I-RED, issued a conclusive list of changes to the project. Highlighting the need to coordinate an end to the conflict within the Intaki system through diplomatic means by “opening diplomatic talks with prominent Enlisted Federal Defence Forces, in an attempt to lobby members of the Senate, Assembly, and Executive Panel as a unified voice.”

Executives within I-RED have also adjusted the bounds in which paramilitary forces under the Ishukone-Raata security directive can operate, specifically toward PKN aligned forces inside the Combine TNR development claim.

Some of these have already proven to be controversial, such as the creation of a vaguely defined “Intaki Integrity Task-Force” with sole objective to intercept any suspected PKN craft within the Intaki system. The main point of contention looks to be focused on the newly anchored Onuoto Eskeitan Station, more commonly known as the Intaki TNR Colonial Monitoring Facility, which is now in orbit of Intaki Prime.

Many of these drastic changes appear to be attempts to further solidify efforts to hinder any attempts at another PKN incursion into the area. It is unclear as to the degree of success they’ll see at this time.

In other news:

  • Khimi Harar look to step up security patrols within the Syndicate Region

  • I-RED begins Orbital Patrols of Intaki V; seeing the seizure of a capsuleer-piloted transport vessel.

  • Federal Defence Union Prepares for Final Stand in Agoze

  • “The Rookies” sees unexpected positive reviews within Lonetrek

  • Holder Dominus Degario Found Murdered at Family Estate


Ishukone-Raata Expands Saitsuo Security Partnership - PLESCO Coalition Force Formed
Koren Akko - 124.01.17

Undisclosed Joint-PLESCO Operation

Intaki, Placid - Earlier this month negotiations were concluded, detailing the wide reaching cooperative measures between the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive and their newfound partners among the Rezeki-Osmon affiliate organization regarding their mutual Intaki interests.

Since conclusion of these negotiations, members of the Directive have admitted to meeting several more times in a effort to further solidify and ultimately form a TNR Capsuleer Interest Group. Making way for the formation of a official economic and security coalition force.

“This Coalition will not only focus on the mutual interests of member groups within the Intaki solar system, but TNR interests in Placid as a whole.” Alexandre Hinkelmann stated “In doing so, our aim is to prove to the interstellar business community that the State is more then capable of ensuring continued economic growth, stability, and security within controlled Placid systems.”

During the security outline segment of the closed door conference, Shiran Mazaki stated the name of the new coalition (consisting of both the Ishuk-Raata [I-RED] and State Public [SPD]) would be known as the Placid Economic Security Commission or PLESCO.

When inquiries were made about the SCOPE reports of pirate and smuggling issues under State occupied systems Mazaki claimed “Unfounded, that’s what these claims are.” but also admitted to Federation aligned privateers disrupting trade in Ostingele, and went on to cite several successful police actions to keep the trade lanes clear.

While criticism is expected to be drawn from Federal opponents, many supporters recall the past anti-pirate actions persisted by the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive during YC114-116 and expect positive development in the region. Especially with their allied forces in the State Public Defenders.

In other news:

  • Popular Electus Matari Commander gains CSM seat
  • Unknown State Affiliate reported observing Eugales VI development
  • Unexpected Levels of Destruction seen in Kamela
  • YC124 Summit Writing Contest organizer seeks out funds

Tereven Security Joins PLESCO as Placid War Rages
Koren Akko - 124.04.30

Agoze, Placid - The last bastion of the Placid Economic Security Commission rests in a relative stable state, after the Caldari States grip on the Placid region crumbled under the weight of the renewed efforts of the Federal Defense Union.

In recent weeks PLESCO has renewed an offensive in the Viriette constellation against the privateer organization under the FDU banner, known as Cruisers Crew, conducting relentless attacks against space-borne structures under their control. While reports have shown that little ground has been made by either side when it comes to the stations themselves, recent fleet engagements have proven disastrous for joint-FDU operations in the constellation. All of which has resulted in a estimated loss of 31 billion ISK to FDU forces since the beginning of this offensive, the loss of a FDU operated construction facility in the Pain system, compared to the 5.2 billion ISK loss of PLESCO Assets - which includes the destruction of the SPD Agoze HQ.

Joint-PLESCO Forces Siege FDU Controlled Structures

With the conflict raging on, news of the addition of the Ishukone-aligned Tereven Security Corporation into the Placid Commission as quickly become widespread. While some continue criticized this move as an effort to further solidify the TNR interests and influence over the State Protectorate, many welcome the change over the fractured state of the Protectorate we’ve seen in the past.

In other news:

  • Oniseki-Internal Watch Downplay Recent Leaked Eugales Observation Structure Deployment Plan.
  • UCSC Make Gains in Serthoulde; Retake Reschard.
  • Gallente Mogul turns Sights onto Popular Media Platform Peeper.
  • New Holofilm: Black Peaks viewed as distasteful due to portrayal of Tibus Heth.

Does I-RCN have any comments regarding the Federal non-capsuleer fleets forming “gatecamps” in the rear guard areas of the Gallente warzone?

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As these are ongoing developments, I-RCN is currently looking into them. Given the recent political upheavals, however, these fleets seem to be a direct response.


BREAKING - Federal Defence Union Abandons Serthoulde
Koren Akko - 124.07.01

Mercomesier, Placid - Fighting in the Serthoulde constellation has reached new lows over the past several days as leaked intelligence reports released details into several FDU corporations intent to withdraw from the Athounon area. Their goal to shore up defences in the Essence region and attempt a counter-offensive against State occupied systems elsewhere, which corresponds with a recent report released by Ishukone-Raata’s Internal Watch.

IRV Gariushi-Oriki Unknown Location

The report claims the will to fight over the area has been diminished severely, and all but one organization aligned with the Federation has already moved assets out of Maut and into the Murethand area.

With these reports and the lack of opposition the Protectorate forces have seen it is believed that the State will retain their control over their objectives for the foreseeable future.

In other news:

  • PLESCO Conducts Successful Patrols against FDU Forces in Essence.
  • I-RTI Indicates Willingness of Joint-Research Venture between I-RED and LUMEN regarding Athounon cloud phenomena.
  • Ishukone-Raata Internal Watch Issues Warnings to ARC Affiliates over continued breaches over Athounon V Blockade.

Weekly Galactic News Roundup: July 1st


BREAKING: I-RED Raid Syndicate Facility Connected to Aenebra Cult
Selenna Solange • YC124.07.01

M2-CF1, Syndicate - An unmarked trade outpost was raided based on a months-long investigation by joint I-RED and Intaki Space Police forces. The facility seemed innocent enough, and was registered only as a private trade outpost operated by an independent mining corporation. The surprise raid yielded the arrest of three dozen individuals affiliated with the Aenebra cult, which has gained traction in the last couple years for their antics - most notably for assassinations of station government officials in Syndicate.

While in the past the Aenebra cult has mostly been relegated to operating in Placid, they have recently made a name for themselves in the region of Syndicate. A string of high-profile assassinations in the region have been linked to Aenebra, whom are an Intaki “death cult” infamous for their drugs, rituals, and assassinations.

Leading the sting operation was I-RED’s Shiran Mazaki and Korbin Lavius. Commander Mazaki lead a taskforce consisting of frigates and cruisers to rapidly storm the airspace around the facility. Once the path was cleared, Vice-Admiral Lavius jumped in a Chimera-class carrier and proceeded to launch boarding craft. A brief firefight ensued outside the station as a small fleet of frigates and fighters was assembled, but it was quickly dispatched by Mazaki’s taskforce. The fight inside the facility, however, was more drawn out.

Casualties on I-RED’s side were minimal, but higher than expected. Aenebra associates who weren’t killed outright were all detained by I-RED forces once the battle settled. Inside scan-proof vaults were hundreds of metric tons of illicit contraband - from drugs to weapons to counterfeit scrip. More importantly, however, were personal electronics which are believed to contain information regarding Aenebra operations.

It is believed that Aenebra was using this outpost as a waypoint to conduct some of its operations in the eastern portions of Syndicate. All discovered contraband was delivered to the local ISP offices located in IIRH-G. The detainees are currently being held in detention by I-RED in VV-VCR. While the operation is being labeled as an overall success, some critics couldn’t help but voice their criticism.

