Mutated drones do not follow instructions

Mutated drones are not following my orders to attack. They attack whatever they like after the first I target after they are released. Have to recall drones each time. Becoming unplayable =(


Please file a bug report by pressing F12 in game (button is at the bottom).


if you set the drones to passive they obey

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just dont swap targets before current target is dead

There are also a sect few targets that i’ve tried to get them to shoot in lvl 4’s, and they will NOT, absolutely will not, under any condition, actually shoot that npc. They’ll go, orbit it, the icon that says they’re attacking gets put in the UI–but they never actually fire a shot. There’s just a handful of these, and they’re always the ‘random’ things in some of the missions, the ones that can change. Damsel in distress is the easiest one to see it on.

Drove me bonkers.

Mutated drones, however, are so broken in the other way (their orbit speed) that i dont think it matters.

They’re 100% absolutely worthless, and have been since release, because they’re so bugged.

No amount of bug reporting is getting them fixed either. They’re just totally ignored. IDK why. this was supposed to be a MAJOR addition, and drive content, and the drones are broken beyond any usefulness.

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they must be fixed now cuz they are working fine and killing everything they see.

Yea they fixed them with I think yesterday’s patch. It was mentioned in one of the other mutated drone threads

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