Stuck in tutorial

Hey guys,

So im stuck in the tuortial, im a new player and im wanting to complete it. Aura has told me to retrive items from the ‘‘redeem items’’ menu, Which i did. She then tells me to view the items in my item hangar in my inventory. Which i have done, but the tutorial does not progress any further.

What do i do ?

Does she simply tell you to view them? Or does she tell you to move them between hangars or even equip them to your ship?

If you are truly stuck, you can try clicking the small ? icon on the right side of the heading of the Operations Info Panel. At certain points in the tutorial, clicking this will provide a drop-down menu in which there is a “reset” option. This will revert you to the last “checkpoint” in the tutorial that you cleared.

It just seems broken to me now,

I was checking out stuff such as the different types of ships you can get in game. I excited that and now the tutorial has skipped ahead to kill space pirates.

Im now on that part and its telling me to upgrade my ship, so i have to ‘‘open your inventory’’

But nothing happens when i do.

I have also been resetting to checkpoint, but that does nothing for me.

Did you open your inventory and then drag the redeemed items onto your ship?

Just made a new toon. thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Not sure I did anything, but I’m crossing my fingers hoping you don’t run into any bugs this time.

Managed to get past it, must have have been a bug :slight_smile:

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