New Eden Gossip Roundup

News from Pochven:
The Ravenous Yeast and Giant Fedo situation has entered a new phase, as both sides appear to have mutated further, according to Vale provisional government sources. The area affected by the conflict has remained stable for several weeks, though neither side appears to have made significant progress.
Vale provisional government agencies wish to remind any potential warclone or capsuleer tourists that they should not feed the yeast or fedoes.

In other news from Pochven:
Amarr forces, recently resupplied by noted capsuleer Oniseki-Kley, have reportedly rejected a surrender demand from Triglavian forces, stating that Oniseki-Kley is sorry, but she does not have the facilities to take the entire Svarog Clade prisoner.
Svarog Clade elements are reported to be angered by this jest.

News from Floseswin:
A population of feral mlitarised slaver hounds appears to have become established on Floseswin IV, as pictures of a mother hound with her pups circulate on social media.
Floseswin civilian authorities advise citizens to avoid travelling alone in forested areas.

News from the Caldari State:
A misconfigured staff internal mailing system at the State War Academy has resulted in a social media phenomenon, as it received an unexpected response. The out-of-office auto reply from Rauta Huttuvula, a mid-level manager, responded several times, with inspirational messages expressing confidence in his colleagues ability to perform their duty and achieve their goals. SWA records indicate that Rauta Huttuvula is listed as “missing in action”, after having volunteered for a rearguard action during the evacuation of students from the Sakenta academy.
SWA staff and students then began mailing his account, and some 60,000 unique inspirational replies have been identified, citing numerous historical events and persons, such as Admiral Tovil-Toba.
SWA information technology support say they will keep the account active, though ask users to act with restraint while they upgrade the mail servers to handle the additional traffic.

News from the Gallente Federation:
Biologists found an unusual specimen while conducting a routine survey of Luminaire Skipper populations in the Gallente Prime marshlands - a skipper with an osteoplastic skeleton and cybernetic implants.
The cyberfrog otherwise appeared normal, and was retained by the researchers for further study, in an effort to determine how this came about.

News from The Spire:
A capsuleer mining in the Spire region claims to have spotted a moon-sized Rogue drone, and that their navigation system had “Moon 15” available as a destination, for a planet that previously only had fourteen moons.
Other residents of the region were sceptical, and believed drugs were involved.

Gutter Press. News.


Well, has there ever been a Gutter Press story where drugs weren’t involved ?

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