Ravenous Yeast on the attack on Vale II ! Pochven Gossip Roundup

News from Vale II reaches Gutter Press, that a gigantic ravenous yeast is rampaging across several derelict suburbs of the planetary capital, after a cloud of bioadaptive mutaplasmids enveloped the former premises of Boulangerie Vale, a speciality baker.
The yeast rapidly consumed all carbohydrates in the vicinity, before oozing outwards at several metres per second.
Provisional governmental authorities responded with firefighting equipment, in an effort to direct the yeast away from still-inhabited areas.

News from Wirashoda reports that several thousands of exotic dancers have been hired as hostesses at an embassy building operated by a local kybernaut corporation, with thousands more expected to be hired in the following weeks and months.
Indications are that red-haired dancers are highly sought after, and can command rates at least 10% higher than average.

In other exotic dancing news, reports from Vale V indicate that bioadapted dancers with unusual skin colours of purple, green, and blue, are increasingly popular at the clubs still in operation, with Triglavian as well as bioadapted and natural human audience members all rating them highly.

Unconfirmed reports from Skarkon claim that Veles Clade “Giant Lobsters” emerged from the sea to wreak havoc on Svarog Clade coastal installations.

Also from Skarkon, Svarog Clade communications reported to be “angry-sounding”, after hundreds of different Tribal Resistance Army unit commanders each claim to be Valklear General Kril Efrit, in mass disinformation campaign.

Gutter Press. News.


I suppose the combination of mutaplasmids and a bakery taught the Triglavians how to dough with the flow at yeast.

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