One Federal Defense Union strategists mentioned in a public statement following announcement of the raid, “I-RED’s headquarters in Syndicate is a mere one jump away from where the Aenebra were operating out of. You’re telling me it took them this long to figure out what was going on underneath their nose? Perhaps the Enforcement Directive isn’t as competent as some may believe…”

In response, one of the leaders of the operation, Vice-Admiral Lavius, had this to say, “Comments from Federal officials on the competency of I-RED are moot. They should focus on negotiating and completing the Intaki security franchise - which has been dragging on for years now - instead of worrying about matters that do not concern them. As for Aenebra operating so closely to I-RED, they made use of a neutrally registered private mining corporation to effectively hide in plain sight for so long. A technique that would have continued to be effective were it not for the collaborative efforts of I-RED and ISP investigators.”

I-RED Fulfills Security Contract Obligation With Syndicate Clients
Selenna Solange • YC124.07.01

VV-VCR, Syndicate - I-RED has routinely taken part of security operations related to border security on behalf of numerous Syndicate clients. Within recent weeks, one of these contracts fulfilled was border security protection following the increase in traffic related to the Federation Grand Prix.

“The possibility of a massive influx of capsuleer traffic in and through Syndicate poses a danger to some of our clients”, remarked one security analyst working in I-RED who wished to remain anonymous. “Every year there are individuals who attempt to pass through Syndicate to sell their illicit goods on the black market, which destabilizes local markets and has a negative effect on the livelihoods of Syndicate residents.”

I-RED has, to a lesser degree than last year, engaged in gate patrols to help monitor and enforce the type of capsuleer traffic flowing in and out of the region. Many capsuleer vessels were halted or prompted to follow specific directions, and those that did not were fired upon and neutralized. Post-damage analysis of ship contents revealed the presence of illicit goods in many of the vessels which were stopped.

Some critics of I-RED claim that the stunt was merely a facade for I-RED conducting illegal search and destroy missions to build up with corporate wallet.

One Federation Senator, who wished to remain unnamed stated, “I-RED’s “security operations” in Syndicate represent a fine example of Caldari anti-Federation meddling. Their attempt to ruin the spirit of Federation Day, and the Federation Grand Prix is laughable at best.”

I-RED security command refused to comment further on the matter.

Strange Cloud Phenomena Subject of Scientific Study
Koren Akko • YC124.07.01

Athounon, Placid - One of the major points of interest in the Athounon system over the last couple weeks has been an apparently abandoned EDENCOM outpost over the planet Athounon V. The structure has had a malfunctioning cloaking device, and, interestingly, is surrounded by a cloud of electromagnetically-active activity.

While it remains to be seen as to whether the occurrence of the electrical activity in the gas cloud has any significance, it has nonetheless been the interest of some scientific study. Julianni Avala of I-RED has spearheaded an Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute (I-RTI) field study into the gas cloud phenomena.

“I have considered it [researching the cloud phenomena], but I’m no scientist myself and lack scientific equipment”, admitted Avala while commenting on the subject on the Intergalactic Summit.

In a brief field study spearheaded by Avala and her I-RTI associates, it was determined that frequency of the electrical activity occurs every 60 seconds. Furthermore, the color of the lightning varies from red to a blue-white hue, and appears relatively evenly spread across the cloud.

“The occurrence of the electrical activity every 60 seconds definitely raises some questions”, commented one scientific analyst. “The frequency is unnatural and suggests that something, somewhere is causing the electrical discharge. Perhaps more study can be directed into studying the energy discharge emanating from the EDENCOM structure and how it relates to the electrical activity in the gas cloud around it. Or, maybe even if there is an association between the electrical activity of the cloud with the storm planet below.”

In addition to I-RED efforts, there have been numerous attempts by other organizations to study more about this mysterious, abandoned structure. The situation has been rather complicated since I-RED is abiding by orders directly from the CEP with regards to engaging in non-State Protectorate or Caldari Navy forces in the orbit of Athounon V.

I-RCN will continue to monitor developments as they come.

Summer of Fashion Opening Fashion Show Dazzles Audience in Poitot
Taigeru Beldeia • YC124.06

Poitot, Syndicate - The Summer of Fashion, a three-month celebration of fashion and design that takes place in Syndicate and adjacent regions, has begun with the start of July. The opening fashion show took place today in Poitot with much coverage.

This year the theme of the opening show centered on “Into the Jungle” as a metaphor for diving into what is expected to be a busy and chaotic year for Summer of Fashion. The venue was even outfitted for the theme of the year, with special displays of tropical and exotic flora and animatronic animals. Temperature and humidity control modules helped to provide an extra layer of immersion for the show. Food and drink were inspired from tropical areas of Intaki Prime.

Many of the usual fashion houses made powerful entrances with their entries into the show. Haus Porteau, brand for the illustrious Syndicate fashion mogul Rudy “Roo” Porteau, stunned audiences with his entry which was inspired by the former tropical paradise that was the Mannar homeworld.

“The lead Haus Porteau entry was phenomenal, magical, it captured the moment”, marveled one fashion critic, Jean DuPonte. “The emerald green strips of fabric were embossed in translucent material which shimmered in the walkway lights. The fit of the dress on the female model was both flattering and elegant. The added holographic touch of accessory ribbons of fabric fluttering in the wind was magical. Marvelous, just marvelous.”

Summer of Fashion has been trending on the popular social media site, Peeper™, with thousands of people putting out their thoughts into the universe.

“This summer is set to be a fierce one, with new and old design houses amping up the competition - my body is ready! #SummerofFashion”, peeped user Syndiboi4lyf.

Another user, J_fashion, peeped, “I can’t wait to get my hands on the summer catalog for Haus Porteau! My wardrobe needs some major updates girl. #SummerofFashion

The opening fashion show concluded with a grand holographic fireworks show inside the Intaki Syndicate station in Poitot. I-RCN will continue monitoring major fashion developments throughout the Summer of Fashion.

In other news…

• Reclusive Hyasyoda-affiliated mogul found dead in private Suroken station

• President of Solitude Premier Gravball League resigns amid social media outrage following comments about banning muscular tail modifications

• Rioting in Des Ponticelles, Bourynes as Nexus Health & Safety Executive moves to ban traditional Minmatar tattoo inks containing cadmium

• I-RED subsidiary purchases water rights of a major water source feeding into city of Navyi Shuru on Utpattia Protectorate colony in A-3ES3, Syndicate

• State Protectorate forces have gained and held control of Serthoulde constellation; Federal Defense Union forces appear to have abandoned control of the constellation

• Reported scientific observation by non-State Protectorate forces warned against trespassing by I-RED Enforcers

• LUMEN-hosted annual capsuleer writing contest concludes in grand festival

• Federation Day celebrations conclude with notable upsets at some of the Federation Day Miss and Mister Federation capsuleer competition winners


BREAKING: Explosion on Utpattia Colony Space Elevator
Selenna Solange • YC124.07.09

A-3ES3, Syndicate - One of the minor elevator lifts, part of the Atlas-Cloudfront Space Elevator System (ACSES), experienced an explosion while transporting down to the terrestrial city of Atlas from the Cloudfront waypoint station along the space elevator tract. The explosion happened at 1400 local time, and exact casualties are currently unknown.

“We are currently investigating the cause of the explosion on the Gamma lift”, ACSES operations chief Ishvan Taliguri stated in a recent press release. “I am able to report that the emergency force field capture net deployed in time at the Atlas ground terminal to stop a majority of the Gamma lift debris from making contact with the surface. There was some minor damage sustained to the Atlas ground terminal by smaller debris, but no casualties as a result of the debris crashing to the surface. As of right now, we are estimating the casualty list to reach ten, but still have more components to sift through for final confirmation. The bodies of five elevator lift workers have been recovered thus far.”

The explosion occurred approximately 40 kilometers above the Atlas ground terminal, about 60 kilometers below the orbital city of Cloudfront. Preliminary investigative results suggest that the explosion occurred as a result of a lapse in containment for pressurized gas fuel being transported to the surface; the break in containment had to have had some kind of activation, however, which is unknown at this time.

