[ARC] Joined operation request to the Empires, EDENCOM and loyal capsuleers

If you consider us as traitors, then blame CONCORD and your own inability to adapt. We don’t have anything to do about it anymore, by this logic of yours.
I said that just because it was most polite rephrase for “stay out of the business which is not yours”.

Pontificating verbiage aside, you did not really say anything.


With all due disrespect to the Kybernauts here, I find it disindigenous that some of you believe yourselves on the morally high ground when you complain about ARC forces abducting citizens, attacking worlds and destroying Kybernaut structures.

You are the traitors, and your masters, the invaders. Taking things from you is not theft, it is reclamation. Destroying your property is not a crime, it is a successful operation. Killing you is not murder, it is righting a wrong.


Ms. Maxwell, not to sound like I am going to defend the invaders (Kybernauts, etc), yet they do have moral superiority over ARC. At least Triglavians came in with rather open confrontation and with Honorable combat, trying to contest our systems.

ARC, on the other hand, harbors known Pirate loyalists, known dishonorable and disgraced person. Even the person who did start ARC, herself is an infamous person known for lies, slanders, dishonorable and cowardly conduct. If Triglavians say something, you have all the reasons to believe they will follow their words. While ARC personnel are known for lies, slander, cowardice and dishonor…

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And trust me, when an Amarr calls out pontificating verbiage, you’re veering all the way into me territory…

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I will have to disagree with you. I will not attempt to disprove what you say about ARC; that is not my place. But I have worked with them in a limited form in the past, and I would sooner work with them again in the future than I ever would with any Kybernaughts.

A canvas sack full of Triglavian honor is worth the sack.

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I can say that while I do consider Triglavians and Kybernaughts as enemies of the State, if for some reason we will have to operate on a temp-blue conditions, I would trust them to honor the agreement and not backstab us until the term ends.

While with ARC I wouldn’t trust even a single word of them.
I consider any sort of collaboration with ARC as a security threat to Caldari State.

The problem is, since Convocation currently stood down in order to allow Clades to solve their internal issues, you will have hard times negotiating any unified agreement. Let’s say, even clade-affiliated kybernauts don’t have single opinion on what ARC is about to do, let alone how to react on it.

That is what the Intaki diplomatic core is notable for. and why I specifically called for Federal inclusion.

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Truly this is of the upmost priority, and we have great things expected of a fleet that is 8 months in the formation for the attempted evacuations of peoples on the various habitable worlds within the occupied Pochven Systems.

There are several questions regarding this that we may be able to assist with as many civilians here are unsure as to leaving, as many have been infected with Bioadaptive bacterial strains and are somewhat skeptical of the treatment awaiting them from CONCORD or strictly loyalist organizations, let alone those independent organizations run by immortals. Counteragents to mutagenic bacterial infection are still under development, and there may be some issues we do not yet understand removing individuals affected from the unique environments of Pochven in aggregate.

In all candor large scale evacuations take time, planets take years to fully evacuate at the best of times, and the conditions in Pochven are hardly ideal, with specifics that I would assume that ARC knows well. The Evacuation of Skarkon II is ongoing and is a collaborative effort between several organizations including Bosena Accords, Electus Matari and their local factors, UNF, and several independents, and this ongoing evacuation of a relatively sparsely populated world has taken months to get even close to being considered “done.” As such I do not think people involved in this should expect a full evacuation of the populaces of the occupied worlds, or even a majority of them; however, a large number of people being returned to their home governance, to their peoples is a victory into and of itself even if not a perfect one.

Do not misunderstand me, I understand Skarkon also has a number of specific challenges that are relatively unique to it, but they are becoming less so on the other worlds, so I understand why this may have become far more relevant. Evacuation of those individuals who wish to leave will not be an easy task on any of the worlds within Pochven, especially without a long-term support plan in place. Communications need to be sent out, Landing Zones and Rally points set up and researched, and all on worlds that are held by groups that may be hostile to those involved, making any evacuation necessitate the assumption of an opposed planetary landing without drop pod or suit, as any individual participating in ingress will need to be brought out through egress as well.

