Cannot Complete Mission

Hi there,

I cannot complete the mission. I have completed the objective - mined the required amount of ore, it is in my item hangar. Yet after pressing Complete Mission button I get this notification -

Any thoughts?

Did you submit a ticket? You are most likely to have your issue solved through a ticket, CCP is usually quite fast dealing with those tickets.

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No, not yet. But I think I might.

Just be sure it is in the right category, Gameplay, Agent Missions in Progress

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Did you mine at the specific location?

Some missions require you to action at specific location, only having the items(eg. bought them from market or acquire from other location) is no longer enough to complete the mission.

Your mission require you to mine at that site and that is not checked in your screenshot.

Yes, I did mine at the same location. This mission expires at 2017.09.01. I would really hate to loose standing because of a bug.

I do not think that me mining the ore in 2 days may be the reason why I cannot complete the mission. Having said that it’s almost been 4 years and Mac client continues to crash every 15-20 min or so. So…

Can it be that if I do not mine the ore that appeared after the server restart I will be unable to complete this friggin mission? What if I mine half tonight and another half tomorrow after restart? Does it mean that you have to complete the mission between the server restarts?

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