What's the deal with Krai Veles?

Some time has passed since the weaving of the Domain of Pochven, and stories of the happenings of Krai Perun and Krai Svarog have emerged consistently, with the latter seeing much coverage due to the myriad parties involved in the Skarkon conflict. But even as these tales circulate Krai Veles has largely been shrouded by a “Vale” of silence. Well, the IGS is in luck, as the premiere residents of Krai Veles, Stribog Clade is in optimal position to pierce the veil and fill you in on what you’ve been missing.

Who runs the place?

Clade Veles of course! But you already knew that. On the capsuleer side of things, SKS3 and our allies hold near complete infrastructural control over Krai Veles, with the notable exception of an Electus Matari Astrahus in Angymonne. As a result, EDENCOM has had a fairly hard time establishing and maintaining operations here compared to elsewhere in Pochven. We contest them at the wormholes, chase them around systems, and generally make life difficult. Our operations also deal with the hordes of drones that pour in from the Drone Region as well as Drifters from time to time, Additionally, we are involved in the affairs of the planets of the systems we hold control over.


  • Burst of Communications Traffic from Vale System Claims Inhabited Planets Under Control of “Provisional District Government”
  • Federal Administration and EDENCOM Condemn Co-operation with Veles Clade as “Collaboration with Triglavian Occupiers”

While I’m more involved in the affairs of Wirashoda, I can verify that this is the case. Vale is currently governed by the Transitional Convocation of Vale, a reorganization of the previous administration formed with input from Clade Veles as a cross of the Collective’s bureaucracy with the existing regime. The most I know of the structure is that they answer to a group of Paramount Troika now. That said I’ve had the occasional chat with their officials and thus have been able to learn about how Veles has been conducting their transformation of the planets and people. “Nanoforming” as the Scope has called it, has been intentionally staggered, and inhabitants of an area that is soon to be “nanoformed” are notified ahead of time so they can be moved out for bioadaptation. During their absence mutaplasmid swarms sweep over the area and radically transform the environment, new housing is built in accordance with the altered landscape, and the freshly bioadapted population moves back in having finished their treatment. Citizens are also allowed to come in for bioadaptation ahead of time of their own accord. I’ve been told that as the transmuting of these planets has progressed, an increasing number of people are choosing to bioadapt in advance. Life becomes harder and harder for the non-bioadapted the more the planet changes after all.

The Disgruntled

Now, I’d be dishonest if I said everyone was happy. Though the vast majority want to get on with their lives and thus are perfectly content to take advantage of the accommodating nature of Clade Veles to do just that, there are groups who protest the new management. Accoding to the reports, with the exception of a couple incidents involving militiamen, non-lethal force has proven sufficient to suppress these malcontents. This is consistent with the conduct observed in Wirashoda, but that is a story for another day. What is important is that Clade Veles forces are easily the most lenient of the Collective, and I feel sorry for the poor saps living under Svarog.

That’s all I feel like sharing at the moment. Further updates will be in this thread.


The Gallente truly are the softest in the cluster.

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Caldari all the way!!!

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and are still forcing people to be mutated into something other than human, so really, if that’s the ‘best’ the Trigs have, then the entire Collective should probably be exterminated. Bad enough to have people’s homes invaded, but invading their bodies is right up there with Amarr breeding pens.


Well yes, thanks for broadcasting that fact.

I have not really been on outpost Smokey myself, and Angymonne has no temperate planets, so I have no direct intel from major population centers, but as far as I have gathered the situation in Krai Veles, most of what’s reported here is factual - if with a bit of spin, so to speak.

Outwardly, it might sound ironic that Stribog, who was possibly the most ruthless ‘kybernaut’ capsuleer force during the invasions, landed with Krai Veles, who are seen as the ‘soft’ version of Triglavians. However, this is just the first, and misleading, impression, as in the end there is nothing soft in “we’re going to take your planet and make it unlivable for you in your current body; if you don’t like to be changed and don’t want to join us, you can just ■■■■ off or die, oh and by the way we are doing our best to destroy all forces that could come and help you evacuate”.

The Veles strategy of ‘winning hearts and minds’ has maybe lead into much less immediate loss of life than the Svarog way of “just cover everything with mutaplasmids and shoot everyone who objects”, but it has also lead to much more of both forced compliance and open collaboration. It has created a class of wannabe Triglavians, in a manner from one is tempted to draw parallels to the Ammatar in my people’s time of Darkness. It has also lead to much hesitation in resistance, as it is hard for people, especially people not used to fighting, to start shooting their own. Like Veles is no Svarog, Vale is no Skarkon.

Veles is not soft. Veles is cunning.


What is actually happening in Pochven? Where do the ‘inactive’ gates in each of the three capital systems lead to?

My guess is “nowhere”. According to analysts the actual goal of the Triglavian invaders was 81 systems. This could have meant three triangles of 27, and I personally currently think the inactive gate would be the gate between those regions, had they been realized.


Have you ever thought they may lead to… Triglavia?

I think a lot of people have that idea, that Pochven is a gateway to somewhere.

I think they are wrong.

Future will show.

We’re off-topic, though, this is the Krai Veles propaganda thread.

Maybe Krai Veles will be the first region to open it’s gate to Triglavia. Pro-pro-prop-aganda!!!

