Stuck Tutorial : Lost items in a mission and can't get back at the position

Hi, so I am new to this game and I was doing my missions together and one of the main storyline mission automatically killed me and made me lost the items for the other tutorial missions and because of that, I can’t go back where I died and get the items back.

I thought if I cancelled the mission I could take it back and restart it but it seems it was definitive. Its my first time in this game and honestly that’s extremely frustrating, I was learning how to play the game and now I’m stuck without any knowledge on how to do anything or what to do…

press F12 in game, and there should be an option under there to submit for reset mission (or some verbiage)

to be honest, with the tutorials/ career agents, you shouldn’t be doing them together, since i think there are 3 that have you take a ship to blow up.
just make sure you insure those ships, so you can get some free isk…

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I tried it, there was something that brought me to a browser page to submit a ticket, help channel and bug report.

And its by habbit of playing other MMO, its frustrating to do a lot of backtracking so I taught might has well pick them all up since they were all similar. But thinking that the game would forcely kill me, thats whats the most frustrating…

Yep, when you click on customer service, it’ll bring you to the page. you’ll log in, and submit a ticket explaining what happened and they will go in and reset your mission…

You can’t really look at this game, like “other mmos” this is a different kind of MMO altogether.

forcibly killing you, it helps to read the mission notes from the career agents so you can see what is going to happen.

those are the only missions that will forcibly kill you, regular missions do not send you to blow up… at least i haven’t done one that has to my knowledge.

push come to shove, you have a local chat channel and a rookie help channel, you can see if anyone happens to have those start mission items. most of the mission items can actually be bought from the market for your area.

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