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Grey Steel Investments Changes Inbound
Koren Akko - 122.08.16

XS-XAY, Syndicate - Recently shareholders have begun to publicly voice concern over their structural investments under Ishukone-Raata’s Operation Grey Steel. Citing a lack of response to inquiries, and dividend payouts for at least several months. While one of the longest public Empyrean investment opportunities located within the Intaki Syndicate, the endeavor has shown a level of disorder since the resignation of Roirdan Bouchate, and Julianni Avala.

Members directly involved with the oversight of the project have stated changes are inbound saying “For over five years, with the help of our valued investors. Operation Grey Steel was able to launch various infrastructural, and financial needs to several neglected constellations of space. We remain committed to see our investments through, however changes to the operation are in motion.”

While stating further details will be released to Grey Steel investors first, leaked documents show a certain willingness to outsource management personnel to outsiders, along with a possible rebrand relating to the reformed SynCo group.

Other News:

  • CVA, I-RED officials meet to establish diplomatic talks over Operation Retribution concerns.

  • EDENCOM fleet sees needed refit after devastating losses in Caldari systems.

  • I-RED, LUMEN begin infrastructure development talks over Syndicate resources.

  • I-BLU development contract hailed as a success in Poitot Commerce release.


Former I-RED executive Roirdan Bouchate releases an official press statement in regards to tabloids allegedly spreading misinformation…

Official Press Release from former I-RED executive Roirdan Bouchate
Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.03.20

Duureanta, Harroule, Placid - In a lengthy formal response by Roirdan Bouchate disseminated amongst local fluid router networks, Bouchate rebukes what he describes as false allegations from a recent news release from The Placid Tribune. While he did admit for the first time in recent history that his partner, also a former I-RED executive Selenna ‘Scarlet’ Solange, and he did welcome a child in the last couple months, he reprimanded The Placid Tribune staff for posting older paparazzi photos of him vacationing on Duureanta.

“The photos mentioned by The Placid Tribune are more than two weeks old, yet they decide to air the headline now when the Viriette constellation is under siege by Nation forces”, stated Bouchate. “To think that a rather reputable news agency such as The Placid Tribune would let an error like this slip past their editorial staff is rather disheartening. The reality is that in recent days, I have returned to interstellar affairs temporarily to assist local forces in Harroule with evacuations of interstellar civilian installations, as necessary. I am proud to report that already we have succeeded in evacuating more than 34,000 civilians from various installations. Moreover, I am proud of the fortitude of my employer, I-RED, for lending me resources to accomplish these tasks.”

I-RCN was able to verify Bouchate’s statements. An official I-RED addendum as added shortly after the initial launch of the press release to state that I-RED was providing transports on loan to local Viriette political entities for the evacuation of civilian installations in space. Security services are also being provided free of charge for local governments that wish to use them, although for now they are limited to escort duties for evacuation operations.

A storm of negative comments were levied against Bouchate almost immediately following the release of The Placid Tribune’s piece, which is likely the reason for the swift official press statement from Bouchate himself. The negative commentary was mostly relegated to hyperactive media groups from Federation communities bordering Placid.

“While I identify mostly with the Intaki Syndicate, the people of Harroule will always be my people”, Bouchate added. “I will never abandon them in times of need. Let alone vacation while innocents in space are under threat from Nation incursions.”

In other news:

• Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris (PIE) deployment to curb rise in Blood Raider threat to Khanid Kingdom well underway

• Recent Nation incursion into Placid provides some local residents with even more reason to migrate to I-RED sponsored Utpattia Protectorate colony in Syndicate

• I-RED official response following recent uptick in “Aenebra” cult activity in Intaki: “We are monitoring the situation for further escalation”

• Rumored discussions underway between I-RED and Intaki Prosperity Initiative (IPI) officials on how to best deal with recent Viriette incursion


An I-RED sponsored economic initiative following a recent Viriette Nation incursion is in full swing…

I-RED Post-Incursion Economic Initiative Rolls Out In Full Force
Selenna Solange • YC123.03.27

Harroule, Placid - Following the cessation of a Nation incursion into Viriette, the I-RED Board of Directors has gone forward with pushing an economic stimulus initiative for the constellation. It is likely that the planning stage of the operation was conceived in the middle of the incursion timeframe. I-RED has based its operations out of the Harroule system using an Astrahus-class citadel.

“The Viriette constellation is home to many Intaki colonies”, stated I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann. “I-RED has a longstanding relationship with the Intaki people, and following the most recent Nation incursion our hearts go out to those who may have lost loved ones aboard the outlying civilian space installations. We stand resolute alongside our Intaki friends, and look forward to conducting economic repair operations for the area.”

Critics from adjacent Federation territories, namely Hawks from non-Intaki colonies, have blasted the I-RED operation as a thinly veiled guise for asserting Caldari State influence in the area following the socioeconomic impact of the Nation incursion. Especially since I-RED has chosen to temporarily join in faction warfare for the duration of the economic initiative.

I-RED officials have dismissed those claims as “irrelevant, and poorly misunderstood accusations.”

“I-RED’s scope of operations for the time being include: anti-piracy patrols, distribution of construction equipment/food/medical supplies, and seeding of the local market with various trade goods”, stated Executor Hinkelmann. “Now, as always, I-RED remains committed to protecting our relationship with the Intaki people. Discussions are underway with local colonial officials on how we can best render any assistance, if desired.”

In other news:

• Rumored talks among I-RED and LUMEN officials on how to handle recent spate of Sedevacantist activity in 98Q superpocket

• Vice-Admiral Korbin Lavius, formally stationed planetside as colonial chief security commander for the Utpattia Protectorate colony, expected to make a full return to space-side duties

• Utpattia Protectorate: Colonial council reports spike in immigration following completion of second terrestrial city, Navyii Shuru

• After long period of inactivity, notorious Cabarosa hacking group launches a spate of cyber malware attacks against Federation facilities in multiple locations of Placid


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: April 3rd

Empire Correspondents

Sarum Vassal Topples Rival House in Bid for Influence
Jelvia Taredi • YC123.04.01

Mekhios, Sarum Prime, Domain - In Empire culture, minor holders and vassals to the major Houses engage in a perpetual socioeconomic (and sometimes military) battle for influence. A long-time vassal to the Sarum House, Lady Abigail Renaud, has successfully subdued the most prominent rival to her family’s estate, House Baelor. The move is suspected to bring substantial favor and influence for House Renaud.

Inside sources report to I-RCN that House Baelor was burdened with debt and struggling with a potential bankruptcy situation due to neglecting financial responsibility in favor of expanding infrastructure within their holdings. By taking out loans to support this infrastructure development, they likely exceeded their ability to pay it back. These sources suspect that this lack of balance has left the House Baelor susceptible to power moves by rival houses. The most immediate threat to the influence of House Baelor being that of House Renaud.

As for House Renaud, the heads of the family have within recent years fallen out of prominence. Empire political analysts theorize this may have been due to a lack of strong leadership within the ruling family. However, Lady Abigail Renaud, who is also a capsuleer, has been reportedly eager to improve the standings of her family’s holdings. It is rumored that under the advisement of Lady Abigail Renaud, House Renaud moved in to purchase major territorial assets from House Baelor in order for House Baelor to better manage their financial issues.

The holdings for House Renaud has now effectively doubled thanks to the acquisitions from House Baelor, while House Baelor has all but dissipated as a result of mismanagement of their assets. How Lady Abigail Renaud plans to utilize House Renaud’s newfound influence on Mekhios remains to be seen.

Federation Correspondents

Tense Standoff Between I-RED and UNF Forces Leaked; UNF Orbital Shipyard Continues Expansion
Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.03.31

Eugales, Placid - In footage leaked to local fluid route networks by an unknown witness, a lone I-RED Harpy-class assault frigate can be seen examining the UNF orbital shipyard in orbit of Eugales VI, a storm world in outer orbit within the star system. UNF pilots that were active at the time of the encounter then proceeded to undock in two vessels, and engaged in an orbit around the orbital shipyard. A minute or so of the tense encounter ensues, before the I-RED vessel is seen warping off.

I-RED has not officially published any details regarding the incident. Military analysts are unsurprised of the encounter, given that I-RED has recently engaged in an economic stimulus initiative of the neighboring Viriette constellation following a recent Sansha’s Nation incursion. Given the close proximity of UNF’s base of operations in Eugales to Viriette, an encounter was expected to happen at some point.

Meanwhile, I-RCN has verified reports that the UNF orbital shipyard has seen an increased output of combat vessels. The marked increase in production of these warships coincides with the recent deployment of Federal Intelligence Office taskforce to the system to allegedly “carry out counterterrorism operations.” Furthermore, additional extra-large construction apparatuses have been observed being added to the shipyards.

Again, when pressed for comment on the situation in a recent press briefing, I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann declined to share any details on I-RED’s stance towards the UNF operations in Eugales. He only stated, “operations of the UNF in Eugales are of no concern or priority to the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive. Clearly, however, the Federation government may have some issues to discuss with them.”