The ACSES transport operations on the adjacent Beta and Delta lifts have been suspended for the time being. The further Alpha, Epsilon, and Zeta lifts are still operational, as well as the smaller personnel transport lifts which encircle the much larger minor lifts. The ACSES is designed by the same space elevator engineering firm which designed and built the popular and efficient space elevator used by the Hyasyoda capital, Arvo, on the planet Abagawa IV in The Forge. The lift is hexagonal in shape and is composed of six minor lifts which can operate independently, or be interlinked depending on the needs of the cargo being ferried to and from the surface. At junctional points of each minor lift are smaller, specialized lifts which can carry anything from personnel to fuel to water or whatever else the colony needs.

Thankfully, the Gamma lift was operating independently when the explosion occurred, although it was originally scheduled to be linked to the adjacent Beta and Delta lifts to transport an array of construction materials. However, the schedule was changed last minute in the morning of the incident.

This is the first time the colony of Utpattia has ever experienced an event like this. Many colonial residents are shocked that such an event has rocked their quiet paradise. Already social media and other news outlets are tossing around different theories as to how and why the explosion occurred.

“Isn’t it obvious?”, commented one Peeper™ user, EssentiallyEd. “I-RED raided and captured a bunch of Aenebra cult scumbags in Syndicate just the other week. Then this happens today. They should hire me already onto their police force to take care of this kind of work.”

Another prevailing theory seems to be that this was the work of some Black Eagles operation in response to the Caldari militia, which I-RED is a part of, taking and keeping hold of the hotly contested Serthoulde constellation.

I-RCN will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates to the ongoing investigation.

In other news…

• Concerns over leaked footage from Caldari raid onto mysterious EDENCOM facility in Athounon

• Federal Defense Union forces have all but abandoned control over the Serthoulde constellation

• Reports of malfunctioning drones used in Liberation Day battle recreation sites causes scare among tourists


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: July 23rd


UPDATE: Atlas Space Elevator Bombing Confirmed Aenebra Cult Operation
Selenna Solange • YC124.07.21

A-3ES3, Syndicate - The results of an investigation into an explosion which occurred on the Utpattia Protectorate colonial space elevator system have revealed that it was indeed an intentional act committed by Aenebra Cult members. As for the cause of the explosion itself, it was found that an Aenebra Cult member posed himself as a space elevator worker and managed to set up a makeshift bomb. The affected lift has since been fully repaired and is expected to re-enter full operation by the end of the weekend.

“After completely sifting through the remains of the Gamma lift, we were able to determine the final casualty count of 12, including the suicidal Aenebra Cult operative”, stated Ishvan Taliguri, operations chief for the Atlas-Cloudfront Space Elevator System (ACSES). “We here at ACSES mourn the loss of the brave men and women who make a living doing honest and good work here in Syndicate. Utpattia is lesser without their presence, but we will continue to remain strong in the face of this cowardly terrorist attack.”

A memorial ceremony for those lives lost is planned for this upcoming week. It is expected the city of Atlas will commemorate a sculpture and small park in honor of the workers who perished.

For their part, Aenebra has not officially claimed any credit for the attack. Evidence from the investigation links a known Aenebra member with a false identity sneaking aboard the space elevator to commit their heinous crime. Footage shows the operative assembling a makeshift bomb using various pieces of equipment on the Gamma lift, including items from a freight box which was not registered in the original shipment itinerary. This has led some to suspect that this may have been a multiple-man operation, but investigators have not released further details.

Shipping Lane Disruptions Across Black Rise, Placid, and Syndicate Cause Concern
Koren Akko • YC124.07.21

Onnamon, Black Rise - Independent couriers operating across the regions of Black Rise, Placid, and Syndicate have all been reporting disruptions and delays to shipments across each region, respectively, last Thursday. The incidents were thought to be isolated occurrences from one another, until CONCORD’s AEGIS division issued a low level traffic advisory for the regions until further notice. Despite the rather mundane and vague nature of the advisory, it has been a cause for concern for numerous inhabitants and visitors of the affected regions.

Prominent observers have noted the similarities between these chain of events and those of four years ago under the code name Case Green Magic in such regions as Derelik and Molden Heath. However, AEGIS has been quick to assure the public that these were minor incidents and have not been linked to one another as of yet. The assurance seems to have done little to assuage local retailers, couriers, and the public itself.

“Fukiye Interstellar will be suspending shipping operations for the time being”, stated a press release from the shipping company, released a day after the incidents. “While the traffic advisory for the region of Black Rise is minor, we take the utmost caution in protecting the lives of our employees. Our shipping operations in the adjacent regions of The Forge and The Citadel will continue, however. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.”

Other shipping companies in the regions have also considered suspending operations for the time being, or simply hiring armed escorts for their transports. InterBus, for example, is expected to stack their shipping transport schedules closer together and use armed escorts. Some retailers have already temporarily removed shipping options for those regions, or warn about the potential delays.

In the meantime, complaint filings related to shipping delays have marginally increased for the local offices of various retail chains that operate in the regions - much to the ire of customer service reps of those companies.

Syndicate Fashionista Icon Stirs Controversy Once Again on Social Media
Taigeru Beldeia • YC124.07.20

Poitot, Syndicate - Enigmatic and eccentric Haus Porteau founder, Rudy “Roo” Porteau, has once again caused a stir on various social media platforms for his remarks about top rival, Fabuleux. Fabuleux, who has retired his capsuleer license and has been living as a non-capsuleer for a number of years now, did not make his presence known during the opening fashion walk of the Summer of Fashion tour. Porteau’s comment on the Peeper™ app suggests how Fabuleux has lost his charm, and will soon wither away by the end of the summer if things don’t change fast for the troubled fashion designer.

Fabuleux, who still maintains a sizable following of loyal fans, has not publicly responded to Porteau’s taunts, but his fanbase certainly has. “Rudy ‘Runt’ Porteau is nothing more than an ego-driven fashion bully. He will never understand the horrors that Fabuleaux went thru when he was kidnapped by crazy people! Leave Fabuleaux ALONE!”, peeped one dedicated Fabuleux fan, FabLyf.

Porteau and Fabuleux have a long-storied history of personal rivalry, which extends to the fashion brands each one operates. The origin of their rivalry is still not fully understood, but some suspect it was the result of a failed-love-story-turned-sour. Such rumors have never been confirmed by either Porteau or Fabuleux, however. Another prevailing theory hypothesizes that the two are former brothers who never got along.

While Porteau has not deleted his peep on Peeper™, even his own fanbase has mixed feelings about the brutality of his comments against Fabuleux. He has lost some 100,000 followers on Peeper™ alone, not including various other social media platforms which also experienced some losses. I-RCN has attempted to reach out to the publicists for both Fabuleux and Porteau but has not received word back.

In other news…

• Rumors of unsanctioned technology releases spread in Pegeler constellation

• Suroken National Expedition lands on Eugales IV, establishes no-fly zone

• Eugidi constellation remains firmly in Imperial control despite divisions within Amarr-aligned capsuleer ranks

• Capsuleer Jason Moradian fulfills Ardishapur Decree, status with House Ardishapur remains ambivalent however

• Discovery of unidentified Triglavian structure on storm world in Athounon causes concern for potential undiscovered outposts on other storm worlds in the region and beyond

• Amarr citizens and expatriates aboard I-RED Syndicate facilities prepare festivities for Foundation Day

• I-BLU lose infrastructure assets in Syndicate to disgruntled pirates with a vendetta against I-RED


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: August 10th


BREAKING: Pole Dancers Has Quit Gallente Militia
Koren Akko • YC124.08.10

Harroule, Placid - We have just received reports that The Pole Dancers [POLE], who have been at war with I-RED for the last few weeks, has quit the Gallente militia. We have reached out to FDU representatives for comment but have not received word back. POLE and their allies have been engaged in numerous battles against I-RED and the other members of Syndicate Coalition, with POLE and their allies scoring a number of strategic wins in the form of destroyed Upwell facilities belonging to SynCo. However, SynCo often triumphed when it came to fleet battles.

