Upcoming Changes to Pochven

Hi everyone,

This week Singularity will have a couple of changes for Pochven that we would like to highlight.

  • We’re changing how rewards are granted to players for several sites in Pochven, including the Observatory Flashpoints.
    The rewards will now be paid similar to how Incursions work, in that only the Fleet that contributes the most damage will receive the payout. Furthermore only those fleet members inside the site that will receive the rewards as long as they are eligible (Eligibility is: Not cloaked, Not inside a rookie ship/Shuttle/Pod/Zephyr)

  • We’re also changing which points of interest the roaming NPCs of Pochven will warp to. Triglavian fleets will focus on gates and stations, EDENCOM NPCs will focus on sites and celestials like planets, and neutral NPCs will be more common around wormholes. Our aim here is to create areas of strength for players loyal to a given faction.

Any feedback or comments are welcome, and we’re also interested in hearing any additional improvements or changes you’d like to see regarding these two small updates.


Are you? Well, then how about you remove the possibility of gaining positive Edencom and Triglavian standing at the same time by shooting Drifters, Rogue Drones? This makes absolutely zero sense and destroyed the only consequence that Triglavian supporters actually feel in Edencom systems. Make it so that you can only gain up to -1.0 standing by shooting RD/D if you have positive standing to either of the hostile factions. These 2 factions are at war with each other in Pochven and beyond, thus it is ludicrous to be friends with both sides that easily.

Doesn’t that make farming standing for both sides to circumvent the consequences created by both sides even easier?


Awesome changes, good to see!


Relevant to my interests cracks knuckles

Now, i can see why you’re doing this but i would interject with the fact that you ran ENTIRE chapter of the invasion with the site mechanics working exactly as they currently do with people being able to ninja payouts on sites they weren’t part of the fleet for, this means the krabs have to either take the small hit or actually, you know, try to defend their sites

Personally i would urge you to NOT bend the knee to the krabs and to keep one of the few remaining unique features about this region intact, because this just encourages blocs to come looking for easy ways to farm ISK without anything being able to stop them and you do NOT want that, so take a minute to actually consider the ramifications of this change

For full disclosure i do NOT run these sites and i do NOT partake in seagulling so i don’t have a vested interest either way but am merely a Pochven resident who wants to see the region not be overrun by the likes of goons or any other blue donut which would render the region basically uninhabitable, which this change does potentially encourage

Which leads me on to point number 2

Yeah your aim is also apparently to remove the chances of roaming fleets encountering each other which makes the region actually feel alive and unique, this again seems like a change being pushed for other regions than those stated, feels like the changes that were made to response fleets to reduce server load and likely the reason why so many NPC fleets will spawn “dormant” and not wake up until one of their ships is destroyed before they start doing things

In short neither of these “changes” actually seem like an improvement to anything other than krabs, and i’m perfectly in support of not feeding the krabs and thereby reducing the region to just people farming sites

So @CCP_Paradox i would very much urge you to reconsider and avoid making any harsh changes you can’t later take back


Your opinion is a wet fart in comparison to all the inhabitants who have requested this change repeatedly. Pvp will definitely still happen in PVE sites but now, at least, folks won’t have their ■■■■ ninja’d by an unkillable enemy. Now the seagulls won’t be able to avoid pvp to get money/loot. BALANCE.


this means the krabs have to either take the small hit or actually, you know, try to defend their sites

If it were a small hit, ok. It’s not once there are numerous seagulls.

If it were actual defense, ok. It’s not if all a seagull must do is get in the site and MWD faster than any ship that can survive. Make it a ship that must be defended against, not a gnat.

I’m ok with contested sites - these weren’t that.


Are Drifters and Rogue Drones focusing on the same points of interest as Edencom, or are those left unchanged?

Another option, for those complaining about “highest damage fleet gets payout” would be to add the “abyssal wall” to the site, similar to World Ark sites…

Thank you for finally giving some change to Pochven!

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dreams do come true

this is wonderful, thank you


WOW, thank you CCP





You can change the mechanics and try to shut us up but you can never undo the hundreds of billions of isk we took.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Krabsliders… It was a pleasure.


What kind of effect do you think removing dual standings will have on game play? Personally, I’d just view it as an annoyance to be dealt with, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people would feel the same way. I dunno. But I’m skeptical of the idea.

Also, not for nothing, but I’m not worried about the dorito dudes getting any more negative consequences for supporting the trigs. I mean, haven’t they suffered enough by getting Pochven :wink: .


I want the one and only consequence that Trig supporters suffer from in high sec to be a consequence again. Right now, they can just gain positive Edencom standing in Pochven or other places and then fully and completely ignore Fortress and Edencom Minor Victory systems. This makes these systems completely useless. That has to change.

Your analogy of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” only goes so far here. While you can be pseudo-allies on the battlefield because you fight a common foe, it makes no sense that a guy supporting hostile invaders that have taken many systems from your control, taken countless lives of your empires and destroyed tons of your expensive assets, that this guy can just walk around your most defended systems as if he was the most trusted ally of your people.

For all its worth, you can have a dual standing band of -0.5 to 0.5 to prevent innocent bystanders that want nothing to do with this crap content to get shot up by either side. But if you have more than +1.0 standing to either side, you are not an innocent bystander, you have decided for one side for good and therefore you should feel the consequences. If you want to change your “allegiance”, you should also not be able to just shoot neutral hostiles. You ought to shoot the real enemy of the side you want to become real friends with again.

Pochven is not as useless as Edencom MV and Fortresses. They have not suffered enough yet by any means. :innocent:

In other news: Are Incursions actually saving the day here because CCP’s new reward system idea failed horribly and an old, tried and proven to work well system has to be implemented to salvage this trainwreck? :slight_smile:


Yeah, also feeling a little concerned this will lead to fewer NPC vs NPC interactions that generate wrecks. That created some fun scavenger/salvager dynamics for players to take advantage.

I have no idea what sort of server load this NPC behavior created however it did feel like a unique point for Pochven.


Thanks, I guess. This is almost the least you could do to improve Pochven, but it’s something. Please see communications from Pochven CSM candidates if you want a memory refresher of what improvements we’d like.

Does this imply that we’ll no longer have drifters or rogue drones at ALL on stations or celestials? I can understand the idea behind creating “areas of strength”, but the effect of this is essentially removing any inter-NPC interactions. It also feels especially odd that the Drifters in particular, being a group attacking into the trig territories, wouldn’t be visiting their stations or infrastructure anymore. I get the intent, but this would remove a huge amount of the region’s flavor imo.


Holy ■■■■ about damn time.


You do know that just because lots of people ask for something, that doesn’t make it right or smart right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of people could ask for cars to be free, and i guarantee you that you would get millions of people who agree with you, but it still wouldn’t be smart to actually give away millions of cars for free long term

No they will just leave the region and go elsewhere, thereby reducing the reasons to come to Pochven in the first place, now while you krabs no doubt would love to be able to farm billions of ISK unmolested, it isn’t great for the game long term