Cooperation With Local Elements Turns Sour for Intaki Space Police
Selenna Solange • YC123.04.03

Ishukone Corporation Factory, 98Q-8O, Syndicate - Sources within the Intaki Business Logistics Union [I-BLU] have revealed a disturbing trend of leaked confidential information from ISP data vaults within the JQV5-9 constellation.

An anonymous I-BLU non-capsuleer employee has submitted reports to I-RCN that their capsuleer employer was involved in covert ‘clean up’ operations to retrieve ISP data stolen by a local pirate gang. I-RCN has been unable to substantiate the claims of this baseliner employee, however, if true, then the news is likely to damage local business confidence in the ISP. The nature of the data that was supposedly hacked is suspected to relate to security contracts ISP has taken up recently with local businesses who hire out security escorts.

Such confidential data is normally heavily encrypted in local data terminals maintained by the ISP, and the theft of such data may indicate that the local ISP branches have been infiltrated by pirate elements. I-RCN has not received any comments from the ISP despite reaching out for more information. Likewise, I-BLU leadership was unavailable for comment with regards to the potential leak from within their organization.

In other news

• VIP guests in the form of Empire loyalist capsuleers and allies are expected to attend a special showing of “The Heartrending of Lady Melisandre” in the Older Opera House in Dam-Torsad

• Rumored Khimi Harar plans for counter-insurgency action in Syndicate against perceived ‘heretical threat’ raises extra-territorial legal issues

• Despite welcoming recent newborn, former I-RED executives Roirdan Bouchate and Selenna Solange are already making a swift return to duties

• Public confidence in I-RED Operation Grey Steel™ initiative falling to all-time low following months of poor communication and lack of dividend payments to investors

• Local scanning operations in 98Q superpocket of Syndicate have revealed the installation of numerous, large ‘black monoliths’; who is orchestrating such a prank remains unclear


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: April 11th

Empire Correspondents

Khimi Harar Allegedly to Deploy Assets to Placid to Assist Long-Time Ally I-RED
Jelvia Taredi • YC123.04.06

Mehatoor, Devoid - With the Amarr militia gaining a substantial foothold over the CEWPA warzone, Khimi Harar [LUMEN] is poised to begin deploying assets and affiliated elsewhere in the cluster. Military experts are hypothesizing that LUMEN and certain affiliates will deploy to Placid in efforts to assist their long-time allies of I-RED in the Caldari-Gallente warzones. LUMEN has yet to make an official announcement on the matter, however.

Amarrian militia forces have steadily been asserting a dominant level of control in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone systems for some time now. While LUMEN has erected support facilities in Syndicate in the recent past to support efforts of I-RED and I-BLU, their primary focus remained on dealing with opportunities and issues in the Empire, Kingdom, and Mandate. However, recent events suggest that they intend to redeploy key forces to Placid in an effort to convey their gratitude to I-RED and the State for their assistance to the Empire through the Triglavian War and Blood Raider conflicts in the Mandate.

I-RED, among other State militia forces, have successfully flipped control of the systems of Harroule, Brarel, and Intaki from Federal militia forces. The operations on I-RED’s part are components of an aggressive economic stimulus initiative following a recent Sansha’s Nation incursion into the constellation of Viriette. If LUMEN and affiliates do end up deploying to Placid, it is expected that they will bring with them a number of supplies to support humanitarian and financial operations.

Federation Correspondents

Myoka Galactic Adopts New Signature Colors and Unveils New Hovercar Model
Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.04.08

Navyii Akat, Intaki, Placid - In a press release and special showcase that took place in the Intaki capital of Navyii Akat, I-RED subsidiary carmaker Myoka Galactic unveiled a new sports hovercar model in two new signature colors - Prussian Blue and Flaxen Gold. The introduction of two new signature colors follows nearly a year after the formation of the Intaki-Business Logistics Union [I-BLU], a related but separate organization of I-RED.

Myoka Galactic, originally a small specialist hovercar maker based in Placid, paraded the new sports hovercar as a melding of luxury and the Intaki value of simplicity. The new model, dubbed Essentia, is a blend of modern minimalism combined with classic throwbacks to the first hovercars ever produced. The end result produces a “fusion of old and new, of complex yet sustainable, of luxury and simplicity” as stated by Myoka Galactic executives.

The new signature colors of Prussian Blue and Flaxen Gold join the traditional Myoka Galactic signature colors of Gunmetal Grey, Ruby Red, and Royal Gold. All of the aforementioned colors are offered in either metallic or matte finishes. Sales for the new Essentia hovercar began during the public showcase, and at the conclusion of the day Myoka Galactic stated that all orders for the first year of production have been fulfilled.

State Correspondents

Continued Unrest Among Multiple Worlds as Billions Remain Trapped in Pochven
Koren Akko • YC123.04.09

Malkalen, Lonetrek - Despite crackdown efforts by megacorporate security forces, there are numerous outbreaks daily across various planets and interstellar facilities regarding status of countless State citizens still trapped in Pochven. No megacorporation has been immune to these outbreaks of protest, and the various blocs have taken different approaches to handle the matter. The CEP, much to the chagrin of citizens across the State, has remained relatively quiet on the matter.

“My family has been left to die at the hands of Triglavians, and the State does nothing”, professed Ani Kusov, a machinist working for the Corporate Police Force. “I feel abandoned by the leaders we are told to abide by - to believe in. The State is failing me. It is failing us.”

EDENCOM leadership and leading scientists have yet to be able to safely study the effects of the supposed “bioadaptation” taking place across the various worlds in Pochven. It is unclear whether this process is proving fatal to the populations that remain in Pochven.

Caldari citizens across the State are still reeling from the devastating losses inflicted by the Triglavian invasions of YC122, and the dismal performance of what they believed was one of the strongest militaries in the known universe. Rumors are abound that the State Armed Forces are undergoing a deep reorganization strategy, which includes a complete tactical strategy overhaul of weapons systems. I-RCN has been unable to verify the veracity of such rumors, but following the Triglavian invasions both I-RED and Ishukone military subsidiaries have seen a notable uptick in contracts for hybrid weapon systems. Similarly, Ishukone turreted vessel manufacturers have been struggling to keep up with the demand for such vessels in the wake of the Triglavian invasions.

I-RCN will continue to monitor the ever-changing sociopolitical atmosphere in the State to bring you the latest updates.

In other news

• LUMEN Annual New Eden Writing Contest Enters the Final Month for Submissions; Competition is Fierce

• Amarr Loyalists LUMEN and PIE Move Heavy Assets Into Fekhoya Constellation of the Khanid Kingdom

• BREAKING: Habitat 8 of the Intaki Diaspora Freeport in Lockdown, Connection With Aenebra Cult Killings Unconfirmed

• Guristas Pirates Criticized for Disposal of Informant Bodies Via Curious Capsuleers

• I-RED Initiates Crackdowns of Windchime Wayism Sects Aboard A-3ES3 Tash-Murkon Refinery; Local Leaders Arrested by Internal Watch


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: April 18th

Empire Correspondents

Khimi Harar Destroys Kybernaut Azbel in Joint Operation With Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris
Empire Associates, edited by Jelvia Taredi • YC123.04.16

Parses, Khanid - After a week-long operation in the Fekhoya constellation within Khanid Kingdom space, Khimi Harar [LUMEN] and The Excubitoris Chapter [PIE] successfully destroyed an Azbel owned by the Triglavian-loyal Kybernaut alliance ‘Assimilation of everything Triglavian’ [INVAS] in the system of Parses in a joint operation.

“Never forget, Never forgive.” was the loyalists’ rallying cry throughout the operation, a reference to the destruction wrought by Triglavian forces during the Invasions, conflicts which ultimately resulted in the Empire’s loss of the systems Niarja and Raravoss, among others, to the Collective. A statement issued by LUMEN described the endeavour as a “reaffirmation of Holy Amarr’s sovereignty over its territory” as well as a “message to other Triglavian sympathisers that they are not welcome within Imperial space”. The statement also went on to recognise the “appreciated cooperation and support” of PIE during several stages of the operation. A similar PIE statement thanked LUMEN for their ongoing support in removing traitors and heretics from Amarr.

PIE’s Khanid expedition located the initial target and both groups worked together to destroy it, with LUMEN providing the majority of the strike forces. It remains unclear whether the destruction of the INVAS Azbel in Parses was a standalone campaign, or whether it simply marks the beginning of a broader initiative.

LUMEN has not yet offered to comment on this particular matter, however the operation has made it clear that the traditionally defensive-minded organisation does possess a willingness to launch significant pre-emptive strikes against hostile entities in Empire and Kingdom space when deemed necessary for defense and security. The Excubitoris Chapter merely reaffirms it’s commitment to removing heresy and treason from the Khanid Military Circuit as part of its continuing expedition there.

