Vale People's Liberation Army clashes with Triglavian forces on Vale V!

Gutter Press, reporting from the ground on Vale V, which remains under siege by Triglavian forces.

A group calling itself the “Vale People’s Liberation Army” has clashed with Triglavian light forces on Vale V, in an attempt to drive the Triglavian forces off the planet.

According to a spokesperson, the VPLA consists of volunteers armed with locally-produced weaponry, and seeks to expel the Triglavian invaders from the surface, in the hopes of encouraging a massive counterattack by the Federation Navy in space.

The VPLA are reported to have surrounded several Triglavian ground installations, where Triglavian forces are engaged in mysterious activity.

The overall situation on Vale V continues to slowly deteriorate, with planetary authorities unable to consistently maintain contact with the overall Vale system government, and civil unrest growing, as shortages of several commodities continues.

Some supplies have reached the planet, via supply-drops organised by capsuleers, though the Triglavians maintain overall space superiority, interdicting the normal intrasystem traffic.

Support from the VPLA is high among the common citizenry, though the planetary authorities have condemned any and all acts of aggression against the Triglavians, citing the threat of massive retaliation as has been reported elsewhere.

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I must say that this will greatly impede ongoing relief efforts. VPLA activity will only incite further response and greater interdiction efforts by Triglavian forces.

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What do you expect ? People are desperate.

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The whole “don’t fight them; they’ll go away” argument is useless and annoying. join a side already…

I never said they would go away. I simply am echoing facts that the Triglavians have a disproportionately hostile response to active organized resistance on the ground. People should not simply accept their fate, but shouldn’t stupidly throw themselves into what likely will be a meat grinder. The Gallente Navy won’t be coming to save them because they put up a fight against the trigs, they’ll just become another statistic that too many are so willing to accept as being inevitable.


" People should not simply accept their fate, but shouldn’t stupidly throw themselves into what likely will be a meat grinder." Well, i suggest you grab a transport and move out of system and let the Edencomm forces and LOYAL Pilots save it. I know when they attacked one of my favorite systems, i got in a battleship, joined the Edencomm Fleet and spent the next two days senting waves of dirty triggs back to the Abyss. It was fun and profitable. Yes i lost a insured battleship, however it was easily replaced because of bounty payouts. Now don’t you have a Transport to 1.0 space to get on…

Vale has already long since fallen, and Edencom and LOYAL PILOTS as you call them, have not made any efforts to try and relieve the stranded populace since Mr. Deninard. I have, as have various third parties, been running a relief effort for Vale after it was abandoned by Edencom for more ‘defensible’ ground for some time now, so stow it.