Aqua region

We have a Thera WH with plenty of WH connections to all kind of space.
Why not create a new null sec region, that is not connected to any other regions with gates but only with WH, that allow nothing bigger then shuttle to get through. NPC null sec with stations, where you can take a missions for any race (to get your faction gear) but no clone jumping possible to outside of Aqua region.
Since it will be hard to bring anything in or out to it because of 10 m3 cargohold limitation, almost everything must be build from scratch.
I understand, that this new thing will drag players from regular space, but for many players, who can not or do not want to compete with years old sandcastles it can be reason to stay in the game. No CONCORD interference can also mean no bounties from NPC kill, only mission rewards or salvage material… I even believe there will be no need for ordinary belt rats or combat anomalies. We can get drifters or triglavians combat signatures, though…

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Hmmm . Looks nice. Expanding eve is always a good idea. The question is can CCP cover more regions in EVE

A few problems. There’s the obvious cost vs benefit issue… it would probably be pretty expensive to develop with questionable payoff in player adoption. And then there’s Malcanis Law… if there’s any actual point in going there, the big groups that dominate elsewhere will dominate there as well.

I dont know about you, but I seriously doubt even large groups are willing to import 10m3 of minerals and ore at a time to a new region over god knows how many trips to build mining ships.

Good basic idea but would need some work,

Would there be NPC stations from the get go with manufacturing slots ?

Then you have not been paying attention.


Sure. And I seriosly doubt any ‘big group’ will go there after spending so much efford to become big in regular New Eden. It would be place fro small groups wanting to get big but seeing no room to breath in current map…

It’s a silly idea to try and create an almost disconnected region from the rest of New Eden, when this is an MMO and one which builds and thrives on player interactions.

For those who cannot or don’t want to compete with the rest of New Eden do we have high-sec and its NPC corporations.

We don’t need to have areas where players can disconnect from the rest of the game. What you do instead is to log off when you need a break.

I understand your purpose. But the idea is broken. Let’s say I was the head of a big alliance. I see this new space is coming out. If it looks like it’s not just going to be a complete ghost town, I’ll arrange to profit off it. What I’ll do is send in hundreds of alliance members to start building up a stronghold. Because we’ll be organized, we’ll have our rorqual fleets built up very quickly, faster than any other non-alliance can do. With the rorqs, we can start pumping out supers and cits. We’ll start enforcing territorial law. Now that we have access control, we can start using our isk resources to control the market. We’ll supply anybody who wants to come in with whatever mining equipment they could want, and since we don’t have to compete with Jita, we can charge whatever we want. At this point we can maintain whatever presence is profitable for us. Though, now that we’ve won this new region, all the small groups aren’t going to bother to even try, because what would be the point? If we choose, we can roflstomp their corvettes as fast as they can undock them. If anyone wants access, they’ll have to grind the isk in k-space to pay us rent.

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It is not broken as long as you:

You see? Activity, plans etc… It is exactly what the idea is all about. And since you are only one man, head of a big alliance, you will focus on that place or another. if you move, you need to focus on new world, Which means opportunity for someone to take you positions in old world.

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