[ARC] Joined operation request to the Empires, EDENCOM and loyal capsuleers

ARC did not. EM did.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Head Diplomat
Electus Matari


I don’t think it’s ARC you’re thinking of.

ARC gave your lot the chance to prove that you didn’t completely disregard the lives of the people on the planets you were responsible for plunging into Abyssal hell. You took that chance that ARC so graciously provided you, a chance that many would not provide you, and the Triglavian supporters who accepted ARC’s invitation chose to throw that chance out the window, withdraw from the humanitarian mission, and use your staged fleet to begin assault on the new Invasion of Caslemon.

That lot of Triglavian bootlickers were the ones to prove not only their hostility to humanity, but their sheer lack of integrity. ARC had nothing to do with either the hit on the Triglavian structure in Vale or its mostly unopposed destruction. That was EM and PNS acting on our own volitions.

Here you try to slander ARC is half-truths and whole lies. But there’s few you’re fooling. You showed your dishonesty during the very same event you’re trying to use to smear ARC.

Arsia Elkin
Bad at Shutting Up
Electus Matari

PS - You lost Caslemon. You threw away that potential goodwill for nothing.


Having read all the…pontificating, I can only say that ARC did try to negotiate with the Kybernauts, but they proved to be unwilling to provide satisfactory terms. We went into Vale, did our operation and left.

It was then others chose to remain and stage their own operations to which ARC had no knowledge of, nor were they sanctioned by our alliance.

So I highly advise next time accusations fly, this is remembered.

As for the timeliness of this operation, I can only apologize it hasn’t happened sooner.

Lasairiona Raske
Head Diplomat
Arataka Research Consortium


Staged and deployed under an ARC operation. Don’t try to pretend this is supposed to mean something, the fact that ARC could not screen its volunteer forces for maniacs itching for a fight while on this supposed humanitarian, delicate operation speaks for themselves.

Oh, how fortunate that the head diplomat of ARC graces us with her presence. I suppose this means that we can expect a public disavowment and condemnation of what EM and affiliated forces did in Vale, then?

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Well, maybe next time you guys can show up to the operation you were invited to instead of trying to sneak off and take a system that happened to get invaded.

Then you could have tried and stopped us.

Arsia Elkin
Sick of Hypocritical Triglavian Supporters
Electus Matari

How are we meant to condemn what we didn’t condone in the first place?

This appears to be a ploy to detract from the matters at hand. I’m addition, your remarks seem to hold little merit with the volunteers for this operation. You may kindly take your vitriol elsewhere. I, for one, will not be tolerating it.

Have a marvellous day.


We were not under ARC command. They could not have stopped us from coming and they could not have stopped us from shooting whatever we decided to.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Head Diplomat
Electus Matari


What efforts will be taken to maintain public order in the event of being able to land on the planets ?

A previous report indicated martial law and firing with lethal intent on people rushing the spaceports was necessary to maintain order.

I highly doubt Gutter Press is a legitimate source of news, however hysterical it may be.

Failure to disavow noted, Head Diplomat.

Legitimate source or not, the concern is very legitimate. I am noting that while you were quite willing to clarify that ARC forces did not attack that structure in Vale, you don’t seem very concerned with the accusations of intending to involuntarily remove people from Pochven.

It’s kind of funny in that sad sort of way when the Triglavians conduct an unprovoked armed invasion of CONCORD signatories and the Zorya lackeys decry the hostility of those that support said signatories.

As far as I remember, Triglav brought warships not peace to New Eden.


I wouldn’t have called the subject matter of that report hysterical.

As for legitimacy, as I understood it, the GP reporter was actually on the ground at the time.

Criminal capsuleers claiming peaceful legitimacy on behalf of those not interested in it? I cannot help but feel I have seen this holo before.

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Be it plausable deniability or not, you do know that this type of assortment does not bring “control” with it.

We may know how public gatherings starts, but not how it ends.

And in an area where a lot of people show up to fight, have it happen at the same time as a rescue operation does not necessarily mean support.

Omission perhaps.

Well, last I checked I am a psychopath murdering criminal without much interest in legitimacy or peaceful accord.

I do not enjoy hypocrisy or disingenuous banter either so I do not say, as a Gurista, that hostility on the part of those I harm is not earned by all rights.

I can take responsibility for my actions and those whom I support.

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Majority of kybernauts are not criminals according to yulai accords. Everything else is just the matter of your own personal distaste, and nothing more.
I’m not questioning the motives of your masters, and strongly advise to not question ours.

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There is a lot of criticism and several accusations. I’ll adress these as much as possible in this single reply.

  • @Lauralite_Anne_Brezia There are clear limitations to what a single capsuleer organisation can achieve. ARC is genuine in its desire to evacuate people still stranded in Pochven but the success of the evacuation depends heavily on the Empires, EDENCOM and capsuleers working together to achieve this. The near total free usage of Triglavian gates within Pochven finally provides an opportunity for such a large scale operation. To state this is just for PR purposes is extremely distateful.

  • @Woodrow_Ormand ARC has done a lof of research on the Triglavians and published multiple publicly available reports on this. One of these reports included the importance of blue stars and a list of systems that were very likely to get targeted. This was far before the Triglavians began their efforts to conquer systems and the ‘creation’ of the Pochven region.

    When Pochven was created, ARC was active for months in Pochven to deal with the threat of Roque Drones, Sleepers and Drifters. ARC made another publicly available report on how to deal with the Drifters and their Doomsday weapons; arguably the biggest threat in Pochven.
    During all of this, engaging and destroying Triglavian forces was actively avoided as this will weaken the forces that should defend those residing in Pochven.

    When ARC made the discovery of the Triglavian gates in Pochven, it went public on the very same day to make this information public knowledge and to call for joined operations.
    In short: ARC has gone above and beyond what could be expected from any scientific organisation.

  • With regard to the Vale evacuation efforts: I refer to the replies from @Arsia_Elkin , @Elsebeth_Rhiannon and @Lasairiona_Raske.

  • To those who have offered their support, it is greatly appreciated and I look forward to discuss and coordinate our joined efforts.

  • With regard to the requested details on the ‘how do you plan to do this?’: organising any joined operations, especially on this scale, presents a lot of challenges. More details will follow as soon as possible but with OpSec in mind.


(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)


The op in Vale came off very much as a PR stunt, in terms of perception, and yes I was present to witness it. You did rescue some people, but… it was, at the time, a one off event that got a surprising amount of press coverage, so you can understand why it comes off that way. I look at it similarly to the large scale evacuation op of Skarkon. Of which I was also present to witness, and despite it being a major and notable effort, still was woefully limited, but also garnered rather surprisingly large amounts of press coverage. All the while I and others were more actively and continuously running and coordinating extended evacuations for months alongside Bosena Accords despite being opposed constantly in it by the local ‘governor’ of the system and his hired lackeys. I hope this clarifies my skepticism.

If you’re serious about a long term, at scale evacuation effort? I’m all for it, and will volunteer my assistance and contacts in Pochven to assist in this. Just make sure its people that want to leave that are picked up.

And… I don’t believe I stated this was going to be just for PR purposes. I said to make sure your priorities are in the right place, and so far it seems so.

Your masters’ motives were not mentioned; what was is that self-professed Kybernauts are criminals and traitors to humanity, something clear to a blind man.


With respect; all succesful humanitarian and public-good organizations do some PR. They have to, as they almost in practice always rely on contacts, donations, volunteers and patronage for running. That an organization has good PR on something does not mean that something was done just for PR purposes.

Reputation is everything.