Some analysts are suggesting that POLE quitting Gallente militia is their way out of this complicated affair against SynCo forces. Others are saying it is still too early to claim victory for SynCo. I-RCN will continue to monitor updates on the situation. Regardless of the outcome, I-RCN would like to take a moment to remind our viewers that Syndicate Steel is unbreakable.

Aenebra Cult Ramps Up Attacks in Solitude & Raids Aridia
Selenna Solange • YC124.08.08

Ogaria, Solitude - The infamous death cult has continued to ramp up operations across Placid, Syndicate, and Solitude in recent months. Only recently the Aenebra Cult have conducted a series of attacks against I-RED in Syndicate. Earlier today, they concluded what is now the third attack in southern Solitude. The attack today occurred on Ogaria II, and left hundreds wounded and dozens dead.

“For whatever reason, Aenebra have become emboldened in the last several months”, said Jufrit Valliers, a Gallente Police Directorate (GPD) spokesman. “We have been tracking their movements and have observed an increase in activity across a number of regions. It remains unclear how they are funding their operations both in terms of manpower and assets.”

The attack in Ogaria was carried out by a dummy transport loaded with explosives and then sent planetside to a major starport on the surface. Ogarians were shocked that such an event rocked their relatively quiet world. Many took to social media to voice their concerns and mourn.

“The local government failed us. The Federation failed us. The GPD failed us. Is this what Aguard had in mind when she became president? Disappointing”, peeped a local Ogaria II business owner on the social media platform Peeper™.

In another peep, which has garnered thousands of repeeps, a mother who lost her husband and child in the attack said, “Words cannot describe the emptiness I feel right now. Aenebra is just one of many problems which have been on the rise around these parts. The Federation needs to do better. I know we can do better.”

It has been noted that I-RED has recently engaged in information sharing with the GPD with regards to dealing with the Aenebra Cult. Curiously, it seems that Aenebra has also been expanding their operations into Aridia, which could spell trouble for the local Amarr defense forces in the region. I-RCN will monitor the situation as developments come.

Foundation Week Celebrations Conclude in Syndicate With Ceremony of Cooperation
Jelvia Taredi • YC124.08.09

XS-XAY, Syndicate - The end of Foundation Day celebrations concluded recently, and a final ceremony dedicated to allyship between SynCo members Khimi Harar [LUMEN] and I-RED was held aboard the LUMEN Cathedral of Syndicate in XS-XAY. Both capsuleers and non-capsuleers gathered to celebrate the strong relations between both organizations, which stand as a testament to the power of mutual goals and shared understanding between two cultures.

“A notable portion of temporary and permanent residents residing in I-RAT structures are of current and former Amarr citizenry”, stated Department of Public Works Director Roirdan Bouchate. “We take great pride here at I-RED at the fair practice of religion outlined in our corporate religious practice charter. The diversity of culture and cultural understanding is key to a powerful and productive workforce. These ideas will continue to carry our pocket of space in Syndicate into a prosperous future.”

Notable speakers at the ceremony included members from LUMEN leadership such as Directrix Lunarisse Aspenstar, as well as members from the I-RED Board of Directors. In a particularly impassioned speech, I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann highlighted how cooperation between all members of SynCo (I-RED, LUMEN, and I-BLU) are key to the strategic goals of turning Syndicate into a significant powerhouse. A powerful Intaki Syndicate means a powerful ally for both the Caldari State and Amarr Empire, claimed Executor Hinkelmann.

Food catering for the event featured an assortment of Caldari-Amarr fusion food cultivated locally by various astro-farms. The Yak cheese food products which included such items as gourmet macaroni, gourmet cheese pizza, and gourmet pasta were said to be the highlight of the food provided. Music for the ceremony included both an Amarrian orchestral choir joined by a traditional Raata ensemble.

The future remains bright for the residents of Syndicate, and I-RED and LUMEN aim to be leaders in the charge for a prosperous tomorrow.

Mounting Criticism Regarding I-RED Imposed Customs Taxes Across 98Q Superpocket
Koren Akko • YC124.08.10

98Q-8O, Syndicate - In recent weeks, there has been growing vocalization about the tax rate for planetary customs issued by offices owned or managed by proxy via I-RED. This is likely due to the recently concluded war versus various combined former Gallente militia and pirate forces in the region. SynCo members suffered losses of numerous Upwell structures, although many of the fleet battles were considerably in favor of SynCo forces.

“It is likely the losses of Upwell structures by SynCo forces has triggered the rise of criticism against its members in their management of facilities across the JQV5-9 and MK7-AO constellations”, commented one analyst from I-RED’s Department of Public Works. “It is an expected reaction amongst some individuals, unfortunately. However, the facts remain that the taxes imposed on SynCo-managed customs offices are among the lowest in the region.”

The general attitude by I-RED management seems to be that of dismissing the ill-informed remarks by those who are critical of the 3.2% customs tax across the majority of customs offices. Revenue generated by customs taxes goes into a large pool of funds which are then divided into various categories such as I-RED Enforcer fleet maintenance, local infrastructure developments and maintenance, and local charity work. For more information, please refer to the Project R.E.A.C.H.© infosheet available on public GalNet servers connected to IshuNet™.

In Other News

• Upwell structure reinforcement code updates cause tension for residents aboard facilities due to increased ease of destruction

• Pirate forces across null-sec cut back on gate-scouting taskforces following considerable losses over the last few years

• Syndicate pop star Stellaria hits top 5 on billboards across multiple regions with her new summer hit song “Break My Star”

• Excess ice material from I0AB-R earmarked for A-3ES3 II (Utpattia) terraforming project

• Utpattia Protectorate adds three more council seats, bringing up total to ten

• Rumors circulate of additional colonial project spearheaded by combined SynCo members


Union Day Wrap-Up
Koren Akko - 124.09.10

Hatakani, The Citadel - Last weekend many citizens gathered for this years Union Day celebrations, both home and abroad. Like many baseliners, empyreans gathered to show their unwavering support to their Corporation and the State.

The main event featured a parade of forty Capsuleers of all stripes. Lighting up the vicinity around the CEP Bureau for an hour with a dazzling display of fireworks.

IRV Intaat seen among other capsuleer piloted craft over the CEP Bureau

Malkalen saw Ishukone-Raata’s annual celebration over Malkalen V. Following the events tradition of rewarding Ishukone loyalists for their ceaseless efforts to their Corporation, in addition to showcasing Ishukone developed military vessels.

Rokh Class Battleships seen with Ishukone Watch livery over Malkalen V

As Union Day of YC124 is one to remember, and many citizens have already returned to their duties. The celebrations are done for most, but not all, as renewed festivities were seen outside of the TNR Meeting Venue. With the news of the Wiyrkomi Corporations close victory over Ishukone in the Union Day competition, giving them the lucrative 4-4 security agreement.

Combine TNR Meeting Venue

The two TNR signatories were extremely close, with Wiyrkomi’s margin of victory over Ishukone consisting of just a 0.21% point difference.

Competition Totals:

Wiyrkomi 	16.88%*
Ishukone 	16.67%*
Nugoeihuvi 	14.49%*
Hyasyoda 	13.91%*
Lai Dai 	13.88%*
Kaalakiota 	10.03%*
Sukuuvestaa 7.17%*
CBD 	    6.97%*

In other news:

  • Second State Protectorate Capsuleer Coalition effort forms.
  • New Caldari Labour Movement tied to subversive activity says Modern State Supply Chairman.
  • Federation journalist claims State entities sympathetic to Triglavians leads to removal during Oshamia conference.
  • I-RCB to meet with Lai Dai over Rezeki-Osmon Affiliate Group buyout.

Weekly Galactic News Roundup: November 9th


BREAKING: I-RED Assets Seized Across Intaki Prime
Selenna Solange • YC124.11.09

Intaki, Placid - Following the massive Federation invasion of Intaki and surrounding systems, I-RED has found itself in a tough situation with regards to its planetary holdings on Intaki Prime. A number of facilities have been swarmed and overwhelmed by the Federation forces; these assets have been temporarily seized by the Federation military, with personnel being arrested.

