[SARUM] 331st Sarum Hussars Deploying to Alkabsi

In light of the recent attacks against Holy Amarr, the 331st Sarum Hussars (The Newelle Household Calvary) have been pulled from Kahah, where they were preparing for a future visit by Lord Sarum, to Alkabsi IV.

The Regimental Headquarters Troop and 1st Squadron will be deployed and fully engaged within eight hours of this posting.

The regiment will be fully deployed within 24 hours and fully engaged within 36. This represents the first combat deployment of the 331st.

The 331st is comprised of four mechanized infantry squadrons, each containing three troops of mechanized infantry and one headquarters troop. (1st-4th Squadron.) There is also an artillery squadron and a support squadron. In total, this represents a deployment of over 2800 troops and 180 vehicles to the combat zone.

1st Sarum Royal Army will have OPCON of the 331st until the Alkabsi operation is complete.

Prior to their deployment, Lady Newelle, a direct vassal of Lord Sarum, having been elevated to holder for her skill in the Succession Trials, gave the assembled regiment a succinct deployment order.

“Fire and blood and death.”

To those rebels reading this: “Run and you shall be crushed. Stand and you shall fall. Kneel and you shall be saved.”


It’ll be interesting to see if your primitive and savage bloodlust will be maintained when you realize that many of us very much prefer dying on our feet rather than living on our knees. That you choose such a… classic regimental structure is telling enough when it comes to the intent behind its deployment.

Good. Demonstrate your zealous frothing savagery. Show your bloodlust and your intent to all of New Eden. Show everyone that this is something worth rising up against, because it’s certainly too corrupt, savage and primitive to serve.


2800 troops and 180 vehicles ?

That’s a drop in the ocean compared to what you need to secure a whole planet, surely.

The 331st are not the only forces committed to the operation.

Well, obviously.

However, what, other than being an extremely minor rear-area garrison force under command of the Sarum Family commander, does such a small force hope to achieve ?

Whatever the Commander of the 1st Sarum Royal Army wishes.


Other than the deployment of the regiment, everything remains classified for OPSEC.

Nothing a few well placed Anti-tank mines and collapsed bridges cant stop.

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The vast majority of capsuleers have no idea how ground combat actually works and I have neither the time nor crayons to explain it. Just shut up before you confirm your idiocy further.

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Given that the City of Kaztropolis Police consists of some 15,000 uniformed officers, and that pacifying a slave riot is more of a policing action than a military action, I remain sceptical.

I say again, the 331st are not the only forces committed to the operation.

2.8k soldiers? Uh… Just, wow i wouldn’t bother deploying with any less than 5k, mind you that’s with a second batallion of engineers and that’s just one division… What are you trying to accomplish exactly, like taking 5 city blocks or…?

Sounds like your going to be responsible for the loss of 2.8k of your countrymen needlessly, they just don’t have support even with mechanised infantry…

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Please, regale me with your knowledge of ground operations. I’d be interested to hear your theories on COIN, as well. I’m sure you have quite a bit of experience in these areas.

Establish orbital superiority with the Fleet. Drop Marines on to designated beachheads supported by aerial drone fire support and target designation. Slag heavy enemy concentrations with airburst plasma thermobarics or kinetic kill rounds delivered from the Fleet.

Although that is the Caldari method; high impact and low casualty.

I’m familiar with that doctrine. However, that is not called for in this situation. I will have to reply to you and Ms. Del’thul when I have more time to actually string together a few paragraphs.

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I encourage all Amarrians and allies to follow this reasoning.

Well, if the only remaining fighting in Alkabsi is in what is the desert outback, sure an armoured unit makes sense.

If you had said you were bringing a tank or mechanized unit into a city, sure, I would chuckle.

It’s just Amarr. Amarrian is an adjective. I suppose you could also use it as an adverb, as well.

I’m not inclined to discuss specifics here. This includes the location of the deployment. I know that such an idea is strange for this forum. After all, most people post entire details of their operation, including the date, time, and ship classes.

We’re both warriors, so I think I can leave it there.

Though I will say the 331st has left their horses back on Mekhios. :wink:


And it’s not just capsuleers who really don’t do ground combat – seems more like an Amarr and Gallente preference to do since presumably they have the population to absorb it. Which is reflected in the training of Fed marines and the Imperial Guard.

In the State, the strategy is usually centered around control of the highest ground possible: space. All the investment and training goes to the Fleet and A2AD.

The Caldari Army is just conscripts for holding actions mostly.