Sedevacantist Statement on Kahah and Lord Chakaid

Naupilus, you’re kidding, right?

A wise man once said, don’t take Nauplius seriously. Ever.

Do you have the transcripts, and if so, may you share them please?

Much of his profundity is collected here:

Among many of the posts listed there, consider this one:

Words calculated to pry at our world’s foundations, a prayer for division, hatred, strife, and collapse.

At the time we mostly thought it was for his ambition. Now it seems the corrosion was the purpose, and the appearance of ruthless ambition was itself a mask.



About the Local transcripts during the battle, do you have them?

He would have had to be there to get them, but all of us that were there putting the heretic down would have also happily shot at Nauplius

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Am I reading this right, do you share beliefs of Equilibrium of Mankind?

Adversary Kim, Nauplius is asserting that because Chakaid is hyper-orthodox, hyper-competent, and hyper-focused on genocide, he would never be a member of the hyper-orthodox, hyper-focused on genocide Equilibrium (competence in question).

Consequently, the Chakaid we witnessed smite a planet was an agent used by the Amarrian Empress to discredit the hyper-orthodox, hyper-focused Sedevacantists.


Since he was not present to defend whom he claims to support, here you go Ms.Tsukiyo

Alar Chakaid > Now is the time to open the Gates of Paradise!
Alar Chakaid > Glory to the One True God! Open the Gates of Paradise, my brothers and sisters!
Alar Chakaid > Die Arraz, you fool! The Gates of Paradise open this day!
Alar Chakaid > Holy! Holy! Holy!
Alar Chakaid > Glory to the One True God!

Just after that his Titan became a Very Very nice Fireball


When the Amarr religion promotes genocide and murder it’s unsurprising when it produces people like Alar Chakaid and their genocidal death cult.

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Of course, it’s why I don’t couch my violence or self-interest behind religion or ideology.

That would be a rather specific hypocrisy; another might look a good deal like projecting your own violence and self-interest upon a faith you clearly lack significant understanding of.

I don’t see much need for understanding the tenuous justifications made for Amarrian history.

I appreciate this man’s honesty. A true Amarrian, giving voice to all of your insipid hearts.

Precisely the dichotomy that doctrinal black hole would seek to promote; an Amarr subject is a hyper-combative heretic or insipid. Not something in your position I would be keen to see propagated.

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist condemns the recent unjust persecution of followers of Lord Alar Chakaid, who was and is totally innocent in the matter of Kahah and who is a victim of a false flag operation by anti-Empress Catiz, as stated in the original post of this thread.

Sedevacantists everywhere are urged to offer shelter and support to the persecuted followers of Lord Chakaid, and those followers are invited to join the Sedevacantist Church.

So, you now openly condemn and seek to obstruct the work of even your own liege, His Royal Highness Khanid?

I suppose you already did that implicitly the moment you advocated treason against Her Imperial Majesty, but still. I have to admit that your desperation to alienate yourself from literally everybody in the cluster is remarkable, Nauplius.


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