Federal Marines & Serpentis Forces impose Martial Law on Vale V!

Astonishing scenes on Vale V, as the surviving Federal Marines and local Serpentis elements have imposed martial law, in an attempt to maintain any kind of order in the evacuation of the planet.

Capsuleer-backed forces have continued evacuation efforts, with many dropships landing every hour. The number of ships landing is simply not enough, and the Marines & Serpentis use lethal force to stop desperate refugees from rushing and overloading the dropships.

Queues of desperate refugees surround the landing pads, with Marines and Serpentis troopers opening fire on any queue jumpers, using fear to maintain the tiniest amount of order around the spaceport zones.

This reporter was able to speak to the surviving Marine officer in command, a young 2nd Lieutenant, who had this to say: “Lady, the fact is, not everyone is getting off this planet. We do this, the dropships can continue to operate. Otherwise, they’d get wrecked, and no-one gets off at all.”

The local Serpentis ground force commander was unwilling to say anything on the record, regarding their co-operation with Federal forces. A junior Serpentis NCO had this to say to Gutter Press: “We’re staying till the last evac ship leaves. After that, we’re going to go out fighting. Look Ma ! I’m on Hypernet! Snakes rule ! Woooooo !”.

Despite these conditions, the citizens morale remains surprisingly high, with every departing transport met with cheers from the crowds.

Civil authority though, appears to have almost completely broken down, with no evidence of any functioning governmental apparatus remaining.

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For those who have witnessed the desperate situation after the Seyllin incident, it is good to see the Cartel once again helping evacuation efforts.

Now, if only ENDECOM and the Federation lifted the communication bans, perhaps more could be done for those civilians and private rescue forces.

EDENCOM and Gallente Federation Agree Information Quarantine on Communications from Vale System: “Risks of Triglavian Subversion Unacceptably High”

If the senior officer in command is only a 2nd LT, then… things have gone very badly wrong indeed.

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Considering the sheer number of capsuleers who joined the Triglavians in this war, it would be very unwise to lift that communications quarantine and risk even more damage to the Federation.

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