There are still many other facilities which have yet to fall to the encroaching Federation forces. For some others, their status is not yet known because of ongoing communication disruptions to planetside dwellers.

I-RED operates many different types of facilities all across Intaki Prime, from resource harvesting outposts to warehouses to manufacturing plants to even public service infrastructure. In an interesting twist, a number of railgun emplacements which were leased to the Intaki Assembly militia forces by I-RED following the Lai Dai Protection Service raids on Intaki some years ago were also seized by the Federation Armed Forces. Some turrets were outright targeted and destroyed during the initial waves of invasion. It is not known at this time if the Federation military was aware that these gun batteries were being operated by the Intaki.

Despite the ongoing communications disruptions, I-RED is doing what they can to update personnel across all the remaining facilities on the planet. I-RED personnel are being ordered to stand down and abandon the facilities. Furthermore, I-RED is working in conjunction with Caldari State military forces to re-establish uninterrupted communications in order to ensure everyone is informed of the most current status of the ongoing situation.

BREAKING: I-RED Directorship Hosts Emergency Meeting Regarding Viriette Operations
Selenna Solange • YC124.11.08

VV-VCR, Syndicate - Shortly after the primary diplomat of I-RED, Julianni Avala, released an official press release regarding the invasion of Intaki by the Gallente Federation, the Directorship of I-RED convened in an emergency session. The primary topic of discussion was, of course, how to respond to the massive Federation Navy assault in Viriette and Fislipesnes. Details were not immediately made available to the general public, but the following brief statement was made.

“The Directorship is aware of the ongoing chaotic situation in Intaki and the adjacent systems. A massive communications disruption across multiple systems is making it particularly difficult to maintain contact with personnel on the ground. Actions are in motion and I-RED is mobilizing the full force of our reserve fleets for immediate future operations. More details will follow in the coming days.”

The exact nature of the future operations have not been detailed. However, observers will note a massive mobilization of reserve fleets across the 98Q Superpocket in Syndicate. I-RED capitals and jump freighters have also been seen increasingly. Meanwhile, mandatory orders of activation of military service have been enacted for registered reserve forces under I-RED.

BREAKING: Ongoing Communication Disruption Contributes to Death Count
Koren Akko • YC124.11.09

Intaki, Placid - As part of the Federation’s invasion, communications with planetside assets have been disrupted. The resulting disruption has proven to be useful to the Federation military in some ways, but detrimental in others. On one hand, it has allowed the Federation the element of surprise in many instances, with many Caldari State personnel being completely unaware of what was going on and unable to react in a prompt manner. On the other hand, they have also contributed to a growing death count as Caldari State personnel who catch wind of what is going on assume their orders are to engage the Federation forces.

Precisely this has occurred in a number of I-RED-managed facilities across Intaki Prime. Some outposts engaged the invading Federation armed forces despite being massively outnumbered. Reports are still unconfirmed at this time, but it is believed that some other I-RED security forces - bolstered by remnants of Caldari State militia forces - have begun guerrilla warfare against the occupying Federation armed forces. These operations currently run contrary to what has been officially ordered by the I-RED Directorship, but continued difficulties with establishing secure communications have contributed to a delay in the orders getting out to stand down and retreat.

In one particularly tragic event, a fortification far in the outskirts of Navyii Akat was besieged by Federation forces. The Federation managed to push the defending State forces into a nearby Intaki town where casualties mounted not only of Federation and State forces, but of local Intaki civilians. A cease-fire in the town has since been established, and a Sisters of Eve relief taskforce has reportedly managed to deploy to the area to provide assistance.

In other news…

• I-RED Internal Watch forces amp up presence around customs offices

• Unconfirmed reports of increased response times for emergency calls aboard I-RED structures; awaiting Internal Watch comment

• Mindclash charity tournament indefinitely postponed due to multiple players withdrawing, citing concerns for safety

• Significantly increased traffic at Combine TNR Meeting Venue in Hatakani

• Syndicate popstar Stellaria cancels remaining shows of her Stars All Out tour citing safety concerns and turmoil in Placid region

• Reported leaks about disagreement between I-RED Executor and Board of Directors on how to handle ongoing Placid situation


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: November 17th


Communications Disruptions from Initial Federation Invasion Restored
Selenna Solange • YC124.11.16

Intaki, Placid - The communications disruptions which were caused by a sophisticated Federation military apparatus have mostly been restored thanks to a concerted effort by the Ishukone-Raata Engineering Corps (I-REC). A specialized I-REC taskforce was covertly deployed to Intaki and surrounding systems promptly following the initial Federation invasion. The I-RED Directorship deemed the restoration of reliable communications to be paramount to establishing a united understanding among forces spread throughout Viriette planetside fronts.

“I-REC quickly got to work figuring out how to bypass comms relays under interference from an advanced Federation communications malware which served to sow chaos in State ranks throughout Viriette”, stated I-REC Placid Senior Engineer Tappio Onikerasu. “Thanks to some newfound knowledge gained by acquiring Hyasyoda-subsidiary Saitsuo Interstellar Security, our teams were able to configure reliable communications links which could not be disrupted by the Fed malware using some rather ingenious concealment methods…which I obviously won’t go into detail here.”

I-RED has afforded use of this technology to State forces operating in Viriette. There has also been a request for use of the technology by civilian networks which were inadvertently affected by the Federation disruptions. However, the Federation denies involvement in the ongoing disruptions. The disruptions themselves seem to be slowly wearing away as the days go on.

Massive Withdrawal Operations Well Underway for I-RED In and Around Intaki
Koren Akko • YC124.11.17

Agoze, Placid - I-RED command have recently announced a full withdrawal of all military assets in and around Intaki. However, evacuation efforts have already been well underway for the last few days. Spearheading these efforts before they even became official was Vice-Admiral Korbin Lavius. It has been alleged that Vice-Admiral Lavius began prompt demilitarization initiatives without the express consent of the I-RED Directorship. Local news agencies have documentation of seeing an I-RED Chimera-class carrier by the callsign IRV Shirozen-Haitaku in and around Intaki. I-RCN is currently unable to verify the legitimacy of such evidence.

I-RCN has attempted to reach out to Vice-Admiral Lavius but he has turned down a request for comment at this time, citing only the following, “the most necessary actions do not always require a necessary order.”

Federation military forces at this time appear to have an understanding with local I-RED forces and are allowing a retreat. Federation-controlled gun batteries on Intaki Prime, for example, have allowed the passage of transport-only ships to and from the surface of Intaki Prime.

Meanwhile, however, some critics are already raising concern about the potential legal ramifications of I-RED engaging in demilitarization operations and diplomatic talks with the Federation military in Viriette. There exists concern about the legality of I-RED, a Caldari militia member, engaging in ceasefire arrangements with the Federation in Viriette. Other critics argue that I-RED is giving up far too easily and simply should not acquiesce to the Federation occupation of formally Caldari-held Intaki. A formal response by the I-RED Directorship to these criticisms is not currently available.

It is expected that by the end of today, over half of I-RED major military assets in and around Intaki will have been successfully evacuated. There is still much work that remains to be done in the coming days. It is also still unclear what will become of non-military assets that I-RED either owns or leases to local governments, such as hospitals, office buildings, power plants, and other facilities.

Combat Engagements Between I-RED and Federation Military in Viriette Mostly Ceased
Selenna Solange • YC124.11.17

Intaki, Placid - Combat engagements between I-RED forces throughout Viriette and the Federation military have slowly been decreasing over the last few days. The decline in combat between the two sides is largely attributed to a restoration of reliable communications between I-RED command and subordinate forces thanks to the tireless work of the Ishukone-Raata Engineering Corps. Still, as of today there are still some engagements that have happened as a result of misunderstandings between the two sides, mostly.

Another potential cause is the heavy use of one of I-RED’s primary security contractors, the Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch (O-RIW). O-RIW has a notorious history of utilizing brute force tactics when dealing with contracted issues; however, their proven track record in accomplishing tasks in efficient time frames has earned them high regards when it comes to securing security contracts issued by I-RED and other entities. I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann has demonstrated a preference for utilizing O-RIW to accomplish specific tasks. O-RIW was recently deployed in force over the weekend to Intaki and adjacent systems, where they scrambled to remove significant items of importance from potential harm’s way. In working to achieve these goals, many of the engagements over the weekend between I-RED and the Federation military have been specifically between O-RIW and the Federation military.

