Bug Epic Arc

I have a mistake with an epic arc mission. What happens is that I stopped doing mission to be able to do it another day, when I wanted to resume the mission and go to the place of warp, it happens that there is nothing in the place is completely empty. I don’t know what to do to be able to resume the mission. I need your help :c

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Hi Razer

In certain circumstances missions won’t respawn after a downtime. Your best bet is to file a ticket here under the category of Game Play Support, Game Play, Agent Mission in Progress, and a GM will look to see if they can offer assistance by resetting the mission.


It’s happened to me. GMs are usually pretty cool and quick at sorting these out. GL.


Is the mission still showing as active? I believe the deadspace location could change after downtime so if you are trying to use a saved bookmark it may not go back to the right place.

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