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Yesterday I lost my ship running a lvl3 security mission, but I did manage to destroy the building which I was supposed to loot the Professor Kajurei Delainen, but when I came back hours later to the site, my wreck was gone and no container to be found.
Is there a way to either find that container again or will I have to decline the mission?
Mssion name: New Frontiers - Mad Scientist

why didn’t you get the free corvette and go back to the site directly after? after 2 or 3 hours wrecks/containers disappear. You can either decline the mission, or possibly petition for it to be restarted.

I just could not go back at that time and I thought that since it was a mission site, the things would still be there…
How do I proceed with the petition thing?

Did the petition and the mission was reseted.


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To save this happening again damsel in distress does the same thing.

Get range on the pleasure garden. Then pop it…

and pull in drones. I sort of forget that last week. POpped the garden, went Let me just pull in my hobglobin II’s I put for a few pirate frigs that flew under my guns (blasters). Where the hell are…? Crap.

When containers vanish they are gone. Daily reset also makes them go away. So when you see that warning about cluster shutdown…loot real fast.

Check contracts if people are selling them.

Or If doing mission running consistently a failed mission is not end of the world.

That is true, especially if you have high enough faction standings it won’t hurt you too much. At USIA, our most efficient grinders aggressively pick and choose missions or decline to max blitzing to raise standings for others.

I do it when I get a few agents in my loop all saying go kill gallente. after I turned down the last some mission each in 4 hours.

The hits are better than fixing gallente standing to not be hated by them. Again. Last pass I got enough to not get pop up messages anymore. But not a lot of buffer there lol. I can be hated again with not much work. Need a SOE arc reset to make that buffer a bit better.

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