Ask a Dev for a reset for mission objective loss?

So doing a mission the mission objectives cannot be completed because one of those “nuisance” players decided to come in (which I don’t care), but what I do care about is that took it upon themselves to blow up the mission objective just to be a donkey, if nothing else I wish that the devs would make the actual mission objective off limits to someone who is not part of the mission.

See I don’t care if they steal or salvage, a thief is a thief, so why get bothered, but when they blow up the mission objective and you can’t pop them that is unfair to the missioner would get Concorded for doing so, there nothing that can be done to them, kinda kills the PVP and they know they are untouchable.

File a ticket or wait until DT

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Stealing mission objectives in an effort to get you to shoot at them is as old as the game - you won’t get much sympathy from the devs. Almost all mission objectives can be purchased on contract - likely from the guy who stole it.

Generally this is only an issue at popular mission hubs. There are lots of agents in backwater systems where you’ll be left in peace.


Yeah, pretty much, wasn’t that big of a deal I’ve got tons of mission items and found a replacement, thanks tho.

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