Mission RESET request

My apologies for I don’t know if this is the right forum. Here it goes:

Yesterday on Saturday 23 of March 2019, my Gallente Pilot (the one I’m writing this with) was doing a lvl 1 LP questchain called “THE HEIRESS part 4 (of 5)” in ARNON system (given by the agent named Uadez Gothan). At one point, I got the item goal in my inventory and got blown up by a NPC pirate called TYRANNOS.

When I came later to pick up what was left of my ship wreckage, I found out the mission item was nowhere to be found (no longer in the wreckage inventory), forcing me to quit the mission, thereby getting the “MISSION FAIL”.

Thank’s in advance. Much appreciated.

there is an option in game under help, and you can ask them to reset the mission.
you must’ve provoked a sleeper/drifter if a tyrannos attacked you… They normally don’t attack without being provoked.

not your exact problem, but this link should help you out in regards where to go and to fill out a ticket, or you coud wait til downtime.

The GMs will usually reset tutorial missions for new players; missions that are not complete will respawn at downtime and you can often find the mission objective offered for sale in contracts.

Beyond that, the ability to fail is part of the risk/reward balance in Eve. You take a modest hit to your standing with the agent but gain it back with the next successfully completed mission!

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You might not want to kill the drifters. At least not just yet. They are killable but sometimes a tyrannos drifter battleship will mess you up. Tyrannos have a Doomsday weapon that is nasty.

f12 brings the help/petition menu up.

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