Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

There is at least one example of people trying to leave and getting orbital bombardment for it…

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They made it! Success is possible. Besides, techniques have changed. It’s more about crippling disruptions to the supply chain, now, and I am certain favorable trade terms could be negotiated with the Amarrians.

Ah, yes, ‘try to leave, and you can watch your children starve’. That’s supposed to be a change in technique from a planet-wide blockade that kept food from reaching Caldari Prime, right?


Sometimes it is important to keep up with the changing sensibilities of the times.

Free cheese is available to planets that fill out the right grievance forms.

I was saddened to learn that you blew up a Kybernaut structure without inviting me, @Lunarisse_Aspenstar . Next time, maybe?

Neither of them are our friends. Both seen to treat us more like resources at best, and beneath their notice at worst. Triglavians communicate more than the Drifters, but that seems to have blinded some people to the fact that they similarly only talk to us if it serves whatever purpose they have in mind. Evidently, they have not discussed about what they are doing with our stars or populations, and peace treaty was never an option.

It would seem we are in between a slow clash of titans, and no matter who wins, we lose all the same.
Only good xeno is a dead xeno.


I agree with this attitude.

Being my enemy’s enemy doesn’t necessarily make anyone friendly. While I try to be practical and am often willing to point my guns in the same direction as some of those I may not particularly like if one party is more dangerous right now, I’m not sure the Triglavians are less dangerous than the Drifters.

Triglavians have severed our gate connections to 27 systems and stranded their remaining people in abyssal hellscapes. The Drifters… I don’t like them, but I really don’t particularly care about them one way or another at the moment. Not enough to go out of my way. They’re certainly dangerous, but don’t seem as ambitious as the Triglavians. If I had to choose between the two as for who to wipe out, I’d end the Triglavians. Not that I’d mind both groups vanishing forever.


Fashion choices by capsuleers attending Lasairiona Raske’s Carnival Masquerade event in L’Amore in Ballo circulate in public domains; criticism and praise abound

Not sure there was much criticism considering L’Amore’s dress code rules. No one was walking around naked.

I would like to buy a list of capsuleer attendees of such “events”, to know who disgraced themselves by supporting activities of Angel Cartel - probably the largest illegal human trafficking criminal organization of New Eden. I will be honored to exchange warm greetings and torpedoes with these pirate-assisting swines who with their existence insult the humanity.

All enemies of the State WILL DIE.
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.

And yes, visiting Angel Cartel facilities like L’Amore is more amoral thing than appearing on public naked.

Crap, did that one video of me spread? I swear if I find the guy who recorded it…

I’d like to see proof of claims made on the Black Rise territories, which no-one had a clue about in terms of their existence (even some of the megacorporations were caught unawares from memory), prior to the surprise assault on the Federation in YC110.

On the contrary, I am still Caldari even though I am in service to the Federal District of Nadire. And you cannot ever take that away from me. No matter how much you say I am not, I am and always will be.

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It’s not for you to decide who are you. You made your choice, now we call you how you deserved it.
There are nobody more disgusting and amoral than traitors and oathbreakers.
You are not one of us.
We don’t need your kind here, and don’t you dare ever equating yourself to Caldari.
You are neither gallente, nor caldari now. Just a pathetic excuse of an irrelevant creature who didn’t even had courage to take own life for committing such a disgrace like treason!
You are below me, you are below Caldari, you’re below all the decent people in our cluster.
I will appreciate if you DON’T address me further. My time is too precious to waste it on someone like you.

That’s fine, just stop pretending to be liberating the people in the way. The contradiction is inescapable.

As I said, there is no contradicton.
The State doesn’t oppress anyone into joining us, unlike tyrannical Federation.
Joining the State is a privilege that people shall earn first.
Getting a job in Mega is not for everyone, we don’t let people in that easy like Federation does.
But those who do join us, get everything they can desire of, provided they work properly.
We do provide security to people in the systems we control, but we don’t force them to stay. These are basic principles of corporations: you don’t conquer people like Federation and don’t hold them in to work like slaves in Empire. You provide possibilities for people, and create environment better than your neighbors, so people choose YOU, so people work for YOU, and so people want to climb ladders in YOUR corporation, and not corporation of your competitor.

One of the worst punishments here in the State is being fired from your corporation, because it cuts you off not just from the wage the corporation pays you, but from all the services and privileges the corporation bestowed to you for your honest work.

In the State, nobody forces anyone to work or stay here. We simply provide the best services in the cluster to make sure people choose us.

This is all lovely but none of it resolves the inherent contradiction between liberating and evicting people.

While highlighting your intellectual inferiority is diverting, Impetus just released a new episode of “Placid’s Greatest Dancer” and I’m more curious to find out whether that young man with the tassels gets through to the next round than this.

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Evicting is a form of liberating.

Besides, we don’t even force evict people if they don’t break State rules. It’s like: if you wish to stay, you have to obey. If you don’t want to obey, you can go wherever you want, we don’t care. Door is that way.

Lol. A discussion moved away from here in order to complain about the Federation in a dedicated topic pretending to be sincere ends up moving back here, where there is no need to pretend.

The exercise is not completely useless, however. Now we might contrast and compare.

Given that capsuleer planetary facilities are essentially “company towns,” they do seem to naturally line up with what little we understand about how the State runs its affairs. At the very least, the problematic “slave collar” of democracy would not serve as a stumbling block for a colony to sign on to receiving the best services in the cluster.

What is an example of one such service that might convince a colony overlord to choose greater political integration with the State?

We don’t offer political integration. Politics is a waste of time and resources.
We provide business integration, and before we offer you that, we first need to know what you can offer to the State. We don’t need just to attract everyone for the sake of it. We are the best and we need only those who are the best.

But, of course, business integration with State mega can be quite overwhelming for a colony. It’s a new level of logistics, of markets, loans… Mega can offhandedly offer so much funds to the colony that it rebuilds its infrastructure and boosts its profits exponentially. Workers will have apartments built right in places where they works, there will be schools built for their childrens, hospitals, entertainment parks… If the colony will be integrated with the Mega, the Mega will do for workers everything they need so they could print profits for that Mega.

Clearly not. You, yourself, desire the complete destruction of the Federation1. You haven’t gotten that, despite working as hard as you can at it. So obviously, this statement is untrue and thus—by the logic you’ve used about erroneous statements in the past—a lie.

1. And don’t even try to pretend this is incorrect. You’ve spouted the ‘this is why the Federation must be destroyed’ line so many times, it’s been a meme in the capsuleer community for almost a decade, just to mock you with it.