Terror in Vale as Nation dropships rumoured to be landing in force!

Gutter Press, reporting from Vale, currently under siege by Sansha’s Nation forces.

The skies are tinged with green from the Nation nanite swarm, bringing up memories of the Nation War of Resurgence, and the numerous planetary abductions committed by Nation elements during that campaign.

Triglavian collaborator authorities have issued a warning to the populace, telling them to remain indoors. Sporadic weapons fire has been reported from several districts, with rumours of sightings of Nation ground forces clad in environmentally sealed power armour.

Numerous other rumours related to sightings of capsuleer-funded ground forces, including reports of warclone mercenaries belonging to several different groups.
Resistance elements, some supported by Edencom-loyalist groups, are also rumoured to be in action, against Nation forces, and engaging in opportunistic looting of Triglavian supply depots.

The situation is unclear and fraught with tension. Citizens are terrified of the latest disaster to befall their world.

This reporter consulted the customers of a local bar, for their opinions:
“Nation can reach Pochven ?” asked one resident. “Well that’s just peachy, isn’t it.”
“Our opinion is consensus-locked until our third returns from the urinal”, said two off-duty Triglavian soldiers.
“Nation eh ? I tell you what. Those weird nanites they use, they’d be great for exercise regimes, for people who lack willpower. Nanites that can just like force people to stand up and exercise ? That’s freaking amazing !”, said a muscular individual.
“The Master does not forget”, opined a sinister-looking individual in a corner booth.

Gutter Press. News.


An exercise regime using Sansha abduction nanites, so that people will never skip leg day, isn’t the dumbest thing on the IGS I’ve read recently.

Well, he definitely skipped Brain Day too. Feel like he’s going to get his wish soon.

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