Some new PVE concepts

Q:You’ve added a lot of risk, when will you add rewards?

A: Now that the faucet has turned off, we have room to start giving rewards. We are going to be careful about where to place them and they won’t be predictable

Cool. Now I just browsed through region descriptions today and found the following for Detorid:

In the outer reaches of the south, nestled behind its formidable neighbors, lies Detorid.
This unassuming region is home to what have become termed dead storms,
a phenomenon thus far not found anywhere else. They appear randomly,
centered around certain planets, ravage the area for days, then abruptly vanish.

This concept is already known from the Frostline event and would be a combination of this location setting paired with diamond rat mechanics and resource wars mechanics: This would be regional rewarding fleet PVE just for the Detorid region. Have this like Incursions where you can make a reasonable amount of money for a limited amount of time relatively easily or with more difficulties depending on how sadistic you are. This could involve sites for mining new, rare materials and ratting like Ressource Wars where you have to drive away Angel Cartel miner spawns with their defenses to clean up the area and allow you to harvest materials.

Other regions also hold clues to region-specific PVE as well. Period Basis, for instance:

During this time, the region now known as Period Basis was an area of intensive research.
The region’s inordinately high concentration of pulsars of various frequencies led the
physicists to try to find some lowest common denominator among the harmonics,
or in the common parlance of astronomer Callentus Holzine, “a basis from which the
shortest period can be rigorously calculated, with all larger units of time expressed
as multiples of that period.”

These pulsars could be causing gas pockets to form that you can mine for boosters. Not just in a specific constellation like Delve but throughout the region. They could also spawn a number of data sites in specific systems that have been hit by a radiation shower from a pulsar. Obviously, data sites have to have been fixed by that point and provide necessary building materials for pirate faction ships, modules and ammo so that DS are worth the while at all.

Or take Deklein:

While in most regions gate crews swap out every five years or so, in Deklein some of these
ancient gates have been run by the same family for hundreds of years.

These families have intricate knowledge of their gates and the network they’re connected to.
It was once the practice that aspiring gatemen would travel to Deklein to do their year and
come back “Deklein-trained” …

These families could sometimes spawn roaming agents on gates that send you on an expedition trip through the region and neighboring regions providing areas for ratting, mining or exploration.

Or Providence:

The Empire long had its eye on the region it named Providence, a wealth of minerals on its border
ripe for the plucking.

So the region was left to waste. Capsuleers now rule the byways, and Sansha’s reborn Nation
attempts to expand their influence into the region. But only a fool would assume that th
Empire has forgotten its plans entirely. The enduring Amarr have learned to be ever patient,
ever watchful.

Turn this into actual things, again like Ressource Wars and the Drifter Invasions that nearly fried the server. Have occasional locations spawn throughout the region where Amarr Navy or Sansha Nation establish operation bases where capsuleers can help one side or the other. Depending on who you help, presence of one or the other side could be reduced and in turn spawn small aggressive attack footholds. Or even individual corps from Amarr Empire could send out expedition fleets which you could aid and have the privilege to mine with them or get send around on errands to gather data for rewards.

Gist of it all: Use the regions and intricacies of the regions and lore to create specialized PVE that you cannot find in several other regions. In the end it’s still just PVE but it can be somewhat varied and a different experience from region to region. There is so much potential in the lore and even just ingame description texts that can be turned into enjoyable, engaging and rewarding PVE experiences.

If you have other ideas, post them if you like.


With regards to this LaiDai Invasion of Intaki V stuff: Why were there no missions created for capsuleers to participate in this lore event? You could have combat missions to sabotage surveillance infrastructure around the planet. You could sabotage or aid LaiDai convoys. You could have distro missions to provide material to certain location around the planet/system/constellation.

So much potential for meaningful PVE and to bring people into space. A true event for EVE and not generic dailies like the Blood Raider event.


Sorry, can you link that Region descriptions page?

It’s ingame. Just click on the Region name and from there you can see the Description tab and browse Adjacent Regions. - found this as out of game resource.

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Thank you.

The region Great Wildlands came to my mind today which holds some potential for unique and new-ish PVE.

