PvP via PvE2.0

In this topic, I propose a tool to increase PvP activity in the game through PvE content.
First, I will outline the contours of the idea with a further deepening in the details.

PvE issues today:
** pve too localized

  • if these are agents, then they send the player to a certain (rather narrow) range of solar systems
  • Dead space complexes in the form of signatures also allow players not to go beyond the boundaries of constellation or region
  • pve content becomes too predictable shortly after entering the game and becomes boring
  • Sharpening fittings for PvE requires only two factors: adaptation of the fitting, namely tank and DPS, which in itself distances PvE and PvP content from each other, making it difficult for most players to switch from pvp to pvp

At first I wanted to write my thoughts on the problems of PvP in EVE, but I decided to omit this question, since it is so well known to everyone and will only give rise to unnecessary discussions and will lead away from the essence of the topic itself.

Further I will bring my own ideas for solving the task.
It is necessary to introduce a new PvE concept:

  • Add a new type of agents from the category of special ops agents for each fraction residing in NPC 0.0 (serpentis, angels, etc.)
  • Introduce restrictions on access to agents, for example, by faction stand 9.0+
  • Send small squads of players 5-15 people, depending on the missions in hostile regions. For example, Guristas agents will send players to the regions where the Serpentis faction is based, etc.
  • Make meat grinder missions, which will require not only DPS and armor pumping, but also electronics, logistics and mining, depending on the missions.
  • To make this type of mission inevitable for Eve’s life: for example, in the final pocket of the mission, in addition to loot, there will be an opportunity to dig up resources available only in such missions, resources will be needed to create certain new modules, ships, or tools to improve modules like mutaplasmids, only more cool ones, for example, giving a random level of improvement without penalties, so it will be possible to improve even the officer modules without the risk of degrading them.
  • Adding the need to use role-playing ships at the expense of mini-missions inside the main one (for example, you need to go through a blockade with a package in a shred to transport a large module through a pocket that is impossible for the main fleet to pass so that after passing through the next gate you can deploy this module, along which the main fleet will pass for the further passage of the mission, or for the deployment of an outpost for the extraction of the above-mentioned resources, where a detachment of miners can come. In general, the more varied mission scenarios will be, the better.
  • Linking the mission to the agent. You can not skip missions. If an agent offers a mission, then it will hang for all players independently on a specific agent. “Skip” of the mission will lead to a tangible loss of factional standing
  • The complexity of the missions. It is necessary to develop sophisticated PvE content to make it necessary to use various approaches and tactics. For example, there will be an electronics pack in your pocket, or such a number of logisticians that you will have to counteract recons with spikes (dump, jam, neutrics). Here, of course, imbalanced Leshak can come into force, but in principle, without changing the balance of the game, this can be leveled by some jam so Leshaks could not constantly work with their maximum DPS. In general, it’s good to attract experienced EVE players to develop scenarios and behavioral patterns of the NPC. Plus, you can give the NPC a pattern of warpout and return to battle after N-seconds with completely pumped out HP, when its hit points come to an end to make warp scrambles in PvE popular.
  • Entrance gates. Upon arrival in the system and initiation of the warp through the accelerating gates, this mission becomes possible to detect. Either using combat probes, or through the appearance of a beacon in an overview. Depending on the mission, the gates can activate a certain number of ships (here you can even use the tournament point system, where each class of the ship will weigh some points) Thus, players will have tactics variability, both for those who run the mission and those who want to catch the runners. The gates, both input and intermediate, inside the complex must have activation delay, so as not to give the opportunity to “blob” both the passage of the mission and the attack on those passing it.
  • This kind of mission should provide 1-2 hours of gameplay
  • It is advisable to add video content to these missions when briefing players with agents for the atmosphere. The exceptionally text format is a little dull …

You can endlessly delve into the details of such content, but I would like to throw just an idea for further development.
What remains to be added … The relevance of completing such missions will be self-regulated by the market, plus, of course, a reward in the form of LP and loot. You can even add in addition to the usual loot (prints, modules, etc.) the possibility of respawing officers, which are known to a small number of players in EVE, you can also make the LP itself unique, that is, such LP can only be obtained from these special agents, which is not available to farmers sansha invasions. Either for this LP you can get only new items in the LP shop, or this LP will be more valuable than the usual LP.

It is also worth noting that such content will significantly increase the traffic of PvP content movement across 0.0 systems, which will certainly revive the game as a whole.

PS: i’m sorry for google translate issues. The original post in russian is here: PvP via PvE 2.0

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