Maybe. You can try.
Now that the “you can get out” period has passed it’s either bioadaptation or eventually die by exposure. It seems like the Collective has a radically different sense of what is and isn’t bad though.
Available evidence points to bioadaptation being their norm, and they may regard the resident populations as strange for not being bioadapted, just as we perceive them for being bioadapted.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Exploiting the desire for stability by offering an end to the turmoil if the baseliners merely fall into line and do as they’re told is an excellent strategy.


It’s nice to be recognized. You folk made for stiff resistance. Good show.


Krai Veles is quite nice, worked hard to take those systems, and I’m enjoying operating and staying there. Even got myself a Veles Survival Suit just for that extra flair.


+1 on that, we definitely did some good work. Good times all around.

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I really don’t give a damn what they consider strange.

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That’s fine.

I have not been involved in earthworm affairs, but I can report my planet factories and mines have never run smoother. So whatever they are doing down there, keep up the good work!



I was originally going to make my next update about Wirashoda or Ala, but the news caught my eye and I knew I needed to go see what it was all about. So, I made my way over to Senda and requested a meeting with some members of the local provisional government. Senda was the original home of Stribog Kybernaut Subclade, so the executives were already familiar with me, granting swift acquiescence to my request, and a few details that many other Kybernauts would not be privy to. I don’t intend to spill all the beans, but prepare to be enlightened.

The Attack

Last week, cladeships identified as belonging to Clade Svarog entered Senda and descended upon Senda V. The intruding fleet consisted of a few Vedmaks, Kikimoras, and Damaviks; by no means a real invasion, but enough to unsettle the Clade Veles tactical troika present. They unloaded a contingent of ground troops and fired on the drones present. The settlement was declared an active combat zone and Clade Veles strategic troika directed the civilians to anti-air and anti-ground defense systems while the tactical troika engaged the encroaching Svarog directly with drone support. Reports indicate that after a fierce firefight the Clade Svarog troops were overwhelmed by the defense and pulled back into the surrounding area which had already been terraformed(I refuse to keep saying “nanoforming”) by mutaplasmids. In the days that followed, the tactical troika of Clade Veles grouped a large number of the locals into units and went chasing them around the strange landscape until they were finally cornered and driven off. Accounts from those who participated tell that the Triglavians, both Svarog and Veles, seemed to be oddly familiar with the new terrain, while the conscripts were clearly out of their element. This melded together with the combat prowess of the Clade Svarog troops to make them quite difficult to pin down even with the significant numerical superiority granted by these recruited residents.

The Resistance

I of course had to inquire about the Caldari Resistance that brought knowledge of this minor incursion to the cluster at large. The executives of Senda are well aware of their existence. While they do lend assistance, anti-resistance operations have largely been designated the responsibility of Clade Veles itself. Without telling too much of the practices, Veles conscripts bioadapted inhabitants directly to their command to help subdue the resistance. I’m told that they don’t receive updates on this often, but that inferring the situation from various things suggests that the advantage mostly rests in the court of Clade Veles. I don’t get the impression they expect this to be quashed soon, but that it is likely that it eventually will run out of steam, depending on how long EDENCOM can maintain the current rate of supply and how willing these people are to keep fighting their own.


Bioadaptation is a very interesting process and I hesitate to say anything about it. I will say that according to my sources once the effects of properly done organized bioadaptation were on display, the population became much less hesitant to take the plunge. Productivity per capita across the system has seen a general uptick despite the tumultuous transition. Bioadaptation enhances the traits necessary for a person’s occupation and tailors their survivability to the environment they will be working in, reducing the need for protective equipment where valid and increasing their raw working ability.


I did mention the drones earlier didn’t I? I suppose I should let you in on what’s going on with these guys. The rogue drones, Clade Veles are big on them, and have managed to bring quite a few into the fold. I’m sure those of you who piddle around the conduit loops know them well. The Navka Overminds. They do not exist exclusively in space. Clade Veles has employed them extensively to assist with a variety of tasks, from military to civilian application. They’re especially useful on the more hostile planet types, and have served to boost the overall productivity of several systems beyond their original levels. It is common to see troika on the ground being accompanied by drones.

In Closing

Senda is a bit of a unique case among the Caldari worlds. Because we worked to soften the people up long before the Domain of Pochven was woven, Clade Veles has found these Caldari more receptive to their advances than those in other systems. It is not particularly surprising a resistance network exists given how stubborn State and corporate military personnel are. In Wirashoda we have employed our own anti-resistance teams to assist Clade Veles, and diverting these forces to aid in Senda may be in the cards. Clade Svarog’s visit is not entirely appreciated given the significance of the Senda system to SKS3, though its status as a border system is not lost on me. More to come in the next update.


That’s a fancy way of saying “we blew them into pieces when they tried”.

I know we’re not friends and will not be, but I at least appreciate these updates. Official information is difficult to come by.


What reports I have received from my own facilities on the ground, the Svarog incursion was more focused on clashing with the defending militia than gathering resources. Unpleasant as it may have been for those in the frontlines, I do believe it was little more than an act of intercladistic militant proving so typical within The Struggle.
Senda’s location along the Svarog-Veles border must make it a valid location where the rival clades can, in a limited degree, engage one another like that.

You are very wrong in thinking Svarog as some noble warrior type just engaging local militias and those who shoot back in honorable contest. They are not predictable like that, and the most definitely do murder civilian groups without a care in the world.

Plenty people on Skarkon entertain and have entertained the notion that if they just “prove” themselves to Svarog enough it’ll get better. It’s not working as intended.