Image courtesy of Amicia Cora of LUMEN

Image courtesy of Amicia Cora of LUMEN

Federation Correspondents

Syndicate-born Popstar Announces Charity Tour For Syndicate, Placid, and Verge Vendor
Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.04.15

Poitot, Syndicate - Renown Syndicate popstar Ashee Talario, better known by her stage name of Stellaria, has announced a benefit tour to take place in various systems of Syndicate, Placid, and Verge Vendor. The announcement comes ahead of the one year anniversary since the devastating Triglavian Invasion which saw destruction and carnage unfold in every major CONCORD signatory. Stellaria stated that one hundred percent of the funds will be donated to various charities across the three regions.

“It is a somber occasion”, remarked Stellaria’s record label representative. “But Stellaria, ever a star of the people, expressed interest to us in allowing the approval of such a tour. Naturally, our record label was all on board, and we immediately began planning.”

The GalNet social media site of Peeper™ has been abuzz with the hashtag of #Stellaria and #charitytour rising to the top of the trending categories. It appears that many people, especially those Peeper™ users from Syndicate and Placid, appear to be very excited for the upcoming tour.

“My heart goes out to those affected by the events of last year”, peeped one Placid user. “It is sad when it falls upon celebrities and regular people rather than our own government to influence positive change for everyone </3.”

The first show of the tour is set to take place in Poitot, and will make its way through a handful of other systems in the region before moving on to Placid and Verge Vendor. Tickets are already on sale now. I-RED has approved a venue aboard the 6-U2M8 Oriki Commercial Center free of charge in support of the tour. Similarly, the dates around the specific date of the show to take place there have also been granted highly discounted ferry prices to and from the Astrahus-class citadel.

State Correspondents

One Year Following Creation of Intaki-Business Logistics Union, Local Socioeconomic Factors Show Substantial Growth
Koren Akko • YC123.04.15

XS-XAY, Syndicate - It has now been one year since the formation of the Intaki-Business Logistics Union [I-BLU], an investment initiative spearheaded by I-RED. A year’s worth of data have provided all the facts - the formation of I-BLU has improved I-RED’s economic status, but also the economic and security well-being of the 98Q ‘superpocket’ of star systems in the region.

“A most happy one-year birthday to our dear friends and allies within I-BLU”, stated an official I-RED press release. “The individual member corporations of I-BLU share the vision of I-RED for the Intaki Syndicate, and we are happy to work together to build a better future for everyone living here. Together through cooperation and mutual benefit, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.”

The date of April 15th is also now officially recognized as a corporate holiday among I-RED and I-BLU. The day was marked by celebrations taking place across all the structures and facilities owned by both organizations.

Parsing through economic data of the local region reveals an impressive increase in the export of refined moon ores as well as planetary-produced goods. Local trade within the superpocket has also seen a notable uptick since the formation of I-BLU, particularly among the stations operated by Ishukone and the various Intaki Syndicate corporations. Surveys from independent research groups have also revealed a rather uniform trend of an increase in overall happiness among inhabitants within the 98Q superpocket - particularly in relation to those of inhabitants in other areas of Syndicate.

In other news…

• Intaki Space Police search and rescue unit discovers ghostly scene of frozen corpses and rogue drones after responding to emergency aid request broadcast from a Serpentis research site in XYY-IA

• Legal questions arise from capsuleer-led prison raid on Floseswin IV, and threats of orbital bombardment on Bosboger I; pressure mounts on CONCORD to regulate warzone conflicts more strictly

• Advocates of Intaki independence said to be monitoring Federal ascension debates in Eugales with interest

• Intaki Syndicate reports increase in capsuleer tourist traffic to the D-B7YK executive luxury resort reserved for Syndicate station governors

• Fashion choices by capsuleers attending Lasairiona Raske’s Carnival Masquerade event in L’Amore in Ballo circulate in public domains; criticism and praise abound


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: April 25th

Empire Correspondents

Local Crop Failure Woes Calmed by Sisters of Eve Arrangement
Jelvia Taredi • YC123.04.24

Tisot, Aridia - The small Amarrian colony on Tisot III had an extreme crop failure due to a sudden surge in solar energy from the host star. Despite being classified as a temperate planet, Tisot III barely fits the description of a habitable planet. It does boast a powerful natural magnetic field, much stronger than most fields for planets its size, which helps greatly in protecting the planet from the solar radiation of a star. However, in a strange phenomena still under investigation, the star experienced a short-lived burst in energy that overwhelmed the planet’s intrinsic magnetic field. Damage caused to the colony from the solar flare was widespread.

In an emergency agreement between local Amarr officials and Sisters of Eve representatives from the station in the system, SoE agreed to supply the colony with surplus food for the following three months in return for total access to any knowledge gleaned from the investigation into the sudden solar energy emitted by the host star. The SoE also provided medical treatments for irradiation free of charge to the Tisot colonists.

Local Amarrian leadership has considered abandoning the colony completely, but doing so would cause the loss of valuable planetary ore production for the area. Heated debate is expected to ensue in the upcoming weeks regarding the topic. Meanwhile, colonists most injured from the radiation exposure have been transported off-world to appropriate medical facilities for treatment.

Federation Correspondents

Electrical Fire Aboard Intaki Freeport Claims 33 Lives
Federation Associates, edited by Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.04.23

Intaki Freeport Station, Intaki, Placid - An electrical fire in Habitat 8 of the Intaki Diaspora Industrial Freeport led to 33 fatalities five days ago. Station management is blaming the blaze on a black market battery charging operation run by an Aenebra affiliated criminal gang. As reported by I-CRN recently, Habitat 8 has been subject to lockdown protocols following a spate of killings on the station with an unconfirmed connection to the Aenebra Cult - an extremist Idic group of Intaki anarchists.

“Unlicensed charge stations are a significant health and safety risk, as this incident demonstrates. While we are pleased to confirm that our fire containment systems operated effectively within the time required by our risk management KPIs, the intensity of the initial fire means it has not been possible to identify the casualties,” commented station management spokesperson Garudaa en Janmari.

No further killings have been reported since the fire. One Habitat 8 resident declined to speculate on the Aenebra presence there, being more focused on the cost of batteries in lockdown, “We have a 4D Drone Racing League event this weekend and I was counting on those batteries!”

Moreover, this recent incident has sparked renewed attention to the Aenebra Cult by both the public and local security forces. Questions of how Aenebra secure their funding, how expansive their operations are, and what numbers of followers they possess have been topics of intense speculation on various social media platforms. I-RED officials remain quiet on the matter, but a short press statement by Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch - a private security contractor for I-RED - states that I-RED officials are monitoring the situation.

State Correspondents

Dubious Nature of Unstated Corporate Mandates Leads to Harroule Dryweed Controversy
Koren Akko • YC123.04.20

Ishukone Corporation Factory V-4, 98Q-8O, Syndicate - It has long been understood that certain drug use, outside of corporate-approved boosters, is generally frowned upon in the State. However, when megacorporations operate abroad, oftentimes they are subject to the local laws of whatever political entity hosts their presence. In the case of Syndicate, laws and regulations surrounding drug use vary wildly from station to station due to the highly independent and autonomous nature of Syndicate stations.

While in years past I-RED has permitted the usage of various strains of Harroule dryweed aboard their facilities in the region, Ishukone Corporation proper has not officially made any stance on the usage of such substances aboard their facilities. This year there was a notable usage of Harroule dryweed among inhabitants of Ishukone Corporation stations across the region that coincided with the unofficial interstellar holiday associated with Harroule dryweed recreational use.

“Hey man, I pay my taxes and take care of my work on time”, professed local Ishukone V-4 resident Yuko Tannolen, his bloodshot eyes clearly giving away his current mental state. “We have every right to enjoy the celebrations of 420 across New Eden. For the State!”, he shouted as he took a quick whiff from his blunt. “Did I mention I pay my taxes and stuff?”

Many Ishukonites and non-Ishukone citizens took the opportunity to enjoy 420 celebrations this year due to a lack of any official mandates against it from local Ishukone officials. Meanwhile, countless fast-food restaurant chains in the area reported all-time high levels of one-day profits because of the phenomena. It remains to be seen if Harroule dryweed usage will continue to be permitted in Ishukone stations in the region.

In other news…

• Amarr loyalists LUMEN and PIE complete mop up operations in Fekhoya constellation of the Kingdom and in Aridia

• Pirate raid on floating city of Argalant of Eugales V halted by rapid response of UNF patrol forces; FIO units reported to have been observing

• Amarr militia forces forced into hasty retreat following surprise offensive which saw the capture of Floseswin from Empire control

• Following depletion of belt resources to supply war effort against Triglavian Invasion last year, many pirate organizations opt to instill heavy presence on stargates across various null sec regions

• Ishukone-Raata Enforcer Fleet (I-REF), the non-capsuleer naval security division of I-RED, reports all-time high deployments due to increased Serpentis presence in the area


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: June 7th

Empire Correspondents

I-RED Subsidiaries Move to Fortify Ishukone-Amarr Relations in PKN-Dominant Areas
Jelvia Taredi • YC123.06.03

Sarum Prime, Domain - The I-RED subsidiaries of Integrated Health Systems, Ltd. and Myoka Galactic™ have reportedly recently received directives to increase their operations in Empire territory, especially in areas dominated by PKN Interstellar presence. IHS, primarily a manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment, and Myoka, primarily a manufacturer of terrestrial vehicles and interstellar transports, both seem to be trying their best to comply with the new directives.

