My storyline mission was swallowed by CCP!

Greetings pilots.

I was doing level 4 missions and then triggered a storyline mission before downtime.

I saw it, pretty sure, the agent offered, but after downtime she refused to offer the mission.

Me and my alt both have this problem. These two pictures show the evidence.

Does anyone have this problem too? Do I need to contact GM for some help or maybe this problem will solved automatically itself which I hardly believe?

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I think you will need to log a support ticket… mission stuck or something similar is probably going to be your best option.



Well, thank you. Submitting a ticket right away. :smiley:

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Yeah, sometimes the client and server get out of sync, especially right around Downtime.

Whenever the game seems to bug like that, always submit a Support Ticket and let the Dev’s sort it out.

Hello everyone,

GM has returned missions to me, but it will expire after downtime.

So I completed timely.

I think it might be a bug, so if you have a storyline mission, please do it fast, at least before downtime. Or maybe you can accept first, that may prevent the mission disappear.

One more thing, I’ve noticed for not only storyline but also normal missions, if you don’t complete before downtime then plan to continue after that, you’ll find the accelerator or mission area disappear when you fly to the point, especially when the mission is actually completed but you haven’t submit. I’ve been experienced once or twice, nearly lost my tractor, it never happened before in my memory. I guess there might be something wrong.

Have you ever experienced, mission pilots?
:anguished: :anguished: :anguished:

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Yeah depending on the state the mission is in at DT it will either reset completely, or disappear. If it resets it can (will?) respawn in a new location so returning to a personal BM in space won’t work. I always try to finish the current mission before DT… of course others prefer to let the mission reset and run it once a day (to nearly completion) for a week.

Edit: If it disappears and you’re unable to ‘complete’ it, for whatever reason, you’ll need to log a ticket and a GM will be able to reset it (and you’ll need to ‘complete’ it again).

To avoid misplacing mobile tractors/depots I’d suggest bookmarking it as soon as it starts to anchor… in the instance you forget to do this you can use combat probes to scan them down and get a warpable point in space.


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Are storyline missions different after you’ve been doing Level IV missions (as compared to Level I or II, for example)?

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Yea you get storyline missions based on the Level that you are running.

It’s all based around Faction/Level.

15 L3 Caldari and 1 L3 Gallente = no storyline mission
16 L3 Caldari and 16 L3 Gallente = 2 storyline missions (L3)
14 L3 Caldari, and 2 L4 Caldari = no storyline missions
16 L3 Caldari, and 16 L4 Caldari = 2 storyline missions (1 L3, 1 L4)

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