These are not insurmountable, but they are ones which will require careful pre-planning, intelligence, ground-side assets, established stable contact with local communities, and defined schedules. Some of these I am sure are already in the works, but others are somewhat prerequisites to know, to ensure that this is not going to just a seat of the pants type evacuation attempt where the rush and lack of planning ends up getting more mortals needlessly killed. I am of course not accusing you of attempting such a lackluster display of organization abilities but pointing out that there are angles to the announcement that might not have been considered, potential readings that one might be able to interpret unfavorably towards the motivations behind the public announcement of the effort in the announcement’s current form.

That said, I still wish luck in efforts to evacuate those individuals who wish to leave these worlds, but advise caution in proceeding. And would instead advise methods looking at long-term evacuation strategies to ensure as many as possible can leave this conflict prone space as want to.

I do not wish luck on the involuntary displacement and removal of individuals who wish to remain though; furthermore, I would advise to not sully the concepts and typical respect due to humanitarian efforts by launching attacks alongside the humanitarian operations. Attacks and military operations put non-combatants at-risk unnecessarily, so should be avoided if at all possible.

As well, regular surface operations on Skarkon II are not strictly speaking safe at the moment, we will endeavor to keep the Camlann Air Corridor as free from military traffic as we have continued to do, to assist with evacuation flights sent by ourselves, Electus Matari, and other independent captains to the Skarkon Stellar Traffic Control System. I would also advise caution on where the probes are launched as we would want to ensure that it is not mistaken as a weapon system launched against one of the many factions on-world.

Additionally, I apologize for the confrontational tone taken by my comrades and myself, we have been involved in the evacuation for quite some time, so it has become easy to respond with terse words for those who have been unable to respond until much later. And I know how difficult it can be to have one’s motives judged unfairly by those who are less familiar with the specifics of what is going on.

Thaddeus Reynolds
Chief Elysian Steward and Warden Elect
The Bosena Accords and Avalon


All slander and mud throwing aside, I feel compelled to speak up as it draws the focus away from a mass evacuation attempt. I will also extend another hand as a sign of good faith to adress some of the concerns:

  • As with the Vale evacuation efforts: if there are concerns about the evacuation efforts being a cover for other actions: step forward if you want to act as an observer and this includes pro-Triglavians.
    Due to the open hostily, 5 people who step up will be accepted as an observer. We’ll strive for a diverse group of observers. We do request the observers to show up in a exploration frigate without weapons or combat drones.

  • If you feel/believe/know that you can do a better job at evacuating people out of Pochven, please make it happen. ARC does not care who does it, only that it happens.

With regard to more information on the evacuation effort itself:

  • Industrial ships will be used to evacuate people from planets and they will position themselves near Custom Offices. If there are no custom offices, the ships will enter low orbit;

  • To evacuate people from the planets, we will make use of the Custom Offices and available planetary facilities.

  • How to best include shuttles and/or planetary vehicles into the evacuation efforts is currently being determined.

  • A timetable with more information on when and on what planets the evacuation efforts will take place will be made public within the next two days. This timetable will also be broadcasted in Pochven on all available frequencies. This will be done using accessable Upwell Structures, the deployed Survey Probes on planets in Pochven and via pilots in Pochven who wish to broadcast it.

More updates will follow.


(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)


What a fascinating enterprise.

But tell me–where has your rescue flotilla been for the last eight months?

Skarkon was one of the last systems to fall. Why, when the Collective first arrived in Skarkon for reconnaissance, did you not evacuate ALL the civilians immediately? Why were the lives of those citizens not valuable enough to save in advance?

Instead, eight months go by before you organize your contribution towards rescue–and at the exact moment it is most politically expedient for the Empires to do so. What a coincidence!

Moreover, I fail to see why the remaining citizens of Skarkon deserve “rescue” in any case.

The people of Skarkon underwent a Proving, as is only right. Those exhibiting poshlost noemata were expelled from the flow. Those who embraced the sobornost noemata now walk the path of Glorification. Who are you to deny the Triglavian victors what was rightfully earned by valor and sacrifice?