PKN Interstellar, particularly Lai Dai, is known to have strong connections with various Empire entities. While Ishukone historically has never maintained as strong relations with the Empire as its top corporate rival, Lai Dai, it still makes some effort to stay connected. I-RED, an Ishukone capsuleer subsidiary, has generally operated on a very pro-Empire stance, and currently maintains close relations with prominent Empire-affiliated capsuleer groups such as the Praetoria Excubitoris Imperialis [PIE] and Khimi Harar [LUMEN] organizations. I-RED and LUMEN are even a part of a trio of capsuleer alliances which together form the substantial Syndicate Coalition [SynCo], an organization dedicated to the prosperity of Syndicate.

While no official statements from either IHS or Myoka Galactic™ have been released, it is theorized that IHS will focus on enhancing their presence within Tash-Murkon and Khanid territories, while Myoka will attempt to entrench themselves deeper in Kor-Azor and Sarum territories. While the development of subcranial nanocontrollers by Lai Dai following their controversial raids into Intaki Prime Idic monasteries has hurt transcranial microcontroller profits of IHS, the company has moved to develop alternative cybernetic augmentations to compensate for losses. The shift in product development does seem to have had a positive effect on mitigating losses due to the SCNC technological developments.

Meanwhile, Myoka has focused on expanding their network to Kor-Azor and Sarum territories for a variety of reasons. House Kor-Azor operates on similar economic principles of Ishukone in that both entities have a vision set on internationalism in order to optimize economic growth. Meanwhile, the expansionist mindset of House Sarum bodes well for a terrestrial vehicle and interstellar transport manufacturer such as Myoka Galactic™. Furthermore, I-RED already has existing relations with House Sarum due to their allyship with PIE, who has numerous prominent Sarumites such as the renown Lady Mitara Newelle.

Whether the recent developments will have any effect on mitigating the encroaching influences of PKN Interstellar members remains to be seen. But at the very least, I-RED is making attempts to assert a stronger Combine TNR presence in the Amarr Empire.

Republic Correspondents

Sightings of Enforcers in Republic Space Spark Rumors of Normalization of Relations Between I-RED and the Republic
Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.06.05

Reppola Logistic Support, XS-XAY, Syndicate - It has been many years since I-RED has formally engaged in relations with the Republic or Republic-aligned entities. I-RED is thought to have held a long-standing positive relationship with the Republic prior to the incident which led to the escape of Hilen Tukoss, a former Zainou employee who escaped with stolen assets to the Republic. Tukoss was a fugitive running from Ishukone Watch authorities, who were intercepted and destroyed by the Republic-aligned capsuleer groups of Electus Matari [EM] and Ushra’Khan [UK]. I-RED operatives who were also in pursuit were unable to reach the scene in time to prevent Tukoss from escaping to the Republic.

The aforementioned event signalled the collapse of I-RED relations with Republic entities. The long-running Cal-Matari Program, under the management of ethnic Matari Korbin “Korsavius” Lavius soon shut down its operations following the Tukoss incident. I-RED assets were swiftly pulled from Republic space, or liquidated. And diplomatic relations between I-RED and the most prominent Republic capsuleer groups were promptly set to hostile.

However, recent leaked footage of Enforcer vessels operating in Republic territory have sparked interest in speculative viewers. There are now rumors floating about that the existence of such footage proves that the normalization of relations between I-RED and Republic entities is on the horizon. The I-RED Directorship has not publicly commented on the matter besides denying any such speculations.

Still, to those baseliners who remember the benefits of such programs as the Cal-Matari Program, hope remains that one day I-RED will return to the Republic ready to engage in mutually beneficial economic initiatives.

Federation Correspondents

I-RED Expands Customs Office Network in Response to Placid-Solitude Gate Connection
Selenna Solange • YC123.05.31

Yvelet, Solitude - I-RED has recently engaged in aggressive customs office expansion operations throughout the region of Solitude following the construction of the Kenninck-Eggheron stargate. The operations are a pre-emptive measure to counterbalance the loss in profits of a wide range of businesses in Syndicate following the construction of the gate.

I-RED has firmly opposed the construction of the new stargate, which would link Solitude to the mainland Federation. Independent research conducted and published by I-RED revealed a loss in profit in a number of industries in Syndicate as a result of such a stargate connection, including but not limited to: restaurants, hotels, fuel stations, and pleasure centers. Now that travelers between the mainland Federation and Solitude no longer need to traverse through Syndicate, many businesses will experience a loss in profits. Businesses led by hardworking families, argues the I-RED sponsored research. As a result, a portion of the profits of the new expansion of Solitude customs offices is set to be earmarked for economic stimulus injections for a variety of Syndicate businesses.

“I-RED has and will continue to represent the best interest of the Intaki people living in Syndicate. The construction of the new stargate is just another brutal slap to the face of the Intaki Syndicate by the Gallente Federation”, passionately spoke Roirdan Bouchate, a prominent figurehead of I-RED. “The Federation has stated ‘we do not need you anymore’ with this new gate, and the customs office expansion is just one way that I-RED plans to intervene on behalf of the hardworking families of Syndicate. The Syndicate will endure as it always has, and we will be there to help.”

State Correspondents

Pressure Mounts on Combine TNR to Act Following Numerous PKN Interstellar Controversies
Koren Akko • YC123.06.06

Malkalen, Lonetrek - Following a spate of controversies from PKN Interstellar members, pressure is mounting on Combine TNR members to issue formal statements. Among the PKN controversies includes: diverting funds meant for State Armed Forces and Jita 4-4 remodeling to executive wallets, firing live rounds into protests, and sociopolitical fallout from the Intaki Prime invasions. Both Combine TNR and JSL Partnership have been quiet over the last couple of years as a result of dealing with the fallout from the devastating Triglavian Collective invasions in YC122.

“Dark Forest has clearly indicated their dark intentions and dishonorable behavior unbefitting of a true State mega”, commented one Ishukone accountant who wished to remain anonymous. “They are a threat to the State at this point, and the CEP should band together to punish PKN for embezzling funds meant to go to our military.”

“Why has Combine TNR been so f***ing quiet?! Ancestor’s choke, Reppola is failing where Gariushi wouldn’t…I miss him”, stated Iskeitan Navorlen of the Ishukone Watch.

Indeed, there have been numerous demonstrations aboard I-RED Upwell facilities in the 98Q superpocket in Syndicate against PKN Interstellar. Rumors have been circulating that the I-RED Directorship has considered sanctions against PKN Interstellar affiliates, but a lack of any official statement by Combine TNR has withheld leadership from carrying out any such sanctions. For the meantime, however, I-RED continues to maintain economic relations with numerous PKN Interstellar entities, much to the dismay of many baseliner employees.

Meanwhile, in direct contrast to normal operations in the past, I-RED has made moves to establish stronger relations with the JSL Partnership. On the Sukuuvestaa front, Vice-Admiral Korbin Lavius takes the lead for initiating stronger connections. Lavius, a former SuVee citizen himself, reportedly has numerous connections in both SuVee and the Peace and Order Unit with which to build a stronger foundation between them and I-RED. Establishing greater relations with Kaalakiota meanwhile has proven more difficult, as both KK and I-RED have been very vocal opponents of each other in years past, especially while KK was headed by Tibus Heth and his Provist regime.

In other news…

• Viral singing footage from recent L’Amore in Ballo capsuleer karaoke event spark both admiration and laughter among viewers

• Enforcers interdict a Shadow Serpentis Erebus; Sarpati reportedly furious at the reckless actions of the Erebus captain which caused the demise of the vessel

• Utpattia Protectorate receives Ishukone orbital planetary defense platforms following decommissioning of I-RED orbital Upwell facilities

• First Idic monastery constructed in Intaki-dominant city of Navyii Shuru on A-3ES3 II colony of Utpattia

• A new wave of immigrants flock to Utpattia Protectorate following upcoming completion of Kenninck-Eggheron stargate

• Prominent I-RED figure Korbin Lavius has announced retraction of relations with Lai Dai Corporation until further notice


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: June 14

Empire Correspondents

I-RED Graciously Accepts Donation of Yak Cheese from LUMEN Pilot
Jelvia Taredi • YC123.06.10

Reppola Logistic Support, XS-XAY, Syndicate - I-RED has recently received a considerable shipment of high-quality Yak cheese wheels donated by Akali Sharisa of Khimi Harar [LUMEN]. The cheese wheels were shipped from Mehatoor, where Sharisa also made a donation to various food pantries located in the 24th Imperial Crusade station in the system. The donations to I-RED are reportedly surplus cheese produced by the Yak herds managed by Sharisa.

