Response to the Blooder Attack in Anath

As soon as the reports of the attack came in, TES Seraph’s Wrath, an Aeon-class Supercarrier was deployed near 1-SMEB in order to cut off easy escape routes to Delve. Currently, operations are ongoing.


I hope you can catch them. Good hunting, suuolo.


In related news, the 1st Battalion, 331st Sarum Hussars will be deploying to Mishi IV to assist House Etranhi in planning for a Deathglow attack. The 331st are veterans of the Alkabsi action and the Household Calvary for the Newelle Family. While there, they will also conduct CAPEX Sandstorm: a desert training exercise.


Unfortunately, combat patrols intercepted no ships carrying any of the Amarr kidnapped from Anath. It is possible the force is still in Aridia, or elsewhere.

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This 7th Fleet/RKN Security Cordon remains the most invisible fleet of ships I’ve never seen.

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Additional forces to the 331st Sarum Hussars have arrived in Mishi, along with equipment to aid with prevention, early detection and response to Deathglow attacks.


RKN has now deployed some ships around Anath IV.

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Of course they did. It’s really convenient that they just happened to be right where the attacks were. It’s must have just been excellent foresight by Garkeh, whoops, I mean Farokh, to know exactly where the blooders were going to be.

It brings me solace to know that one day God will ensure those in power in the Kingdom get rewarded for their actions with exactly what they deserve.


Not to excuse certain… personalities, but Anath is one jump out from Khanid space. It’s not exactly inconceivable that they would be able to muster a response force first, especially if they are still on alert after Kahah.

Of course, certain above-mentioned personalities being part of said response force is a remarkable coincidence indeed.

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The reason the response has been left to the RKN is that the Empire proper has become too wayward and liberal to properly handle a crisis of this sort. In order to be deployed to a slave uprising, each Amarrian soldier probably has to complete the equivalent of a semester or three’s worth of Mandatory Human Rights Training, while a legion or two worth of Human Rights Lawyers and Activists must be raised and outfitted with law books, neon colored placards, smartphones, and the like.

The RKN follows the old ways and can deploy much faster.

Congratulations, Nauplius. That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

With every blooder attack the true culprits become more and more obvious. At this point, if you don’t realize the most likely source of the attacks, you’re either completely vapid or lying to cover for them and therefore complicit.


Considering that he is operating outside his liege’s domain, though, it’d be interesting to learn whether the RKN generally and Aga-Count Chakaid personally asked first or whether they/he just kind of turned up and then “asked.” Going to a neighbor’s aid isn’t the kind of activity that’s usually questionable, but you can kind of see House Kador gritting its collective teeth when greeted with this specific fait accompli.

“Yes. Of. Course. That’s. Just. FINE.”

Mr. Nauplius, from all reports there’s barely anyone left to revolt.

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I’d imagine some sort of distress call was activated first, which would technically make it an obligation to the RKN to respond first - if they were, indeed, the closest military asset in the vicinity of Anath - and worry about the regional lines later.

All that still assuming they’re acting in good faith.


Of course. And assuming they just happened to have this particular commander.

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Awful lot of coincidences, I agree.
But I’d rather have some concrete evidence to act upon first rather than throw my thesaurus at “terrorist harlots” in indignation.


Yes, it’s always better to wait and see, to let uncertainty and the potential for error lead to inaction and paralysis. That way, we can be sure. We can be sure that more of these attacks will happen. We can be sure that more people will die. We can be sure that there are more chances to say ‘we should wait for concrete evidence’.


Who said “wait”? Did I say “wait”? I don’t recall saying “wait”.

How odd. Need to check the warranty on that memory implant.

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So then this doesn’t mean ‘spend more time attempting to get concrete evidence before taking action against the Blooder we know is the culprit’?


Imagine that, it means “attempting to get concrete evidence” instead of “wait”. I thought you had a reputation for pedantry 'round these forums. Surely you can see the difference.

Anyway. Shockingly enough, I don’t want to antagonize people I have common ground with on the subject matter, so let me try to get this across civilly.

You can assume that he’s a Blooder. It’s highly likely that you’re right. But “highly likely” would see you laughed out of every court worth a damn, especially since the person in question is at that sweet spot where’s he’s high enough to be nigh untouchable for us plebes and low enough for supreme powers-that-be to not bother investigating without a really good reason, especially given his powerful benefactor. Sadly, the word of a capsuleer isn’t worth much in this regard. I know mine isn’t. It’s either back-against-the-wall evidence nobody can ignore, or the other option.

That other option is frontier justice, which has already been tried and has little to show for it but more fuel for this insufferable lout to pour on the fire and some poor dead horses. It’s reasonable to assume that any repeat attempts will run into heightened security and run at an even higher risk of failure and backfire, legal and moral issues notwithstanding (although given his stellar conduct on Kahah, I doubt many tears would be shed due to either of the two).

I also think death is far too good for a Blooder, but that’s just my personal peeves speaking up.

I don’t say “give up and twiddle our thumbs”. Investigate. Call in old favors. Put out feelers. Search the wrecks and the ruins. Tend to the victims, and make sure to question them. Throttle the local Blooders - Aridia is crawling with them.
Sooner or later, someone will slip up, and someone is finally going to pay for all this.