Great Wildlands description:

Pirates. Scoundrels. Vagabonds.
The most enigmatic of all the Minmatar tribes members are called many things, but no one truly
knows them. I have researched them perhaps more than any scholar alive and still I feel I’ve
barely scratched the surface.*

Thukker Tribe description:

The Thukker tribe is one of the seven original Minmatar tribes. After the Minmatar Rebellion the Thukkers
left Minmatar space and took up the nomadic lifestyles of their ancestors, only this time in space. The closest
thing they’ve got to home is the Great Wildlands region, where they are very numerous, but the Thukkers
like to be on the move, constantly going from one solar system to another in their huge caravans, trading
and scavenging. …

From these bits of information – namely nomadic lifestyle, caravans, always on the move, scoundrels – and with digging up some more bits and pieces in the lore, and maybe fleshing out the Thukker lore a bit more, you could use the NPC miner feature and turn it into an actually useful, enjoyable and meaningful thing. You could introduce Thukker caravans which you can encounter roaming around the greater GW area (GW and parts of the surrounding regions) and interact with. They could give you missions to bring minerals to them, hunt Angel attackers, find missing caravan members, do some exploration and scouting for their next waypoints, secure their next waypoints or routes and so on and so forth. As reward you could see their caravans grow and implement new/replace destroyed ships and they would financially compensate you nicely.

It’s pretty basic Agent In Space and Mission stuff, but more things could be added to this theme that I cannot think of at the moment. In addition to this, Angel Cartel agents could offer new missions on a dynamic basis depending on if Thukker caravans are near Curse or not. This could even culminate in battles between Thukker and Angel and the outcome could depend on who you help and how you act. This would add dynamic content to this part of the cluster, it would give GW a much needed unique and meaningful activity for the entire region and not just a tiny part of it.


Vale of the Silent description:

Rumors of secret Jovian experiments in the area abound, though no one has ever given proof
of such things. The region is one of the closest areas to Jovian space, despite no longer having
any functioning stargates leading there. Many of the other Empires have made attempts to set
up spying stations in an attempt to probe out Jovian secrets, but none have lasted long in the
harsh area.

Sounds interesting to me. New listening posts could pop up to investigate the Jovian space, especially since the Caroline Star incident and the retirement of the Jove from Concord. Players could aid the construction of these listening posts, gather intel from relic Jove exploration sites or scout suitable locations for new listening posts.


With these trig invasions taking the next step, so should mission from normal agents for people who have no immediate intention to participate in the invasions but still want to be part of the effort.

New agents should show up around these systems and offer missions to deliver supplies and defense material to stations inside the invasions system and, more importantly, to stations in usurped systems. Other missions could be defending convoys from trigs (initially in standard mission pockets but eventually in a more live environment and with actually moving convoys as well) or pushing trigs back from station grids or mining fleets. With all the exploding Edencom ships there could also be courier missions with rescued military personnel from stations in invasion systems to nearby navy stations.

There are more options and this is just a quick selection of possiblities for a more dynamic but known pve scenario.


With all the structure shooting and loot dropping and loot fairy picking going on, something interesting came to my mind.

A new type of exploration site where you do not look for salvage or invention materials. Instead it is the site of a battle/fight or a place where scanners picked up the signal of a loot cache from someone who lost a ship/structure/pod whatever. The site would contain cans to hack like normal but in addition to the normal loot from the ship/structure you would also receive information on who fought here or who these items might have belonged to. That gives people the opportunity to learn something about the happenings in space around them and either be a nice person and maybe give some items back to the original owner or taunt them with their findings (interaction potential between players created).


With all the mentioning of triglavian activity around planets in occupied systems, the old Dust planetary sector engagement system should be revived. You should see sector beacons on planets where you can engage trigs to prevent them from bombarding the planets, from sending more troops and material down to the surface, or to help them achieve these things and more.
Or again by missions and via Planetary Engagement Sectors, you should be able to help empire forces in their fight against the occupying triglavian forces. Missions for material resupplies and new troops that actually matter by virtue of having to fill quotas so that they can fight on. You can decide with these missions to either complete them and deliver the things or defend delivering convoys, or you could destroy the deliveries and convoys to sabotage empire forces fighting back.


Looking at all these Invasion related mentioning planetary activity, scouting activity and other things, there is so much potential for missions from agents for players to aid these efforts or sabotage them. Missions to scout planets and status changes around planets, scouting fleet movements, scouting resource extraction operations for later attacks, and so on. So much depth could be added to these invasions.


They could even reintroduce the bombardment ammo as something we’d need to use to support troops on the ground.