“Ah, the gift of cheese. This is surely a sign of strong bonds between the various organizations which make up the Syndicate Coalition”, commented one Syndicate political analyst. “The cheese donation comes just a little over a year after LUMEN donated a herd of Yaks to the Intaki-Business Logistics Union [I-BLU].”

“Good cheese leads to good bones leads to good citizens of Syndicate”, peeped one Peeper™ user, SyndiCAN_12345. The peep has received hundreds of re-peeps and likes on the social media site.

“Yak cheese? Er, well…umm, I have been wanting to try out some different charcuterie board ideas with Selenna”, stated I-RED manager Roirdan Bouchate as he was ambushed by reporters during the gift reception event aboard the XS-XAY Reppola Logistic Support.

Bonds between the three member alliances of SynCo appear to only grow stronger over time. The future looks bright for members of the Syndicate Coalition. And full of cheese.

Federation Correspondents

Uptick in Licensing and Rental Agreements
Federation Associates, edited by Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.06.11

MXYS-8, Syndicate - Much of Syndicate has seen a recent rise in demand for a basket of station services, say sources within Intaki Commerce. Both hangar rental and shipping licenses have shown moderate increases over the past week, as new entrants to the market expand their operations throughout the region.

In a move that appears to be at odds with the anticipated decrease in traffic volumes due to the newly inaugurated Placid-Solitude jump gate, bullish speculation is balancing out the bears. While entrenched organizations, such as the Intaki-Business Logistics Union, have reported increased interest in cooperative ventures by mineral extraction groups, any potential agreements have yet to be solidified.

“We think Syndicate is as vibrant as it’s ever been and continues to provide opportunity for both immigrants and transient business interests”, wrote Borrin Aubonnie of Intaki Commerce in a recent press release. Ms. Aubonnie is the director of warehousing operations on MXYS-8 II Station and oversees security for constellation-level shipping.

While initial projections seem to indicate a spur in economic activity following the new gate activation, it remains to be seen whether this will hold up over time for the region of Syndicate. Various sources on GalNet report a flurry of interest in creating a new market either in Solitude or Placid following the new gate connection. Such a new market could either hurt, or contribute to economic activity in Syndicate.

In other news…

• EDENCOM-aligned capsuleers destroy last Azbel in Pochven, major blow to Kybernauts

• EDENCOM-aligned capsuleers destroy Kybernaut Raitaru in Senda, hundreds of billions of ISK in capital BPOs reportedly scavenged from wreckage

• I-RED rumored to be mobilizing assets and forces to counter Stribog Clade incursions in empire-space

• I-RED condemns actions by Bosena Accords pilot, Niina Eskola-Fae, for inciting insurrection and terrorism in the State

• I-RED HR department notes decrease in number of filed grievances over last few weeks

• Guristas Pirates raid an Echelon Entertainment convoy in Passari, Echelon reports numerous stolen music production assets

• YC123 New Eden Capsuleers’ Writing Contest announces winners


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: June 27th

Federation Correspondents

Chatelain Auxiliary Response Opens Infomorph Dedicated Medical Facility
Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.06.20

Stacmon, Placid - The first fully dedicated infomorph wellness center in Placid has opened with the CHTAR Astrahus-class citadel aptly named “Infomorph Wellness Center.” A ribbon cutting ceremony was held where leaders within the Intaki-Business Logistics Union [I-BLU] and Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive [I-RED] were present. CHTAR has announced that all of its infomorph-related services so far are now operational, which include high-grade biomass for clones, bespoke cloning and medical centers for purchase, analgesic therapies related to the Harroule native plant khuska, and gel-matrix biopaste for cybernetic applications.

“This project has been a long time in the making”, stated CHTAR CEO Auriga Menkalinan eagerly during the opening ceremony. “However, it is far from complete. CHTAR along with our colleague corporations in I-BLU as well as our other associates in Syndicate have more infomorph-related projects we wish to work on and host aboard this new facility. I look forward to what the future holds!”

Various leases are available within the facility for independent vendors to acquire and host their products and services. Already a number of slots have been taken up by various corporations related to infomorph technology and services. Notable among them include a prominent capsuleer spa retreat provider from Syndicate, Rejuvenation Glen. Rejuvenation Glen has a number of capsuleers spas located throughout Syndicate, and they are renowned for their expert care and attention to the needs of capsuleer clients, as well as for the immense quality of their relaxation techniques and materials.

Also present are infomorph psychotherapy experts from I-RED’s Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute (I-RTI). These individuals have signed working contracts to join forces with Chatelain BioPharma, who also has a notable presence onboard the facility and provides various therapies and counseling services to infomorphs.

State Correspondents

Guristas Sotiyo Removed From Syndicate
Koren Akko • YC123.06.25

Syndicate - In an unprecedented move, over a week ago the Guristas Pirates managed to set up a Sotiyo-class engineering complex along with other fortifications deep within the 98Q “superpocket” of systems in which I-RED and other Syndicate Coalition members I-BLU and LUMEN resides. Guristas forces proceeded to attack various structures in the system they set up shop in, succeeding in reinforcing an I-RED Athanor-class refinery. However, over this weekend the invaders were successfully repelled, and the Sotiyo was destroyed by a third-party entity.

It remains unclear how Guristas forces were able to bypass detection measures employed by I-RED in order to anchor the massive engineering complex. Once the facility was anchored, Guristas forces got to work engaging in piracy operations in the system. A number of independent convoys were raided, including a I-RED relay station and an Intaki Space Police military arms convoy. At the time, Ishukone-Raata Enforcer Fleet scout teams were no match for the much larger and well-organized Guristas raiding fleets. A retreat of I-REF forces was done, and a travel advisory was broadcasted on all local channels in order to minimize loss of life and property by traveling independent groups.

A combined defense force consisting of I-RED, I-BLU, and LUMEN formed to defend the Athanor refinery, and succeeded in repelling the Guristas fleet that had assembled on the inbound gate, as well as the structure itself. An anonymous third party entity then engaged the Sotiyo shipyard itself and destroyed the facility along with its defense taskforce, bringing an end to almost a week of havoc caused by Guristas.

In other news…

• UNF rumored to have been technology sharing with warclone clans associated with Bosena Accords

• Independent sources cite presence of “intelligent constructs” as DERAIL continues investigations in Placid system of Eugales

• I-RED Directorship sends best wishes to newly weds, LUMEN’s Lunarisse Aspenstar and Franco Phonaga

• As Federation Day celebrations close, numerous propaganda paints Federals in a more nationalist light - Aguard administration denies comment

• Liberation Day celebrations are on the horizon, Ushra’Khan announces festivities

• Ahbazon-Hykkota gate controllers express woe over decision to construct gate as pirate capsuleer groups set up shop on Ahbazon side


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: July 4th

Republic Correspondents

I-RED Subsidiary Transport Searched While Cutting Through Republic
Selenna Solange • YC123.07.02

Hyasyoda Corporation Mineral Reserve, Airaken, The Forge - An Integrated Health Systems, Ltd. transport vessel that cut through Republic territory from Deltole to Airaken was stopped and boarded while making a stop in Hadozeko of Metropolis. IHS is a subsidiary of I-RED, and focuses on producing high-grade medical cybernetics along with other medical supplies. Controversial among their line of products among advocacy groups from the Federation and Republic are transcranial microcontrollers. It is suspected that because of this, Republic authorities halted the vessel while it was docked and performed an extensive search of its contents.

“Tribal security forces were acting on pure superstition and ill will when they performed this unwarranted hazing operation against our employees”, lambasted IHS CEO Ku Mayaseki. “The operation is clearly designed to deter the process of free trade in the cluster, and one that will be remembered in the future.”

The crew of the IHS transport fully complied with the directives of the Republic police forces, and the whole process which took over two hours to complete resulted in no contraband discovered. The transport was promptly allowed to exit the station and resume its business. Following the search operation, the transport linked up with an Ishukone-Raata Enforcer Fleet taskforce dispatched to provide additional security escort.

I-RED Directorship has not provided any additional comments regarding the situation, but it is likely that they will side with the position of IHS. Meanwhile, I-RCN attempted to reach out for comment from the Republic Justice Department enforcement branch but has not heard back yet.

Federation Correspondents

Trending “Presidential Peripheral” Hairstyle Remains Strong Even After Federation Day Celebrations
Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.07.04

Stacmon, Placid - Considerably long after the Federation Day celebrations of YC123, a unique phenomena of trending hairstyles in the image of current Federation President Celes Aguard remains strong. Many non-capsuleers have taken a liking to the trend of mimicry started by numerous capsuleers wishing to celebrate the current presidential administration. Wigs modeling the “presidential peripheral”, as some within the fashion industry are calling it, have been flying out of stock in the weeks leading up to Fed Day and since.

