Missions untrack themselves after downtime

If I have some accepted missions most of them untrack themselves after server downtime notwithstanding of the completion status.
So, I have to manually open OPPORTUNITIES and press “track” symbol.

Well … submit a bug report

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Also, post it on forum for better reaction, judging from experience of similar situations, you cleverhead!

Patch was released, also few days have passed but no attention was given to address this persistent issue.
Please, fix!

Did you submit a bug report?

Bringing attention to the topic - issue still not fixed!

Also, noticed one detail, when accepting mission from an agent, sometimes it doesn’t have “track” flag on!
So, I should manually open OPP window or agent interaction window and forcibly press TRACK button.

Who has time for bug fixes when we can spend all this effort on once-a-year practical jokes on April 1st.