All this talk about Floseswin made me think that there are tons of opportunities for small and engaging PVE activities that can lead to PVP encounters as well. This Floseswin encounter was an organically growing conflict with many means for more interactions than just farming standard FW missions and plexes. And it only involves missions and exploration content, so known content without the need for fancy new mechanics. For instance:

  • There could have been bombardment missions for both sides of the war to help either side make progress or remove progress on the planet surface. A PI-esque menu could be used to mark targets on the planet surface for bombardment, old DUST features could be reintroduced to aim bombardment strikes.
  • Supply missions to bring in material and personnel to predefined points in the system to aid NPC war efforts and with possibilities to destroy these convoys. Essentially Distribution missions that actually matter.
  • Protection missions of NPC convoys involving remote repairs and enemy destruction like we see it in Invasions and Resource War sites, just with actual tangible and meaningful impact on currently unfolding events.
  • Rescue missions where, in this instance, mainly Republic Fleet has to rescue people from positions in space around planets, while Amarr Navy can apprehend and deliver them to their authorities or kill them right away. The reverse works as well with, for instance, stranded crews in destroyed Amarr Navy ships need rescue before Republic Fleet vessels arrive again to destroy them.

Basically more things to do in space – in one space – with interaction potential and meaningful PVE activities.


I just saw this Immersia ad from Egonics again and I thought to myself: Why can’t I provide Egonics with material from spae for these Immersia flicks? Running around fleet fights, wandering through space, that kind of stuff. Especially with these Invasions and MV systems you could have some missions sending you there and fly around trig activity hubs to capture some camera footage.

Then this Sinfinamondo ad played and I thought to myself: Why can’t I bring people to these worlds? Better distribution missions with tourist groups from planets to planetary drop off points. Players could even opt to kill the passengers and hurt Sinfinamondo’s reputation which could lead to court cases against them and cost the company and its big parent company tons of money, which they could potentially try to get back from you by sending combat squads after your head.


BREAKING: Scientists Warn of “Highly Unusual Space-Time Anomalies” in Null Security Systems

Why can’t capsuleers detect these space-time anomalies and help the empire researchers by visiting and examining new signatures in these areas to collect samples/data and deliver them to the empire research facilities for some rewards?

CCP did something like that in the past with the T3D research and it worked rather well. Why was this chance missed to include the capsuleers in the developing exploration of these effects?

Field Expedition Team on Vale IV Claims “Triglavian Interactions with Locals Appear Coercive But Not Violent”
Expeditions to Sakenta and Nalvula Have Previously Reported “Triglavian Interventions May Be Intended to Protect Human Life”

Why are capsuleers not included in these expedition efforts? Why are there no signatures or planetary orbit sectors from which players can conduct research on the status of planet surfaces and orbital installation, and thus create interaction potential in these otherwise pointless systems between Edencom and Triglavian players?

These could be missions for Edencom and Triglavians like in FW where missions create anomaly beacons. Things to do in these useless systems would be a positive benefit that this otherwise utterly garbage Invasion crap desperately needs.


All very good ideas, would definitely add a lot more choices for game play along with better immersion into the Lore aspect of the game.

Unfortunately CCP is rather short sighted and has demonstrated time and time again that they lack the ambition and technical expertise to remotely come close to programming content like that.


Just a random thought about how to expand on EDENCOM and impact other areas of the game.

Edencom needs to tap into the vast resource wealth of null sec to keep fighting trigs.
A small subset of Edencom starts going into sov null sec and claims systems there, turning them into NPC null sec. The capturing could happen automatically over time in systems that have not seen much use in weeks. This would be similar to the Abandoned status of structures.
This would happen in a bead-string-fashion with each outpost in JF range of each other.
Over time, they would also build a station here and there in these systems.
This way, you could get NPC null sec into hard to reach sov null sec and make those areas more accessible for attackers. Twist in all of this: Only people with positive Edencom standing can dock in the stations.


Yesterday I learned about the first Incursion in Pochven. With all the lore surrounding the Trigs and Sansha, it would have been so nice if CCP had prepared some special PVE activities in Pochven and beyond to check out the Incursion, survey the situation, analyze wrecks/battlefields and in general have some more profound interaction with the content to further deepen and expand upon the things said in the lore.

There could be recon missions, special signatures and anomalies to hack data shards of both sides to gather intel or small scripted engagements between the two sides that the players can observe or, better yet, following the Side Choice feature from the last event, choose sides (Edencom, Sansha, Trigs) and act accordingly to help or attack Sansha or Trigs. Since the game also tracks random encounter battles between NPC, agents could also tell the player to check encounter remnants and retrieve data via wrecks salvaging.