“Like, I’m totally a creature of culture, I’ll admit”, confessed Stacmon citizen Jinalle Fourease as she moved a strand of her neon green presidential peripheral hairstyle. “I just really love the fashion-forward style of our current president. We love to see it.”

Hashtags on the social media platform Peeper™ dedicated to the hairstyle remain strong in the trending categories even now. It is hard to predict how long this trend will last. Some suspect that ambitious fashion entrepreneurs will attempt to export the crazy trend to the Republic for the upcoming Liberation Day celebrations. It remains to be seen whether or not these attempts will come into fruition - and if they will be successful or not.

State Correspondents

Ishukone Subsidiary Tackles Triglavian Troublemakers and Celebrates Launch of First DST
State Associates, edited by Koren Akko • YC123.07.03

Jita, The Forge - Tereven Shipping has announced the successful completion of the maiden voyage of it’s first deep space transport. The TSC Kauppias, a Bustard recently registered to the young Ishukone subsidiary corporation, departed from the Jita system for the first time in the early morning hours and safely returned with it’s hold filled to the brim shortly before lunch time.

“She earned her price back twice in record time”, stated the corporation’s capsuleer pilot and CEO Miran Tereven. “We expected to launch our first DST in the second quarter of YC122, but the moment the CEP mobilised the entire citizenry to defend our people against the Triglavian menace, we knew business ambitions had to be set aside for duty”, the decorated former Senior Fleet Commander of EDI elaborated.

When asked why now was the right time to set aside the humble Tayra for the able Bustard, Captain Tereven explained that during the invasions TSC’s revenue went towards putting new capsuleers in “proper Caldari warships” such as the Naga, Ferox and Osprey and that during the four months immediately after the invasions TSC’s efforts went towards transporting displaced citizens to New Caldari Prime, but that the abysmal performance of the Kybernauts during a recent punitive expedition to Pochven convinced her that the time to free up the corporation’s ISK reserves to invest in better non-combat hardware had finally come. “We destroyed three structures that day. I tackled 31 ships without losing my Crow. It’s almost like they stopped resisting.”

Upon being questioned about what the future has in store, Captain Tereven hinted that she expects to expand from shipping to colony management before the end of the year to create jobs and housing for citizens displaced by the invaders, with further plans for a Union Day tournament intended to fund internships for those orphaned by the war.

I-RED and SynCo Secure Presence of Every Upwell Facility in 98Q “Superpocket”
Selenna Solange • YC123.07.28

VV-VCR, Syndicate - After nearly a month long negotiation process with a rival capsuleer group in Syndicate, I-RED along with the rest of their Syndicate Coalition [SynCo] allies have managed to secure ownership of every Upwell facility in the 98Q superpocket of systems, a combination of the MK7-AO and JQV5-9 constellations. On top of this, SynCo also owns the vast majority of all planetary customs offices within the superpocket.

“The acquisition of this facility from its previous occupants marks a milestone in the continuation of our vision to promote an economically diverse and prosperous Intaki Syndicate”, stated I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann in a public briefing. “I-RED has worked hard alongside our allies to carve out this pocket of Syndicate. We aim to be a model for progress built on the principles of free trade, cooperation, and innovation.”

The latest Upwell acquisition, an Athanor-class refinery, has been rechristened with the name of Dvaar Extraction Facility. In ancient Intaki, “dvaar” loosely translates to “gateway”, which seemed fitting given that VV-VCR functions as the gateway into the entire 98Q superpocket.

In other news…

• ILF launches campaign to amend imagery on new Reschard V memorial monument

• Peeper™ hashtags in GalNet Placid and neighboring Federal regions abuzz with the likes of “#ReschardV”, “#ILF”, “#RememberReschard”, and “#AguardAdministration

• Recent announcement of Federal citizenship status by former State-loyalist capsuleer Edward Adams sparks political commentary from Templis Dragonaur cells

• A new capsuleer fanclub forms dedicated to spreading the notion of a romance between Federal capsuleer Edward Adams and infamous Kybernaut Sahara Jackal

• EDENCOM-loyalist capsuleer incursions into Pochven wane as Kybernaut forces remove their own assets

• Prominent Syndicate fashion mogul Rudy “Roo” Porteau criticizes recent trend of Aguard-like hairstyles as “tasteless” and “lacking innovation”

• Formerly inactive sub-light racing team 10-segrity, led by prominent capsuleer pacifist Che Biko, rumored to be joining upcoming season of Tagushii Sub-Light Racing League


Weekly Galactic News Roundup: July 25th

Empire Correspondents

Amarrian Nationals and Expatriates Aboard I-RED Facilities Prepare for Foundation Day Celebrations
Jelvia Taredi • YC123.07.24

Oriki Commercial Center, 6-U2M8, Syndicate - Many people currently or formerly loyal to the Imperial Throne are busying themselves with preparing for the upcoming annual Foundation Day holiday. I-RED, being a longtime supporter of the Empire, recognizes Foundation Day as a corporate holiday and non-essential personnel are granted the day off for their celebrations. Given the notable population of Amarrian expats currently employed as corporate citizens with I-RED, the move only made sense.

“I plan on using the day off, as well as some paid time off, to make a pilgrimage to my home on Tash-Murkon Prime with my family”, stated Tash-Murkonite Armin Eshad. “And of course you can bet I will be using a SynCo Tours shuttle to get there!”

It is rumored that the I-RED Directorship will be more public regarding supporting celebrations for Foundation Day this year. This is, in part, due to a rise in the influence of Sedevacantism across the cluster - a heretical interpretation of the Amarrian faith espoused by the infamous capsuleer Nauplius. Syndicate became one of the focus points for Nauplius to spread the roots of his twisted ideology, and I-RED has worked in tandem with their fellow Syndicate Coalition ally of Khimi Harar [LUMEN] to combat the spread of the faith in the region.

Representatives from I-RED are expected to participate in the various celebrations hosted by both LUMEN and PIE for Foundation Day. The cooperation and participation are expected to be symbolic of the strong ties between the Amarr Empire and Caldari State.

Federation Correspondents

Rogue AI and Capsuleer Drama: A Brief Update
Taigeru Beldeia • YC123.07.25

Eugales, Placid - The situation between the United Neopian Federation [UNF] and investigating DERAIL units in the system seems to have escalated recently. There has been reports that DERAIL marines are actively conducting counter-subversion actions on all storm world planets in the system of Eugales. One of these planets happens to be the location of a major terraforming initiative spearheaded by the UNF, who also maintain an ongoing orbital infrastructure project.

Rumors have been circulating that the UNF is engaging in illegal research of advanced AI, contrary to the universal laws which were installed against such research following the creation of rogue drones. These rumors are further supported by evidence and leaks from conspiracy theorists that UNF maintains allyship with various kybernaut entities. I-RCN has been unable to determine the veracity of such rumors.

Meanwhile, I-RCN has received news that the capsuleer fanclub which has skyrocketed in popularity lately, the Cormorants and Jackals corporation, has been the target of a raid in Luminaire. The joint raid by Federal and CONCORD forces turned up several million ISK worth of “contraband” goods, which have not been publicly released by the public relations officer for the ongoing investigation. Peeper™ feeds in the region have lit up crying out against the injustice of the raid against Cormorants and Jackals, mainly from C&J members themselves or those who have viewed their meteoric rise with comical interest. Could this spell the end of the C&J fanclub for good? The whereabouts of C&J founder Julian Flavours remain unknown at this time. A manhunt is reportedly being conducted by Federal forces.

State Correspondents

I-RED Re-enlists in State Protectorate in Response to Heightened Activity in Viriette
Koren Akko • YC123.07.23

Harroule, Placid - A change in short term plans sees I-RED re-enlisting in faction warfare in response to heightened capsuleer activity in Placid, particularly in and around the Intaki system. While I-RED has not been an active participant in the CEWPA warzone for some time now, plans were to re-enlist at some point in the future following a continued initiative to claim planetary customs offices in Solitude as a result of the Eggheron-Kenninck stargate construction. The recent Federal Defence Union push to recapture Intaki and the surrounding systems has accelerated I-RED’s re-enlistment.

“A priority of I-RED remains the safety, security, and stability of Intaki and the surrounding colonies”, stated I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann in a recent interview. “Following the disastrous events of a couple years ago with the Lai Dai Corporation incursion into Intaki Prime, we have amplified our level of mutual cooperation with the Intaki Assembly and other Intaki-based allies. The FDU push to retake the system will hinder our efforts, thus the Directorship has made the move to accelerate the rejoining of the alliance into the warzone.”

