I can't complete an early mining mission

Hi, newbie question but I’m having real trouble turning in Lyavite for an early mining mission. The mission requires that I mine 5,000 units; I’v done that (in two runs as I have no ships with 5k storage) and the ore is sitting in my item hanger in the agent’s station but I can’t complete the mission. The mission prompt takes me back to the asteroid that I mined the Lyavite from and says that I need to mine more…

Actually I just solved this. You have to mine out the entire asteroid before you can turn in the ore.


a good tip: when you have completed the required tasks, the button below the name of the mission on your screen changes, something like “dock” (if the agent is in the system where you are) or “set xxx-yy as destination” (if the agent is in another system")
As long as the button has not changed, the tasks are not completed and something is missing


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