Losses on both sides have been fairly minimal, and O-RIW is reporting a high success rate in achieving their duties assigned to them directly by Executor Hinkelmann himself. With the most recent press release by alliance lead diplomat Julianni Avala, I-RED’s other significant security contractor, the Revenent Defence Corporation (RDC), has also deployed en masse to Viriette in order to assist in diplomatic negotiations and evacuation and relocation operations. While official orders have been given for all I-RED forces to refrain from engaging in combat with the Federation military, there was specific space allowed for engagement under absolutely necessary circumstances. So far, further bloodshed on both sides has been avoided ever since the official cease fire order from I-RED Directorship.

In other news…

• I-RED and Federation Navy in talks about prisoner exchange; Fed reps reportedly hasty in making swift arrangements

• I-RED surveillance teams note construction of new stargate project in Intaki; destination currently unknown but trajectory analysis points to Amygnon

• Continued silence from Intaki Assembly sparks concern about Federation interference in member state affairs - blackmail or hostile takeover?

• Federal Defense Union make significant gains in securing South Placid systems from former State control

• Growing waves of support from Caldari loyalists to pull well-developed Black Rise systems from warzone in response to the Federation pulling out Viriette and Fislipesnes

• Security increases in prominent Federation government stations following threatening language from infamous Intaki terrorist group Tears of Reschard

• Federation watchdog groups concerned for potential monopoly of Federation military buildup contracts being awarded solely to Roden Shipyards

• Greatly mixed opinions from vocal ethnic Intaki capsuleers regarding Federation actions in Viriette

• I-RED reports increased security contracting by local station governments in Syndicate following Federation invasion of Viriette

• Notably mixed opinions among Syndicate residents regarding Federation actions in Intaki


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: December 26th


I-RED Continues Collaboration With Caldari State Colonization Effort in Syndicate
Selenna Solange • YC124.12.25

QWF-6P, Syndicate - It has been just over a month now since the Caldari State was invited to gain control of the DS-M4Q constellation of eastern Syndicate. The State wasted no time in moving a massive amount of military forces into the area alongside many construction projects going on in space across the various systems of the sizable area. The move was welcomed by many in the Caldari State, but perhaps none so eager as the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive.

I-RED has been living and working in Syndicate for the better part of the last decade, working to forge stronger connections between the State and the Syndicate. I-RED along with their notable allies who make up the Syndicate Coalition [SynCo], the Intaki-Business Logistics Union [I-BLU] and Khimi Harar [LUMEN], together have built a haven for international cooperation in the 98Q “superpocket” - a large pocket in southern Syndicate consisting of the JVQ5-9 and MK7-AO constellations. As a direct result of their efforts, SynCo has significantly enhanced the economic, sociocultural, and political richness of the 98Q superpocket.

“The negotiations made between officials of the Intaki Syndicate and Caldari State are something we have been working towards for…many years”, stated I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann in a press conference. “We are relieved to finally have such a strong backing from the Caldari State as a whole, rather than the select few Caldari megacorporations which chose to operate in the area. My team and I have been hard at work drafting plans to continue our mission in Syndicate, along with supporting the burgeoning State colonization effort in DS-M4Q. I look forward to sharing plans with you all soon.”

While the Executor remained tight-lipped about potential grand schemes, observant media has noted a large increase in private meetings between SynCo officials and an unknown group of individuals. However, some of those individuals were later identified as members belonging to OceanLink Orbital Ventures, a relatively new startup company with a focus in orbital infrastructure projects.

Meanwhile, there has been an increase in jump freighter traffic to and from the Syndicate region by I-RED. Weekly runs have been conducted in Rhea-class jump freighters, and I-RED officials have admitted that they are stockpiling a large inventory of construction materials. Various I-RED subsidiary corporations have also been quickly setting up offices in DS-M4Q to support the State colonization efforts. For example, Myoka Galactic™ has already opened up two dealerships in the constellation, and has an ongoing sale of planetary vehicles at a discount for active duty State military personnel. The prominent transport company Syndicate Company Tours™ has also opened up numerous branch offices across the constellation; a promotional offer which is expected to continue well into the new year offers a significant discount for ferrying of family members of active duty State military personnel to and from Caldari territory in high-security space to Syndicate.

Investor Talks Increase Between I-RED and OceanLink Orbital Ventures
Koren Akko • YC124.12.24

Hatakani, The Citadel - Enigmatic and relatively unknown executive, Vitakka Tuomai, CEO of OceanLink Orbital Ventures and now alliance head of the newly formed Hatakani Trade Winds Combine [HAT] has managed to forge strong connections with members of the Syndicate Coalition. Tuomai has been frequently seen engaging in public meetings in and around Hatakani, which is the stronghold for the TNR Combine - a powerful alliance between the Ishukone, Hyasyoda, and Wiyrkomi megacorporations.

While many meeting details between SynCo executives and Tuomai have not been disclosed to the public, it has been noted that I-RED has engaged in investor talks with OceanLink. As part of rounding out its extensive portfolio, I-RED has long been considering investments in entities not aligned in the current CEMWPA conflict, as such investments would provide unique opportunities not available to I-RED directly due to its involvement as a member of the Caldari State Protectorate.

Already it has been noted that OceanLink Orbital Ventures has purchased numerous assets from I-RED thus far, including a sizable number of planetary customs offices. It is expected these buyouts will continue, although what more may come from any potential business ventures between I-RED and HAT remains to be seen.

Suroken National Cryonics on Slow Road to Recovery
Koren Akko • YC124.12.23

Intaki, Placid - Following the massive invasion of Intaki by the Federation Armed Forces, SNC has found itself on a near-breaking point. At one point towards the end of last month, they were on the verge of insolvency, with a majority of their personnel and facilities across the system being apprehended by the Federation forces. However, thanks to ongoing negotiations between I-RED and the local Federation forces, SNC personnel have been released - the final group of detainees were evacuated early last week.

Now, with most of their skilled personnel back to safety, SNC can look at the long road ahead of restructuring and rebuilding. The company still took massive losses with most of their infrastructure being destroyed or seized and sold off by occupying Federation forces. Talks are rumored to be in the works of the company relocating its primary operations to Syndicate, where there already exists a strong array of businesses invested in the cloning market.

“Cryoprotectant solutions are always in demand, as most major capsuleer organizations and empire militaries make heavy use of cloning technologies for their personnel”, noted one economic analyst. “Cryoprotectant production remains rather niche, with only a relatively small number of companies across the cluster producing it. SNC would do well to move their operations to Syndicate, which is a region of space which historically has been very open to…various types of business ventures - legal and not-so-legal. Furthermore, I’m sure they would enjoy the support from their allies in I-RED and now the Caldari State who controls DS-M4Q.”

SNC is expected to make official announcements regarding their future operations within the coming weeks, following the holiday season.

In other news…

• Prices of Intaki Pygmy Water Buffalo products continue to remain high following Federation recapture of Viriette and Fislipesnes

• Syndicate Coalition members celebrate year of economic, political, and sociocultural stronghood

• Gallente militia continue to make advancements in securing systems in warzone

• Tensions between I-RED and Serpentis simmer slightly in preparation of upcoming Western Regions Winter Fashion Week to be held in Serpentis Prime next month

• I-RED have largely finished evacuating major military assets and personnel from Intaki and adjacent systems

• Prices of Harroule Dryweed remain elevated in wake of significantly increased Federal-level presence in Harroule

• Chatelain Auxiliary Response rumored to be closing offices and liquidating assets across Federation territory amid security concerns


BREAKING: Oicx Frontline Falls to Caldari Counter Attack
Koren Akko - YC125.01.06


Oicx, Placid - After several months of conflict, the Gallente held frontline system Oicx saw its defences collapse late this evening. So far, the data collected from the siege over infrastructure in the system reveals a loss of assets ranging somewhere around fifteen billion isk, largely belonging to Protectorate forces. The capture of this strategic system further places Federal forces in the Vlillirier system, effectively on the frontlines, a key Federal stronghold that Gallente forces have used to initiate failed attempts to push into Caldari territory.