Korbin Lavius, a prominent figure within I-RED, also had some comments regarding the situation in Placid. “I-RED is a staunch supporter of the Intaki Assembly, and the Intaki Syndicate. It is our sincere hope that the recent activity amongst capsuleers in the area will accelerate plans regarding the potential of the Intaki Space Police gaining the security and franchise contract for the Intaki system. I, for one, wholly endorse ISP as a competent and proficient organization, and I firmly believe they will excel in the role.” For his part, Vice Admiral Lavius has been known to function as a freelance agent completing work for the ISP in Syndicate.

FDU-aligned groups, namely Aideron Robotics, seem determined to make a push for stronger FDU presence in the Viriette constellation. I-RCN is unable to verify at this time the reason for their motivations, but we suspect it may be aligned with the vision of the current Federation president. Time will tell to see how the sociopolitical landscape of Viriette and the rest of Placid will play out.

In other news…

• Khimi Harar Honor Guard flies through Parses to honor Queen Zidarez Khanid visit to the Royal Duchy of Fekhoya

• Khimi Harar’s “Hearts and Minds” campaign continues in Syndicate among Imperial ex-pats to counter potential threat of Sedevacantism in region

• Amarr and Caldari militias are poised to take the entirety of their respective warzones

• Nemiza Reclamation Services, a new mercenary outfit, receives attention for vigorous recruitment drive following the public execution of 217 NADSC employees in Pochven

• War of the fanclubs: capsuleer ‘shipping’ fanclub ‘ArsiaxMantel’ members clash online with ‘Cormorants and Jackals’ members, slinging heated peeps on the social media platform Peeper™

• Opinion piece: PKN Interstellar - for the State? Or for themselves?

• Water recall issued for consumable water products ferried by Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport (I-RAT) water freighter in Syndicate, stomach bug contamination suspected


I wish I-RED luck in their operations in the militia. Though my influence has waned within the militia, should they require any assistance, I invite their leadership to reach out to my organization, and we will do what we can.

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Ishukone-Raata Commerce Expansion Zone Shifts Focus
Koren Akko - 123.09.28

The Onuoto Eskeitan Station in high orbit of Intaki Prime

Intaki, Placid - Following a meeting of executive member from various branches of the Enforcement Directive Board of Directors, investors with interests within the Viriette constellation were informed of a change in focus regarding the Ishukone-Raata Viriette Commerce Expansion Zone. An initiative which saw the organization officially enter the CEWPA warzone in late July.

“Between Federal systems falling to Caldari occupation at a increased rate, the Combine TNR Colonial development claim over the Intaki System, and unwarranted PKN aggression. The board see the increasing need to adapt accordingly with this dynamic situation.”, read the board’s official release. “It is our wish to remain in step with our colleagues, and partners within the Tiuunakama Nenkanavu Rymasaikkan. While staying true to our decade-long commitment to the safety, prosperity and stability of the Intaki system.”

Alexandre Hinkelmann, the Executor of I-RED, issued a conclusive list of changes to the project. Highlighting the need to coordinate an end to the conflict within the Intaki system through diplomatic means by “opening diplomatic talks with prominent Enlisted Federal Defence Forces, in an attempt to lobby members of the Senate, Assembly, and Executive Panel as a unified voice.”

Executives within I-RED have also adjusted the bounds in which paramilitary forces under the Ishukone-Raata security directive can operate, specifically toward PKN aligned forces inside the Combine TNR development claim.

Some of these have already proven to be controversial, such as the creation of a vaguely defined “Intaki Integrity Task-Force” with sole objective to intercept any suspected PKN craft within the Intaki system. The main point of contention looks to be focused on the newly anchored Onuoto Eskeitan Station, more commonly known as the Intaki TNR Colonial Monitoring Facility, which is now in orbit of Intaki Prime.

Many of these drastic changes appear to be attempts to further solidify efforts to hinder any attempts at another PKN incursion into the area. It is unclear as to the degree of success they’ll see at this time.

In other news:

  • Khimi Harar look to step up security patrols within the Syndicate Region

  • I-RED begins Orbital Patrols of Intaki V; seeing the seizure of a capsuleer-piloted transport vessel.

  • Federal Defence Union Prepares for Final Stand in Agoze

  • “The Rookies” sees unexpected positive reviews within Lonetrek

  • Holder Dominus Degario Found Murdered at Family Estate


Ishukone-Raata Expands Saitsuo Security Partnership - PLESCO Coalition Force Formed
Koren Akko - 124.01.17

Undisclosed Joint-PLESCO Operation

Intaki, Placid - Earlier this month negotiations were concluded, detailing the wide reaching cooperative measures between the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive and their newfound partners among the Rezeki-Osmon affiliate organization regarding their mutual Intaki interests.

Since conclusion of these negotiations, members of the Directive have admitted to meeting several more times in a effort to further solidify and ultimately form a TNR Capsuleer Interest Group. Making way for the formation of a official economic and security coalition force.

“This Coalition will not only focus on the mutual interests of member groups within the Intaki solar system, but TNR interests in Placid as a whole.” Alexandre Hinkelmann stated “In doing so, our aim is to prove to the interstellar business community that the State is more then capable of ensuring continued economic growth, stability, and security within controlled Placid systems.”

During the security outline segment of the closed door conference, Shiran Mazaki stated the name of the new coalition (consisting of both the Ishuk-Raata [I-RED] and State Public [SPD]) would be known as the Placid Economic Security Commission or PLESCO.

When inquiries were made about the SCOPE reports of pirate and smuggling issues under State occupied systems Mazaki claimed “Unfounded, that’s what these claims are.” but also admitted to Federation aligned privateers disrupting trade in Ostingele, and went on to cite several successful police actions to keep the trade lanes clear.

While criticism is expected to be drawn from Federal opponents, many supporters recall the past anti-pirate actions persisted by the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive during YC114-116 and expect positive development in the region. Especially with their allied forces in the State Public Defenders.

In other news:

  • Popular Electus Matari Commander gains CSM seat
  • Unknown State Affiliate reported observing Eugales VI development
  • Unexpected Levels of Destruction seen in Kamela
  • YC124 Summit Writing Contest organizer seeks out funds

Tereven Security Joins PLESCO as Placid War Rages
Koren Akko - 124.04.30

Agoze, Placid - The last bastion of the Placid Economic Security Commission rests in a relative stable state, after the Caldari States grip on the Placid region crumbled under the weight of the renewed efforts of the Federal Defense Union.

In recent weeks PLESCO has renewed an offensive in the Viriette constellation against the privateer organization under the FDU banner, known as Cruisers Crew, conducting relentless attacks against space-borne structures under their control. While reports have shown that little ground has been made by either side when it comes to the stations themselves, recent fleet engagements have proven disastrous for joint-FDU operations in the constellation. All of which has resulted in a estimated loss of 31 billion ISK to FDU forces since the beginning of this offensive, the loss of a FDU operated construction facility in the Pain system, compared to the 5.2 billion ISK loss of PLESCO Assets - which includes the destruction of the SPD Agoze HQ.

Joint-PLESCO Forces Siege FDU Controlled Structures

With the conflict raging on, news of the addition of the Ishukone-aligned Tereven Security Corporation into the Placid Commission as quickly become widespread. While some continue criticized this move as an effort to further solidify the TNR interests and influence over the State Protectorate, many welcome the change over the fractured state of the Protectorate we’ve seen in the past.

In other news:

  • Oniseki-Internal Watch Downplay Recent Leaked Eugales Observation Structure Deployment Plan.
  • UCSC Make Gains in Serthoulde; Retake Reschard.
  • Gallente Mogul turns Sights onto Popular Media Platform Peeper.
  • New Holofilm: Black Peaks viewed as distasteful due to portrayal of Tibus Heth.

Does I-RCN have any comments regarding the Federal non-capsuleer fleets forming “gatecamps” in the rear guard areas of the Gallente warzone?

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As these are ongoing developments, I-RCN is currently looking into them. Given the recent political upheavals, however, these fleets seem to be a direct response.


BREAKING - Federal Defence Union Abandons Serthoulde
Koren Akko - 124.07.01

Mercomesier, Placid - Fighting in the Serthoulde constellation has reached new lows over the past several days as leaked intelligence reports released details into several FDU corporations intent to withdraw from the Athounon area. Their goal to shore up defences in the Essence region and attempt a counter-offensive against State occupied systems elsewhere, which corresponds with a recent report released by Ishukone-Raata’s Internal Watch.

IRV Gariushi-Oriki Unknown Location

The report claims the will to fight over the area has been diminished severely, and all but one organization aligned with the Federation has already moved assets out of Maut and into the Murethand area.

With these reports and the lack of opposition the Protectorate forces have seen it is believed that the State will retain their control over their objectives for the foreseeable future.

In other news:

  • PLESCO Conducts Successful Patrols against FDU Forces in Essence.
  • I-RTI Indicates Willingness of Joint-Research Venture between I-RED and LUMEN regarding Athounon cloud phenomena.
  • Ishukone-Raata Internal Watch Issues Warnings to ARC Affiliates over continued breaches over Athounon V Blockade.

