Vale exotic dancers claim contact with Triglavian occupying force!

Gutter Press reporting from the ground on Vale V.

Sensational reports reached Gutter Press today that some local exotic dancers have seemingly made contact with the Triglavian occupying forces, at an exotic dance club located in the desert of Vale V’s northern continent.

Dancers at the “Steak & Bitches Restaurant & Bar”, an establishment normally catering for planetary mining crews travelling to and from the mines in the desert, claimed that over the weekend, a group of 9 Triglavian soldiers entered the club and availed themselves of the entertainments on offer.

One of the dancers, by the name of Melons McGee, said that the alleged Triglavians arrived in three groups of three, wearing Triglav survival suits, and took seats equidistant from each other. Miss McGee explained that the Triglavians also paid for their drinks and dances using ISK.

Playful Communion ?

“So there I was, and these three guys come in, wearing those helmets and suits, and they sit down, three to a table. Then another three come in, then another. And they’re like, in a triangle around the centre stage”, explained Miss McGee. “So I go and dance for them, and they paid a large amount of actual ISK. I was stunned.”

Several other dancers and other staff at the club said that the alleged Triglavians were enthusiastic about the dancing, and consumed a large amount of alcoholic beverages during their time at the club, but did not consume any of the food that was available.

While exotic dancing is normally provocative, the Vale V authorities have urged the citizens not to provoke the Triglavian occupying forces.

The situation in Vale remains tense, with increasing concerns about availability of supplies as the Triglavian occupation continues.

Gutter Press. News.


It was funny before that, but this made me laugh. :smiley:


This is the first post on the Intergalactic Summit that I have understood.

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Where the blasters of the Federation Navy have failed, the boobs of the Gallente dancers might succeed ? :thinking:


These exotic dancers are used to Gallente blasters, not entropic disintegrators.


Zorya Triglav works at keeping themselves entertained.

War is tough, and sometimes we need to be reminded that there is more to life than War.



I’ve always been an advocate of “whatever works.” If this did indeed work, the highly, erm, unconventional nature is even more pleasing to me, besides the obvious “appreciation.”


Well now we don’t have to wonder why they invaded and what they want :smile:


Get out

To quote the ancient texts, “no u”


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