Drones obsessed with container?

So Ive been working a salvage op in a site with regular respawns lately. I salvage, my drones watch my back and create the wrecks.

Problem Ive hit is I sent them to attack a container, which turned out to be invincible and now my drones are obsessed with it. I need to manually target each enemy as they spawn, send the drones, and after each enemy they go straight back to the container like a dog with a ball. Normal missions I wouldn’t care, but seeing as Im working salvage in the same site often I don’t have the target-locks to spare.

Ive tried the following:
Recall and relaunch
Abandon and scoop to cargo and drone bay
Swap them out for new ones
Logoff/in and quit/restart
Tried different drones

So, now Im waiting for downtime to see if that fixes it. Has anyone experienced this before? Passive drones aren’t too helpful in this line of work.

Anyhow, thanks for reading, and have a great night :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen this bug before. Have you tried docking and changing to a different ship, and then back to the original one again?

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Thats a really good point, let me log in and try.

Well sir, that worked :slight_smile:
So there must be a temporary ‘this is also a target’ mechanic thats ship specific.

Thank you o7

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You are most welcome and I’m happy it worked :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My drones do the same - if I attack a structure/can to cause a defence spawn in a sig or mission for example, they wont rest 'til that thing is DEAD. Every time I send them off to kill a ship, after it’s dead they come right back to that can… pesky little terriers.

Next time just shout at them “bad drones” so they realize they are not supposed to attack the container. Teach them some discipline you know. :slight_smile:

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A little late to this thread but the issue sounds like a bug…

Sometimes ‘Clearing all cache files’ in Esc menu - Reset Settings tab - will clear out little annoying bugs like that. Can also ‘Verify all downloaded files’ in the ‘Shared Cache’ of the Launcher.

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