Did I screw up Sisters of Eve Arc?

I am on mission 24, tracking the queen and I ended up having a derp moment and died after getting Coren Risia out of the container. When I reshipped and went back to the wreck, he was no longer in it. Will I mess up the arc if I drop the mission and retake it?

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If she is nowhere to be found, you have 2 options.

First, wait until after downtime tomorrow. The mission will probably reset and you can have another go at it. Just do NOT abandon the mission.

If it does not reset, file a support ticket to see if a GM will reset it for you.


This happened on Friday. I just went to the spot today and there is nothing there. I will file a support ticket I guess and hope they take pity on my derp moment lol.

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The GMs will probably be okay with resetting missions in the SoE arc, but they may not be so keen on doing it for higher level missions. Worst case you can check the market and contracts for the item you need, In this case there is a Corin Risia for sale in jita for 50million.

if you complete the in space mission objective the mission won’t respawn. Typically when looting a specific item it won’t spawn till the mission triggers complete. This can be used to farm valuable missions like Silence the Informant which drops some Elite Drone AIs in the first room, or most of the faction kill missions where you can kill everything but one ship and loot all the tags


I hope they reset it, I don’t have 50 mil to buy the guy.

Out of curiosity, what would happen if I dropped it? Would it not be available anymore?


not really sure, never abandoned an epic arc mission. Pretty sure it counts as a completion and it wouldn’t be available for another 3 months. The SoE epic arc is new player friendly content so I’m pretty sure the GMs will reset it.

For a standard mission you lose some standings and it’s not really a big deal.


Yeah, the mission will not be available and the entire arc will be killed. Not great.

However, you can run these arcs every 3 months, so you can go back then.

But definitely go the GM route first. The loot should not just disappear like that, so they will probably help you out.


Well that was quick, it has been reset.


I was so excited that it was reset that I had another derp moment and forgot to thank you all for your advice and input. Without it, I would have probably ended up dropping it and making it worse because putting in a ticket never crossed my mind. Thank you for the assistance! :smiley: (they really need a high-five emoji)


No worries, man! Glad it got sorted quickly- have fun with the rest of the mission and don’t hesitate to post if more questions arise :slight_smile:


Yeah, what she said.


Also the ‘Thumbs up’ emoji will work in place of a ‘High Five’.

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