Stuck on glitchy Epic Arc

I appear to be stuck… I’ve been trying to complete the Gallente Epic Arc for a while. I completed Chapter 1 - Impetus (I think). I got to the spot where I have to make a choice on how to proceed. (Whether to go to low sec or stay in high sec.) I chose staying in high sec. However, I am not able to start the next mission. Any thoughts on what might be going on?

I have 5.6 standing with Gallente Federation.

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Tickets under the heading “Missions in Progess” have extremely short response times from CCP. They basically just reset the mission for you.

Oh, okay. And that tends to solve the problem? I’ll give it a try.

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If you chose the high sec option, Report to Mourmarie Mone in Noghere…as instructed. I see you are still in Dodixie. Try that.

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spoiler alert, full walkthrough in pdf format

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