New Eden New Year Gossip Roundup

News from the Federation:
Lirsautton social media has lit up with rumours that Quafe is to introduce a “shocking” new flavour at some point in the first half of YC124. No indications of how this new flavour differs from the existing product lineup have been identified. Quafe PR officials refused to confirm or deny that there was a new flavour being released, only stating that Quafe is always developing new, cool, refreshing, flavours of the cluster’s favourite soft drink.

News from Pochven:
Ongoing efforts to contain the Ravenous Yeast on Vale II, have resulted in the Vale provisional government relocating giant mutant Fedoes from Vale V, to attempt to force back the yeast and regain control of the planet.

News from Stain:
Problems during engineering works at the True Creations Assembly Plant at 37S-KO VI-14 have resulted in station residents having to wear clothing due to reduced heating capacity in the environmental plant serving several sections of the station. Several True Citizens are said to be disgruntled, as station emergency clothing stocks are several decades out of fashion.

News from Delve:
Numerous injuries during Blood Raider Covenant New year orgy on KFIE-Z IV, several favoured competitors withdrawing from competition. Duchess Connie of Kaztropol takes bronze in the women’s individual event.

News from Venal:
Glitterbomb prank packages have caused the maintenance backlog to grow by 25% in two weeks on the Guristas Production Shipyard at 6NJ8-V VI-6. Station management are said to be extremely unamused at this situation, particularly after a glitterbomb exploded in the conference room.

News from the Republic:
Parents urged to be more responsible, as dozens of children receive minor injuries from toy Khumaaks. Child with Khumaak stuck up nose becomes social media star, from viral video clip of them saying it “smells funny”. Hospital spokesperson says this sort of thing “happens every year”.

Gutter Press: The stories the Scope doesn’t cover.


From my time living in the Guristas Production Shipyard in 6NJ8-V at VI-6 and having maybe/maybe not handled a Gurristas dirty bomb, I can attest that a glitter bomb going off anywhere in there would be dire…


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