Weekly Galactic News Roundup: July 1st


BREAKING: I-RED Raid Syndicate Facility Connected to Aenebra Cult
Selenna Solange • YC124.07.01

M2-CF1, Syndicate - An unmarked trade outpost was raided based on a months-long investigation by joint I-RED and Intaki Space Police forces. The facility seemed innocent enough, and was registered only as a private trade outpost operated by an independent mining corporation. The surprise raid yielded the arrest of three dozen individuals affiliated with the Aenebra cult, which has gained traction in the last couple years for their antics - most notably for assassinations of station government officials in Syndicate.

While in the past the Aenebra cult has mostly been relegated to operating in Placid, they have recently made a name for themselves in the region of Syndicate. A string of high-profile assassinations in the region have been linked to Aenebra, whom are an Intaki “death cult” infamous for their drugs, rituals, and assassinations.

Leading the sting operation was I-RED’s Shiran Mazaki and Korbin Lavius. Commander Mazaki lead a taskforce consisting of frigates and cruisers to rapidly storm the airspace around the facility. Once the path was cleared, Vice-Admiral Lavius jumped in a Chimera-class carrier and proceeded to launch boarding craft. A brief firefight ensued outside the station as a small fleet of frigates and fighters was assembled, but it was quickly dispatched by Mazaki’s taskforce. The fight inside the facility, however, was more drawn out.

Casualties on I-RED’s side were minimal, but higher than expected. Aenebra associates who weren’t killed outright were all detained by I-RED forces once the battle settled. Inside scan-proof vaults were hundreds of metric tons of illicit contraband - from drugs to weapons to counterfeit scrip. More importantly, however, were personal electronics which are believed to contain information regarding Aenebra operations.

It is believed that Aenebra was using this outpost as a waypoint to conduct some of its operations in the eastern portions of Syndicate. All discovered contraband was delivered to the local ISP offices located in IIRH-G. The detainees are currently being held in detention by I-RED in VV-VCR. While the operation is being labeled as an overall success, some critics couldn’t help but voice their criticism.

One Federal Defense Union strategists mentioned in a public statement following announcement of the raid, “I-RED’s headquarters in Syndicate is a mere one jump away from where the Aenebra were operating out of. You’re telling me it took them this long to figure out what was going on underneath their nose? Perhaps the Enforcement Directive isn’t as competent as some may believe…”

In response, one of the leaders of the operation, Vice-Admiral Lavius, had this to say, “Comments from Federal officials on the competency of I-RED are moot. They should focus on negotiating and completing the Intaki security franchise - which has been dragging on for years now - instead of worrying about matters that do not concern them. As for Aenebra operating so closely to I-RED, they made use of a neutrally registered private mining corporation to effectively hide in plain sight for so long. A technique that would have continued to be effective were it not for the collaborative efforts of I-RED and ISP investigators.”

I-RED Fulfills Security Contract Obligation With Syndicate Clients
Selenna Solange • YC124.07.01

VV-VCR, Syndicate - I-RED has routinely taken part of security operations related to border security on behalf of numerous Syndicate clients. Within recent weeks, one of these contracts fulfilled was border security protection following the increase in traffic related to the Federation Grand Prix.

“The possibility of a massive influx of capsuleer traffic in and through Syndicate poses a danger to some of our clients”, remarked one security analyst working in I-RED who wished to remain anonymous. “Every year there are individuals who attempt to pass through Syndicate to sell their illicit goods on the black market, which destabilizes local markets and has a negative effect on the livelihoods of Syndicate residents.”

I-RED has, to a lesser degree than last year, engaged in gate patrols to help monitor and enforce the type of capsuleer traffic flowing in and out of the region. Many capsuleer vessels were halted or prompted to follow specific directions, and those that did not were fired upon and neutralized. Post-damage analysis of ship contents revealed the presence of illicit goods in many of the vessels which were stopped.

Some critics of I-RED claim that the stunt was merely a facade for I-RED conducting illegal search and destroy missions to build up with corporate wallet.

One Federation Senator, who wished to remain unnamed stated, “I-RED’s “security operations” in Syndicate represent a fine example of Caldari anti-Federation meddling. Their attempt to ruin the spirit of Federation Day, and the Federation Grand Prix is laughable at best.”

I-RED security command refused to comment further on the matter.

Strange Cloud Phenomena Subject of Scientific Study
Koren Akko • YC124.07.01

Athounon, Placid - One of the major points of interest in the Athounon system over the last couple weeks has been an apparently abandoned EDENCOM outpost over the planet Athounon V. The structure has had a malfunctioning cloaking device, and, interestingly, is surrounded by a cloud of electromagnetically-active activity.

While it remains to be seen as to whether the occurrence of the electrical activity in the gas cloud has any significance, it has nonetheless been the interest of some scientific study. Julianni Avala of I-RED has spearheaded an Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute (I-RTI) field study into the gas cloud phenomena.

“I have considered it [researching the cloud phenomena], but I’m no scientist myself and lack scientific equipment”, admitted Avala while commenting on the subject on the Intergalactic Summit.

In a brief field study spearheaded by Avala and her I-RTI associates, it was determined that frequency of the electrical activity occurs every 60 seconds. Furthermore, the color of the lightning varies from red to a blue-white hue, and appears relatively evenly spread across the cloud.

“The occurrence of the electrical activity every 60 seconds definitely raises some questions”, commented one scientific analyst. “The frequency is unnatural and suggests that something, somewhere is causing the electrical discharge. Perhaps more study can be directed into studying the energy discharge emanating from the EDENCOM structure and how it relates to the electrical activity in the gas cloud around it. Or, maybe even if there is an association between the electrical activity of the cloud with the storm planet below.”

In addition to I-RED efforts, there have been numerous attempts by other organizations to study more about this mysterious, abandoned structure. The situation has been rather complicated since I-RED is abiding by orders directly from the CEP with regards to engaging in non-State Protectorate or Caldari Navy forces in the orbit of Athounon V.

I-RCN will continue to monitor developments as they come.

Summer of Fashion Opening Fashion Show Dazzles Audience in Poitot
Taigeru Beldeia • YC124.06

Poitot, Syndicate - The Summer of Fashion, a three-month celebration of fashion and design that takes place in Syndicate and adjacent regions, has begun with the start of July. The opening fashion show took place today in Poitot with much coverage.

This year the theme of the opening show centered on “Into the Jungle” as a metaphor for diving into what is expected to be a busy and chaotic year for Summer of Fashion. The venue was even outfitted for the theme of the year, with special displays of tropical and exotic flora and animatronic animals. Temperature and humidity control modules helped to provide an extra layer of immersion for the show. Food and drink were inspired from tropical areas of Intaki Prime.

Many of the usual fashion houses made powerful entrances with their entries into the show. Haus Porteau, brand for the illustrious Syndicate fashion mogul Rudy “Roo” Porteau, stunned audiences with his entry which was inspired by the former tropical paradise that was the Mannar homeworld.

“The lead Haus Porteau entry was phenomenal, magical, it captured the moment”, marveled one fashion critic, Jean DuPonte. “The emerald green strips of fabric were embossed in translucent material which shimmered in the walkway lights. The fit of the dress on the female model was both flattering and elegant. The added holographic touch of accessory ribbons of fabric fluttering in the wind was magical. Marvelous, just marvelous.”

Summer of Fashion has been trending on the popular social media site, Peeper™, with thousands of people putting out their thoughts into the universe.

“This summer is set to be a fierce one, with new and old design houses amping up the competition - my body is ready! #SummerofFashion”, peeped user Syndiboi4lyf.

Another user, J_fashion, peeped, “I can’t wait to get my hands on the summer catalog for Haus Porteau! My wardrobe needs some major updates girl. #SummerofFashion

The opening fashion show concluded with a grand holographic fireworks show inside the Intaki Syndicate station in Poitot. I-RCN will continue monitoring major fashion developments throughout the Summer of Fashion.

In other news…

• Reclusive Hyasyoda-affiliated mogul found dead in private Suroken station

• President of Solitude Premier Gravball League resigns amid social media outrage following comments about banning muscular tail modifications

• Rioting in Des Ponticelles, Bourynes as Nexus Health & Safety Executive moves to ban traditional Minmatar tattoo inks containing cadmium

• I-RED subsidiary purchases water rights of a major water source feeding into city of Navyi Shuru on Utpattia Protectorate colony in A-3ES3, Syndicate

• State Protectorate forces have gained and held control of Serthoulde constellation; Federal Defense Union forces appear to have abandoned control of the constellation

• Reported scientific observation by non-State Protectorate forces warned against trespassing by I-RED Enforcers

• LUMEN-hosted annual capsuleer writing contest concludes in grand festival

• Federation Day celebrations conclude with notable upsets at some of the Federation Day Miss and Mister Federation capsuleer competition winners