Attack of the 10 metre Fedo!

Astonishing news reaches Gutter Press from Triglavian occupied Vale V, of giant mutated Fedos rampaging across the planet.

Mutants !

The mutant Fedos, estimated by witnesses to be at least 10 metres in height, were spotted in a former agricultural area in the northwestern continent of Vale V, where large amounts of cabbages now lie rotting in what used to be productive fields.

Cabbages !

Footage submitted to Gutter Press showed the giant invertebrates moving with horrifying speed, consuming all the decaying vegetation in their path.

Many Vale V citizens assert that the giant mutant Fedos are a creation of Triglavian bioadaptation, reaching their unusual size through exposure to the mutaplasmids and Triglavian nanites that now infest the surface.

Meanwhile, several cryptozoologists in Villore claim that the monstrous size of the mutant Fedos is simply a normal biological change brought about by the change in the environment of Vale V caused by the Triglavian’s submergence of the star system into the “Pochven” region.

Elsewhere on Vale V, several citizens were killed and dozens injured in an attack by Vale People’s Liberation Army elements on a Triglavian bioadaptation centre.

Gutter Press. News.


Willing to pay for the capture of one for my collection.

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I think it’s a new gallente bioweapon!


My cabbages!
Oh wait, wrong planet.


Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar.

Long ago, the four nations lived together in relative harmony. Then everything changed when the Triglavians attacked.


It’s a giant Fedo… MAYBE IT’S FRIENDLY!


Maybe you should build Wall Maria.

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Bio weapon sounds correct…

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