Tutorial does not move on

I created a new character a couple of days ago, this one, and entering the game launched me into a story driven tutorial, which I guess is nice.

Anyway, at a certain point the tutorial got stuck and just refuses to move on. I’m currently in station and have redeemed a new weapon and Standard S Frequency Crystal, referred to as “ammo” by Aura. Anyway, she wants me to move the “ammo” from the item hangar to the ship cargo. However, I keep moving it back and forth between the hangar and the cargo and she just refuses to move on to the next step.

So you can consider this a bug report. Does anyone know a workaround for this? Restarting the client does not seem to help.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done the tutorial, especially the Amarr tutorial which it sounds like is what you’re doing, but are you certain you’re not supposed to equip the crystal onto your new weapon instead of just moving it into your ships cargo? “Ammo” type items don’t do much good in the ships hold, especially the frequency crystals as they don’t wear out so there is little reason for extras.

You are right! Dragging the ammo to the weapon in the fitting menu did the trick! Thank you.

Aura forgot to mention the pesky little detail that I should open the fitting menu. She simply said “drag it to your ship” which I thought meant the cargo hold.

I remember that line now, it could definitely be much clearer. The tutorial is pretty good about teaching gameplay mechanics but if you don’t follow the script exactly it’s easy to get lost. Unlike tutorials for most other games, this one isn’t mandatory and it’s intentionally possible to ignore Aura and warp away to the far end of the universe as soon as the warp disruptors go down. Useful if you’ve been playing for years and are creating another alt, a little confusing if a newbro like yourself accidentally doesn’t do what the script expects.

If you haven’t heard about it already, I would strongly recommend joining the Eve Uni chat channel in game, listed as E-UNI in the chat search. Eve Uni is a player run corp(guild) that focuses on helping and training newbros. When I first started playing I got lost a few times and always got better advice from them then I did from the “official” help channel the game automatically sticks you in. You do not have to join their corp for them to help you. I never officially joined but I still hang out in the channel providing what help I can and still asking the occasional question. Also their website has some of the best guides and tutorials about Eve anywhere on the web. Definitely worth reading through.


It’s even possible to shut down the warp disruptors immediately by exiting the tutorial manually. Although even that is somewhat unintuiive so at least in that case the person is intentionally skipping it (although why you would give up the mini injector you get for doing the first 5 minutes is beyond me)

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