Unrest grows in Vale, authorities under pressure

Gutter Press reporting from the ground on Vale V, where unrest is growing, as the Triglavian siege of the planet continues.

Numerous disturbances have occurred in commercial areas, where occasional shortages of products have caused arguments, escalating into violence amongst citizens. Police riot control drones have been deployed in large numbers to keep the situation under control, and maintain order.

Apocalyptic doom cults have sprung up in several regions, some claiming the Triglavians are coming to save the worthy, while others including Equilibrium of Mankind cults have forecast doom and the imminent destruction of the universe.

In the coastal city of Port Azure, a full scale riot occurred as cultists from “The Church of Triglav” clashed with the martial arts students of Whackmaster Zhao’s Temple of Asskicking. Witnesses reported Master Zhao himself was in the thick of the action, the renowned elderly Jin-Mei Dimac master employing the Iron Fist and Dragon Claw techniques, banned on several Federation worlds, in support of the Port Azure police as they attempted to restore order in the city.

Civil authorities have reported that social media posts from other Federation worlds have increased tensions, as some conspiracy theories spreading on Galnet blame different sectors of the populace for the situation in Vale.

Gutter Press News.


I’m not totally surprised given the hysteria that has gripped the pro-Triglavian movement. Chances are it would be mirrored on the affected worlds for certain. I wonder how long before we see protests on other worlds which have yet to be targeted.


But will Whackmaster Zhao be there to set things to rights?


Damn, is he still active?

I have had the pleasure and opportunity of sparring with him during some international cultural exchange of martial artists from Caldari and Gallente practices, and if he still have 10% of his habilities, there will be no riots around him for sure.

Go Zhao.


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