Idea - Mining Storms or Systems

Hallo Dear Readers!

I’m sorry for my rather bad English. With this out of the way i would like to suggest something. Maybe this Idea is good maybe not you decide.

Currently mining is some sort of decentralised and basicly decoupled from other PVE aspects in the game. The only PvE Aspects to worry is price, Material Availability and some more or lesser rats.

I envy the other PvE Elements like abyssal filaments and crab Beacons because they offer something mining is not getting. instant Opotrunities.

In come my Idea of abyssal filaments for small mining fleets where there are some harder rats to fight. So a Fleet can not efficently mine without some Sort of PvE backup.

I think the mining dungeon should give the opportunitie to mine for 20 minutes before there is nothing more to mine.

As i see this would be a cool thing maybe this could be enhanced with the concept of storms or the way a specific area is marked for incursions. So this filaments could only be fired under such environments. or restrict this in number to specific systems so Alliances would get some opportunitys to fight over such systems. This places could either improve the filament so they are more lucrative or just simply enable this.

How i personly would imagine this would be that there are maybe 10 ship fleets where 2 PvE ships would have constantly something to shoot at. Through the trace from the filaments this fleets would be gankable and would maybe give the Skiff or other mining ships a stage to get used more.

my 2 arconor rocks

“Metaliminal Meteoroid” Homefront Operation is quite close to your idea!

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Someone expanded on your idea before you even had it!

Check your brain for information leaks, especially any going backwards in time. If you find one, I recommend a good silicon all-weather sealant. It pays to be sure.

J/K. Actually, back when Triglavian stuff started, CCP had Trig ‘conduits’ opening with PvE and mining potential. And they tried to take a stab at an interesting PvE/PvP/mining mix called Resource Wars a few years back. Which could have been awesome, but they muffed it pretty bad.

At any rate, combined PvE/mining opportunities with some PvP exposure would certainly be interesting, but myself I don’t really feel filaments are the best avenue for that sort of thing.

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A terible idea

Metaliminal storms that have actually good mining sound interesting. Scrap the filaments and make good mining sites that bounce around. Maybe the Prospect will actually get used as a mining ship.

Right now the exotic storms (the ones that boost mining) spawn “extra ore sites” but they’re just standard anom ore. If it were pochven ores that would be pretty cool.

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