Edencom and wormholes?

I’ve been looking at Edencom ships since they were released. The idea of them was what absolutely got me riled up and ready but they turned out to be a flop, no one recommended them and they are pricey as hell.
I’ll expand this question to other PVE people but I’m curious more so on the wormhole side, are Edencom ships any good in wormholes? I can afford to get a thunderchild as a toy ship but just want to make sure it would be worth the investment. My pali does C3 combat sites in 3 minutes, my Drekevak does them in 14 ( solo for both). If anyone has experience with these ships please share it I am very curious and would love to give what you would have to say a read.

Without fixing vorton projector arc bouncing off large collidable structures which often eats away a significant portion of Thunderchild dps, i’m afraid it would remain just that - a very expensive low-dps toy. Outside of a select few L4 missions (and even those are faster to clear with a rattlesnake) with clear enough field Thunderchild is slow and suboptimal.

Also, similar to missiles Edencom weapon have its own skill set and does not benefit from regular gunnery/turret operation skills.

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The frigate and cruiser and obviously the battleship clears out high sec anomalies such as guristas hideaway, or refuge, ect, very efficiently but at VERY high costs per shot, beyond that I’ve used them in various missions, junk, only the low level stuff like frigates and cruisers, otherwise you’ll burn through half a million isk in ammo to kill a single battleship.

Don’t bother, I’ve trained all of the skills to lvl 5 and STILL it just doesn’t have any umph, ALL of the modules and ammo are astoundingly overpriced, if you like the fancy lightening bolts and don’t mind taking forever to finish anything at higher levels, go for it.

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