Gala Dancer Humanitarian Aid

It has come to my attention that some of the self-proclaimed “Guardians” of this years “Galas” are carrying Exotic Dancers in their cargo holds. As such I’d like to reiterate publicly that my Arcology project is again rehoming the needy after a much needed expansion.

We’ll take any reasonable offer on rescued baseliners, not wanting to see a repeat of the “Liberation Day” debacle which saw Freed Slaves being spaced to save cargo room.

Should you have qualms about my facility but still wish to help those stuck in cargo containers or the public market please look up the [UNF-A} Eugales VI Arcology or Jandice Ymladris’ Aurora Arcology.

Clarice Heska.


You’re not secretly going to sacrifice them in some ritual to destroy a planet, are you?

Beggers can’t be choosers, they say, but I guess you better like living in an arcology if you’re a deathcan survivor.

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While you are offering to buy people, Coreli Corporation, Serpentis Corporation, and our allies in the Guardian Angels employ and empower them.

Our contract rates for exotic dancer services are the most competitive in the cluster, and we are currently seeking additional staff for the chain of adult clubs we have launched in Delve to service the war weary ship crews.

Exuse me, what?

… seriously, what?


The last I remember about people finding themselves in precarious positions in space, from I believe a year and a half ago, is a plot to blow up a planet. I may be combining two plots.

I’ve never been sure what to do with people I find in space containers, myself. It is obviously wrong to just leave them. It doesn’t seem right to list those rescued for sale. It seems less right to throw them aside. At the moment, I house several in Dodixie. They’ve setup cafes and fast food stalls, and do business with federal contractors.

For those who believe that grave sinners like exotic dancers should not be rewarded by a leisurely, unrepentant life in an arcology, the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist also accepts donations of Exotic Dancers. The non-Minmatar dancers will be converted to sedevacantism and will atone for their many sins by spending the rest of their life in the missionary work of the Church. Minmatar dancers will be chained, collared, stuffed full of Vitoc, and otherwise processed in a manner fitting their membership in a permanent slave people.

Standard responses, sadly. I only wish these things were the fevered ramblings of confused capsuleers, and not the sad fate of those who do end up in the wrong hands.

Aye Che, most of these folks are happy just to get clear of the egger decks and see some dirt again. All too many are then scooped back up to be enslaved again by the Angel Cartel. My Arcology project is pretty open door, we do our best to help people get home if they have one. But far fewer have, or would be welcome there, than I’d like.

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I know those things happen but people might want to do a simple Galnet search for associations before they start throwing allegations around.


You do not receive nearly as much commendation as is deserved for you humanitarian efforts, Clarice. Thank you for all you do for these would-be lost souls, who are often trafficked on the markets to god knows who otherwise.

If you ever, ever need further support, no matter the form, you know where I am.


I’d say you have the right approach. Personally, most of the stranded folks I find are more or less responsible for winding up that way, but rather than continue to hold their criminal acts against them, I’ve simply re-employed them myself.


This is a commendable initiative to help those that have found themselves in undesirable positions. I will ensure myself and my colleagues give them the option if they so wish, to be transported to a new home.


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