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In light of a recent initiative from Khimi Harar, the I-RED Directorship has formally announced plans to participate in the economic activity of this newfound trade hub…

I-RED Announces Participation In LUMEN Ammatar Mandate Economic Initiative
Jelvia Taredi • YC121.05.24

Mehatoor, Devoid - In a press conference which just concluded, I-RED leadership members Alex Hinkelmann, Roirdan Bouchate, Valdezi Sun’khar, Julianni Avala, and Leela Naisto have formally announced the organization’s interest in contributing to the Ammatar Mandate Revitalization Project spearheaded by Khimi Harar [LUMEN]. The proclamation comes after another announcement during the same press conference in which I-RED leadership members present revealed the fact that the organization will be temporarily engaging in faction warfare in support of long-time allies Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE]. Additionally, the temporary deployment reportedly also serves to train up new and returning veteran capsuleers in I-RED.

“I-RED will plan to set up buy orders for various commodities in the Tebu Amkhiman Fortizar which we hope will add to the appeal of locals and passerby utilizing the facility’s market services”, stated Executor Hinkelmann. “We are both humbled and excited by this grand opportunity to contribute to the economic prosperity of the region led by our faithful allies in LUMEN. We hope this will one small step forward in the continued strengthening of our ties with our Amarr colleagues and friends.”

When the directorship panel was asked questions on the establishment of offices from I-RED’s various subsidiaries in the Tebu Amkhiman Fortizar, Director Bouchate replied with the following:

“At the moment we are not yet ready to announce the installation of any offices, warehouses, or industrial plants from any I-RED subsidiary in the Fortizar. The I-RED Board of CEOs is currently in talks about the possibilities of basing some operations out of the facility. Namely, Integrated Health Systems and Myoka Galactic are brought up as potential candidates to make use of various leased spaces available in the Citadel.”

Meanwhile, for the past few days there have been numerous sightings of transport vessels registered under I-RED traveling between The Forge and Devoid. Presumably, these reports can be taken as a sign that I-RED is speeding up preparation for their deployment into the area, which is expected to last about a month.