Meanwhile, there are reports of a complete collapse of Federation frontlines all across the warzone, and there is speculation that many of the Gallente gains will be reversed within the next three days to a week. This comes just weeks after several uncontested gains by Federal Defense forces in the Citadel and Black Rise.

I-RCN will continue to report on this as the situation develops.


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: February 3rd


I-RED Completes Divestment of Assets in Intaki
Selenna Solange • YC125.02.03

Intaki, Placid - With the final agreements secured, the TNR Colonial Monitoring Facility (Astrahus-class Citadel) over Intaki Prime has finally been relinquished. I-RED sold it as part of an ongoing acquisition process of numerous assets to the newly formed Hatakani Trade Winds Combine [HAT]. While still much is unknown publicly about HAT, the I-RED Board of Directors seem content with the ongoing relations between the two entities, and display the utmost trust in the economic prowess of HAT executives.

“The handing over of the last of I-RED assets in Intaki signifies an important message”, commented I-RED Director of Public Works Roirdan Bouchate. “It signifies that there is a brighter horizon for the people of Intaki. While I am unable to disclose full details, I can say that HAT intends to operate on the principles of free trade and mutual benefit which the TNR Combine already operates under. We look forward to continuing business relations with HAT, and wish them success in their economic ventures in Intaki and beyond.”

The timing of these events comes as I-RED has extended territorial claims to numerous systems in Providence in support of CVA’s campaign to reacquire the region. Public details about the reasoning for I-RED’s operations in Providence are scarce, but political experts theorize it is purely to provide administrative support to CVA and their allies, rather than any serious attempt by I-RED to colonize and develop Providence.

Significant Spike in SynCo Jump Freighter Traffic to Syndicate Leads to Speculation
Koren Akko • YC125.02.02

XS-XAY, Syndicate - The glistening gunmetal grey hull of the Rhea-class jump freighter IRV Vaurauden Henki reflects the lights of the bright hologram which proudly displays the I-RED logo over the Reppola Logistics Port. The “Henki” is just one of many jump freighters seen making frequent trips to and from the 98Q superpocket in Syndicate. Aboard the I-RED Astrahus and the neighboring LUMEN Astrahus, scores of teams neatly unload and reorganize significant quantities of goods - prefab units, auto-assemblers, construction blocks, and more.

The workers themselves seem unaware of the purpose of all that equipment. Directorship from both LUMEN and I-RED are hush-lipped about the purpose of so much construction materials. This has led to quite the speculation by outsiders.

One theory is that the Syndicate Coalition [SynCo], made up of LUMEN, I-RED, and I-BLU, will attempt to re-establish a Fortizar-class Citadel in the 98Q superpocket. There is some doubt cast upon this idea, however, since the area is under the watchful eyes of pirate capsuleer entities with significant force projection of supercapital assets.

Another leading theory is that the materials will be used to help construct various fortifications of facilities in the 98Q superpocket, as well as to aid in fortifying State colonial assets in DS-M4Q. This is certainly plausible since the recent announcement by the Federation Navy to establish their new headquarters in Intaki has led to quiet concern among those in Syndicate.

Still, another possible theory is that SynCo is planning on starting a joint colonial project on one of the worlds in the 98Q superpocket. This theory follows the breadcrumbs of previous clues which all point to a joint colonial effort by the three members of SynCo. Where such a colony would develop is hotly contested. After all, I-RED has already spearheaded the development of the first public colony in Syndicate - the Utpattia Protectorate in A-3ES3.

Time will tell which of the aforementioned speculations turn out to be true. How much time is anyone’s guess.

End of Western Regions Winter Fashion Week Marked With Drama and Flair
Taigeru Beldeia • YC125.02.03

Serpentis Prime, Fountain - Today marks the end of the Western Regions Winter Fashion Week. It was a week marked with surprises and upsets, but perhaps most notable was how it started and how it ended.

The start of the fashion week was a performance put on by this year’s show director Monsieur Blonc, an enigmatic fashion mogul who hails from Essence. Blonc, who has been in the fashion industry now for over forty years, decided to use recent events to completely change the fashion week’s opening performance at the last minute. Rather than stick with his original idea, he trashed it all and changed it to feature a story of unity and cooperation between the Caldari State and Intaki Syndicate. This left the performers and team with only a couple months to scramble together a performance and rehearse. To cause further drama to this debacle, there are ongoing allegations that Blonc changed the performance at the behest of an under-the-table transaction that occurred between him and Intaki Bank agents. These allegations have not been confirmed.

“Blonc has a venerable history of sparking new waves in the fashion industry and society”, peeped one Peeper™ user, Fashion_Diva_Duh. The user is a widely-followed fashion critic and news relayer. “The allegations made against him are simply from those rival fashion houses who cannot tolerate seeing the man succeed. Empty words from empty people. Nothing more!”

The decision has caused numerous boycotts of Blonc Haus fashion stores in the Gallente Federation, most notably in the Crux constellation. While no property damage from boycotters has been reported thus far, Blonc Haus is taking no chances and has opted to hire additional security temporarily while the wave of anger crashes over.

Meanwhile, competition was fierce between fashion houses in Placid and Solitude. Traditionally, these two regions have always seen intense competition at major fashion shows, but this year it was particularly intense. Chances are high that it is related to all the recent events which have rocked Placid - notably, the invasion of Viriette and Fislipesnes by the Gallente Federation.

The show ended with fashion mogul Rudy “Roo” Porteau stealing the spotlight in the walk segment which featured all the fashion house participants. Porteau descended from the ceiling with special-made grav boosters which dispersed a cloud of crystalline compounds. Porteau was dressed in an ornate winter coat bedazzled with emerald and sapphire crystals. He performed an elaborate interpretive dance routine as the glittering crystalline compounds rained around him. The spectacle, while captivating, caused outrage from numerous fashion house heads. Porteau ended the routine by announcing his Glittering Glam winter collection. The announcement was met with mixed boos and applause by the audience.

This year’s Wester Regions Winter Fashion week is sure to be one for the books.

In other news…*

• I-RED security managers seen touring new Caldari Navy headquarter facilities in Onnamon

• Providence territorial claims by I-RED and LUMEN raise questions on their ability to police those systems in addition to their Syndicate operational areas

• Resurgence of action in Providence sparks closer relations between former bitter rivals CVA and I-RED

• Declaration of Intaki as headquarters for Federation Navy sparks mass waves of emigration from Intaki Prime

• Watchdog groups report numerous instances of disappearances among vocal anti-Federation Intaki living in and around Intaki Prime


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: March 20th


Joint SynCo Colonial Megaproject Sails Full Steam Ahead Despite Recent Political Shifts of Big 4
Selenna Solange • YC125.03.17

SynCo freighters with carrier escort commencing landing operations on XS-XAY IV

XS-XAY, Syndicate - In a joint press conference with leadership representatives from each of the Syndicate Coalition [SynCo] alliance members (I-RED, I-BLU, LUMEN), a colonial megaproject and market initiative were announced. SynCo has been storing and organizing materials in recent weeks in preparation of the official launch of the XS-XAY IV colonial project. It was confirmed in the press conference that talks of a joint SynCo colonial project had been going on for over a year. XS-XAY IV was chosen for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the system serves as the administrative headquarters for I-RED and LUMEN in Syndicate. Additionally, XS-XAY is centrally located in the 98Q “superpocket”, and it hosts the planet with the most ideal conditions for human settlement out of any terrestrial world in the 98Q superpocket.

“It is my immense pleasure on behalf of the I-RED Board of Directors, alongside leadership from Intaki-Business Logistics Union and Khimi Harar, to announce the christening of the joint SynCo colonial project - San Mendinaeya”, announced I-RED Director of Public Works Roirdan Bouchate. “This project is done as a collaborative effort between our respective organizations, as well as the independent colony which has opted to go along with the adoption by SynCo. I would also like to extend my thanks to the team at LUMEN who took a leading role in negotiating an agreement with the existing independent colony representatives. This project would not be possible without their skillful diplomatic negotiations.”

