Vale citizens defiant in face of Triglavian occupation

Gutter Press, reporting from the surface of Vale V, where many citizens remain defiant despite the occupation of the star system by Triglavian forces and the withdrawal of the Federation Navy.

Defiance !

The initial wave of panic has passed, and most citizens are attempting to go about their business as best they can in the situation. An initial wave of panic-buying and occasional looting of commercial premises was suppressed by the local police forces. With debris cleared from the streets, the situation remains calm, but tense.

Tension !

FTL commlinks remain open at the current time, allowing citizens to remain in contact with the outside, which has increased worry amongst some citizens as to the immediate future of the system.

“It’s Federation Day, and I intend to celebrate it”, said one citizen on Vale V, patting a sidearm that they were openly carrying. “I’m going to shoot these fireworks, and if those pointy-heads have a problem with it, I’ll deal with them too.”
“Was a lot of people rushing the local Fedmart, till the police showed up”, said another citizen. “We’re all worried though.”
“Lots of people buying plasma rifles and body armour”, said a Fedmart cashier. “Dunno that it’d do them any good though”

Fireworks !

Dire predictions have flooded the local social media networks, claiming that the atmosphere will freeze by the end of July, while other theories circulating claim that the Triglavians will bioadapt the populace before too long.

“I don’t want to be bioadapted into anything!”, said one exotic dancer.
“If dancing girls have to wear biosuits, then what’s the point of living ?”, asked an exotic dance establishment customer.
“Do these Triglavians even have exotic dance ?” asked another dancer.

Civil authorities have appealed for citizens not to act rashly, and to avoid provoking the Triglavian forces which have been sighted outside city limits in several places.
While the vast majority of the population have been complying with these requests, some police officers have expressed concern that law and order may begin to break down within weeks, as supply shortages occur.

Other members of the citizens have other ideas.
“I’m not going to just give up”, said an ethnic Mannar citizen. “Worst comes to it, me and a few buddies are going to rush the Trigs, maybe take some of them down with us. No Surrender !”
“I want to be the first kid on my block with a confirmed Triglavian kill”, said a young ethnic Brutor citizen.
“Sure, we’d probably lose, but I’d prefer to die on my terms. And if the pointyheads are put off from invading other Federal planets, then good!”, said an elderly Jin-Mei shopkeeper.
“I bet these Trigs have never seen Dimac”, said a young Jin-Mei martial arts expert.

Elsewhere in Vale, a substantial increase in the Serpentis presence in the system has been noticed, with some citizens expressing a hope that perhaps Serpentis Corporation might deploy their capital ships to repel the Triglavian presence. Gurista elements have also been noticed.

Could Salvador Sarpati yet be the unlikely saviour of Vale ? Time will tell.

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