Mutated drones dont slow down and orbit

I posted the following as a petition, bug report, to CSM members, to ccp members, was reported by others, nothing done.

I have done many T6 Abyssals, however this time i spent 500mil on Mutaplasmids to upgrade my drones, i kept the ones that were successful, all green, no negatives and used them in a C6. It did not go as planned. I usually finish these sites in 15-16mins. However this time my drones continuously missed the target and I ran out of time and died mid threw the 2nd room. As this was happening, i did some investigating on why my “upgraded drones” were missing so much compared to regular faction drones which are the type i upgraded hit easily… you guys have a bug. The mutaded drones dont slow down once they get to the target, orbit and shoot, the never get out of MWD and continuously miss their somewhat stationary target. Now all other drones slow down at thier target, get out of MWD and shoot. Why would “upgraded” drones which cost upward of 100mil per not? this must me a bug. I would suggest you fix this so other people dont lose 6B like i did trying new content and get super annoyed you guys didnt notice this. I’d love to get reimbursed for this as i am helping you improve this game. I love the job your doing and love the game, but this is a bug and i feel this should be reimbursed.


They typically don’t respond to bug reports

If you haven’t done so already, you might want to try filing a support ticket to get your ship back.

And, yeah, I’ve heard others complaining about the mutated drones having unexpected behavior. Sure hope CCP gets things sorted.

I just hope while abyssals are getting all this attention thanks to the addition of a bunch of buggy abyssal drone content that they also address the multiple Abyssal module issues that are outstanding. I would really love for the Abyssal Siege module that was added like a year ago to FINALLLLLYYY start showing its rolled stats correctly. Armor Repair/Shield Booster Duration Bonus (second line from the top when looking at the module pop up picture in game) shows the stats backwards… Green= Bad , Red = Good… such a simple fix and yet a year of begging for someone to flip that switch the other way and it still lingers. The Fighter Support Muta??? how about making it so it doesnt have a 12 in 13 chance to destroy the module??? those Rate of Fire %s cant be intended.

Still broken.


Still broken. Hopefully i grabbed only 2 mutated drones to Abyss.,others were t2 standard ones

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CONCORD has been hard at work observing the behaviors of Mutated Drones and they have added new modifications such that all modified drones will properly maintain orbit speeds.

May your new creations inflict new terrors on the pirates of New Eden!

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