San Mendinaeya will refer to the capital city of the SynCo colony project on XS-XAY IV. It is a name which is a mesh of the original colony name as well as Intaki and Amarr influences. The colony that has agreed to be adopted by SynCo is a former participant of I-RED’s Project Dustbowl led by the infamous Katrina Oniseki in YC113. Records show that this colony was one of the four colonies out of a total of twenty-three participating colonies in the project to receive surplus funding from Project Dustbowl. In addition to the core required infrastructure markers for the project, which included (among other things) a starport, hospital, water treatment and distribution plant, aneutronic fusion power plant, and a fluid router switch and relay station, this colony also was able to construct an education center, hydroponics farm, and places of worship for both Amarr and Intaki religions.

The official colony name has yet to be decided, but for now all territory belonging to the colony will be referred to as San Mendinaeya. The colony is situated in the equatorial region of the planet, on a land bridge which separates two vast inland lakes to the north and south. To the east is an area of the continent which is blanketed in a sprawling tropical rainforest. Westerly winds from the northern and southern hemispheres bring moisture-rich air inland where the weather systems are greeted and stopped by mountain ranges to the west of San Mendinaeya. The lowest lying basins have thus been flooded over time with a tremendous amount of freshwater being fed by both excess rain from the tropical rainforest and meltwater from the mountains.

Camera drone shot depicting location of San Mendinaeya

LUMEN Directrix Lunarisse Aspenstar had this to say, “LUMEN naturally will be providing humanitarian supplies generally, as well as a detachment of clerical neophytes to provide spiritual succor to any Amarr expatriates in the colony.”

SynCo colonial planners are working with the existing colony representatives on how to best continue growing and developing the city. Right now, crews are at work making improvements to the colonial starport, and setting the foundation for an eventual space elevator system to be constructed. Improvements to the various seaports in the northern and southern edges of the city are also being made, as well as automation enhancements to the existing farmlands on the outskirts of the colony.

Jump freighters from each of the signatory SynCo members were escorted by a Chimera-class carrier to the planet to commence landing operations for construction materials, equipment, and personnel. It was a smooth process which transpired over several hours without incident.

The establishment of this colony project marks it as the second publicly announced colonial project in the region of Syndicate - the first being the colony of the Utpattia Protectorate established by I-RED in the system of A-3ES3. The timing of this development comes as tensions between the Intaki Syndicate and neighboring Gallente Federation rise following the Federation takeover of Intaki. The events of which have caused a mass exodus of people from Placid into neighboring regions. SynCo infrastructure is at a critical capacity as space onboard citadel structures is extremely limited right now. Prices for residences across all SynCo structures is reported at an all time high, posing a housing crisis. Space aboard stations across Syndicate are not faring much better. The new colony in XS-XAY offers a much needed opportunity for stations across the region to offload their excess populations.

I-RCN will continue to monitor and report on San Mendinaeya colonial developments.

SynCo Announces New Market Initiative in Kandashi Station
Koren Akko • YC125.03.17

M2-CF1, Syndicate - In a joint press conference with leadership representatives from each of the Syndicate Coalition [SynCo] alliance members (I-RED, I-BLU, LUMEN), a colonial megaproject and market initiative were announced. Deliberations on where to establish a more permanent market presence were reportedly ongoing for weeks. Ultimately, the location of Kandashi Station, more commonly known as M2-CF1 X-3 Intaki Syndicate Bureau, won out. Other contested picks included DP34-U and S-U.

“The choice to consolidate separate, individual market initiatives into one official project just makes sense”, commented I-RED Director of Public Works Roirdan Bouchate. “The combined efforts of all three alliances [of SynCo] have much greater chances of sustaining a market with plenty of goods to purchase at competitive rates.”

The choice for M2-CF1 won for a variety of reasons. M2-CF1 has historical significance in the region of Syndicate, as it was an important launch point for colonial and exploration efforts into many adjacent pockets of systems. Today the system still plays an important role as it is a key waypoint for many travelers, both immigrants and emigrants and of course visitors. The central location thus plays a pivotal role in it functioning as a top candidate for establishing a dedicated market initiative.

The Kandashi family, who has maintained leadership on board the station for generations, seems to be welcoming of the project. The family has long advocated for Intaki Syndicate autonomy, and are fierce defenders of Syndicate independence; they make significant contributions to the Intaki Space Police annually. A spokesperson for the family stated that, “I-RED along with their allies of I-BLU and LUMEN have long shown a concerted interest in developing Syndicate alongside Intaki. The Kandashi family looks forward to more opportunities to build a stronger Syndicate.”

Kandashi Station in M2-CF1

SynCo is currently working on formalizing security agreements with the Kandashi family in regards to providing security services in order to protect the free trade nature of the station. It is expected that the negotiations will conclude by the end of the coming week, and that SynCo will engage any pirate forces who attempt to raid or blockade the station.

Intense Fighting in Battle for Deven Continues
Koren Akko • YC125.03.15

Deven, Essence - Caldari militia forces have managed to regain control of systems lost during an aggressive push by Gallente militia forces into The Citadel. Now Federal Defence Union pilots are on the defensive as State Protectorate forces make a push to break into Essence. Daily losses on both sides of the conflict continue to mount as the State Protectorate forces seek to establish a foothold in the system.

I-RED has been primarily focused on the western front of the warzone, working hard alongside other State Protectorate pilots to secure systems in The Citadel. Only recently did I-RED command officially pull its staging operations from the Hasmijaala/Hysera systems closer to the frontline in Deven. I-RED reports little to no involvement on the eastern front of the warzone, where State Protectorate forces have completely stormed the Pegeler constellation and are overtaking systems at a rapid pace.

Fighting in Deven has attracted the attention of various pirate and independently-aligned capsuleers as well. Groups such as Snuffed Out have taken a keen interest in ambushing various militia targets of opportunity, such as tech one cruisers and the like, using Black Ops and other covert operations vessels. In a recent engagement, Caldari and Gallente militia forces found themselves temporarily aligned as Snuffed Out ambushed a contingent of cruisers on the Fliet gate in Deven. Daring pilots on both sides of the militia made runs in command destroyers to split the Snuffed Out forces up away from their force auxiliary capital support (FAX). Snuffed Out ultimately ended up bridging in a total of six Apostle-class FAX. However, despite the support of the FAX on field, Snuffed Out did end up losing multiple Black Ops battleships as well as a Vargur-class Marauder in a prolonged engagement versus an assortment of tech one cruisers, destroyers, and frigates.

I-RCN has received unconfirmed reports that following the engagement, the Snuffed Out pilots who lost ships filed recovery claims with the Secure Commerce Commission. There has since been unsubstantiated rumors that the recovery claims were granted by the SCC, and the losses of the ships in question were refunded in full. The rumors have generated much guffaw among the militia baseliner ranks, as the mighty Snuffed Out was toppled easily by an assortment of cruisers, destroyers, and frigates.

For now, however, the battle for Deven rages on.

In other news…

• I-RED denies involvement in supporting ongoing resistance movements on Intaki Prime, cites possible SuVee-sponsored support

• Rumors circle around possible negotiations of reconnection between I-RED and Republic entities following Treaty of Airaken

• Former I-RED Cal-Matari Program director Korbin Lavius approached about restarting initiative; Lavius responds “no comment at this time”

• I-BLU officially unveils new Rules of Engagement policies following realignments in the Big 4

• I-BLU command investigates rumors of discontent among I-RED and LUMEN pilots regarding new RoE policies

• Market speculations following SynCo market announcement cause spike in mining operations among LUMEN pilots

• I-RED establishes immigration customs office in Kandashi Station; station government working with I-RED in screening processes

• Utpattia Protectorate in A-3ES3 reports housing shortage as recent influx of immigrants from Placid overwhelm the colony

• I-RED fortifies intangible technologies following shocking announcement by UNF in Eugales of heavy experimentation with dangerous advanced AI

• Recent terrorist attacks by Intaki radicalists Tears of Reschard cause security concern for SynCo developments in Syndicate