News of your foolhardy plan has already entered the Cladeflow. The call to repel your poshlost incursion has sounded, and the kybernauts of Stribog Clade stand ready to Prove you once again.

Sahara Jackal
Glorified Kybernaut
Director of Diplomacy
Stribog Clade


Are you referring to Skarkon II? My records show a regrettable decline in planetary exports from there lately. Perhaps you could import some harder workers, instead? Be a dear and bring them to the customs office and I’ll jet them down to the surface for you. Cheers!


“Also: Bwahahahaha!”

Another thing I like about the actual Triglavians: they don’t really gloat.


You seem to fundamentally misunderstand the scale and resources that go into a proper planetary evacuation effort, ontop of that, you seem to be woefully arrogant and combative over what very well could be a mostly peaceful endeavor.

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No such thing as mostly peaceful. There is peaceful and there is militant. ARC decided on the latter.

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… gods and spirits do I have to explain …

There’s also, “prepared for trouble but not looking for it.”

Taking that as a challenge is probably the most Triglavian-like thing about your reaction to date, Ms. Malitia. So, good job, I guess.


Miss Jackal,

It would seem that I need to repeat an earlier reply and expand upon it.

  • ARC has done a lof of research on the Triglavians and published multiple publicly available reports on this. One of these reports included the importance of blue stars and a list of systems that were very likely to get targeted. This was far before the Triglavians began their efforts to conquer systems and the ‘creation’ of the Pochven region.

    When Pochven was created, ARC was active for months in Pochven to deal with the threat of Roque Drones, Sleepers and Drifters. ARC made another publicly available report on how to deal with the Drifters and their Doomsday weapons; arguably the biggest threat in Pochven.
    During all of this, engaging and destroying Triglavian forces was actively avoided as this will weaken the forces that should defend those residing in Pochven.

During all of this; ARC welcomed all pilots, regardless of their background. This included multiple members from the Stribog Clade and other pro-Triglavian pilots. They were welcomed and treated like any other pilot, without any suspicion or accusations. Even after attacks from Stribog fleets.


  • ARC is a scientific organisation and it has clearly gone above and beyond what can be expected of any scientific group.

  • Mass evacuation efforts were impossible as long as the use of Triglavian gates within Pochven required to be held in good standings by the Triglavian Collective;

  • Then there is the disturbing recent news of the clades infighting on planets with troops that originate from other planets.

Clearly there is no better time for mass evacuation efforts to assist people who wish to leave Pochven.

Since the request for a joined evacuation effort was made, there have been plenty of accusations and concerns directed at ARC, including slander and mud throwing. ARC has adressed these accusations and concerns and once again given the opportunity for observers to be present. ARC has been extremele open about the plans and more information will be made available in the next couple of days.

Just as with the Vale evacuation, ARC has extended a hand in order to show good faith. This has been done in order to try and avoid conflict and violence for the sake of those who are residing in Pochven. Instead of taking that hand and showing that your organisation does care about those who live in Pochven, you have decided on this response.

While not suprising, I had hopes for a different reply.


(ARC Fleet Commander)
(CONCORD Loyalist)


I understand that it is extremely difficult. But I also understand that it is possible to do extremely difficult things given the required resources.

Someone (many someones, really) made the decisions about how much effort that would be. Are you really suggesting that those decisions must never be questioned?

You claim to have extended a hand in good faith, yet this post calls on only for those that would have both Kybernaut and Triglavian alike wiped out. You claim that Vale was not your doing, yet your own head diplomat refuses to even disavow the actions of your escorts. You claim to have humanitarian motives yet leave concerns that this will be a rushed operation displacing many unwilling residents of Pochven unaddressed.
There’s no denying ARC’s scientific contributions, and for those you have my sincerest thanks, but you are leading an army into our home. An army, that as Vale very clearly demonstrated, you have no power to control. An army you explicitly pulled from the ranks of those most hostile to us and the Collective.
With all due respect, your own motives are irrelevant at this point. You intend to spearhead an invasion, and as Electus Matari has wonderfully coined in the past: All invaders must die.

You wish to help those unwilling to remain here? This avenue is not the one to take.